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Mary-Kate Olsen's Father Is FURIOUS Over Her Older Frenchman!

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Pepé le Eww…

We're never fond of family feuds… especially when they're over lust love!

But like it or not, we hear Mary-Kate Olsen's father is fuming over her relationship with the 43-year-old Olivier Sarkozy.

As one source puts it:

"Mary-Kate looks more like Olivier's daughter than girl­friend, and her dad is fuming over the relationship. While her twin sister Ashley has dated older guys, Mary-Kate hasn't, and her father is deeply concerned that Olivier is wrong as her new boyfriend. David found out that Olivier's been targeting younger women and is suspicious of his true intentions. He doesn't want Mary-Kate to be used."

Sigh… domestic dramz! They're never fun.

But dad isn't the only one finding the relationship creepy. Olivier's ex-wife called it "grotesque."

You wanna know what we call the whole situation?? Full Ouch…

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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6 comments to “Mary-Kate Olsen's Father Is FURIOUS Over Her Older Frenchman!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Wait….this is the one who supplied the drugs that killed Heath Ledger, No ? She must be dating this older dude for the pure coke he has access to …..

  2. Sarah says – reply to this


    This is a picture of Ashley.

  3. 3

    Another bogus story.

  4. 4

    Re: Be-Atch
    Oh, my gosh… are you telling me that you actually believed that story? What is wrong with people!? Heath Legder died of a drug overdose from meds he got from his DOCTOR! WTF is wrong with people…there are so many news sources out there…how can you not know the truth? So, let me explain it to you: Mary-Kate and Heath were friends who had been spending some time together. She was in LOS ANGELES when he died…the ONLY reason why they called her was because the Masseuse was HER massues and that Masseuse had gone to give Heath a massage.

    So again… Mary-Kate Olsen had NOTHING to do with his death…she was 3,000 F*CKING miles away and the pills they found were all from a DOCTOR! Geesh!

  5. 5

    Perez you always criticize older men for dating\marrying younger women. If she's OVER 18 then there's nothing wrong, legally or morally. I bet if you met an 18 year old man who you felt not only a physical but spiritual connection with you wouldn't say to yourself "Oh wait, he's only 18. I simply can't get involved!" You two would be arm and arm everywhere and you'd be saying to the critics "Age is just a numba!"

  6. 6

    Oh god, get over urselves, she's 26 years old, she's a WOMAN, not a child. Now if she were 18, that would be a whole different story. Maybe she's just very mature for her age.