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Casey Anthony Will Be Forced To Answer Questions About Caylee’s Death

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Casey Anthony

No more pleading the fifth for her!

Casey Anthony has been forced back into court! Apparently an angry woman named Zenaida Gonzalez is suing the acquitted murderer for defamation.

Last year, when depositions for the suit started, Casey was on trial and was legally allowed to keep her mouth tight. So… the ex-mom plead the fifth a TON.

CA can still use that excuse because she's currently appealing what she was convicted of, lying to the cops. HOWEVES, if her appeal is thrown out Casey will be forced to tell the truth — and nothing but the WHOLE truth in court with Mz Gonzalez.

Zenaida fancy lawyer explains:

"She [Casey] has just filed her initial brief. If she wins her appeal and the charges are thrown out, then there is no fifth amendment privilege and we expect her to talk at trial. If she loses her appeal, we believe she will have to talk as well because there is no criminal charge pending. So resolution of her appeal one way or the other is helpful to us."

Translation: she's gonna have to spill!

But don't be surprised if she doesn't reveal any new tidbits on what went down when her daughter disappeared.

Chances are Casey will be saving a the juicy new stuff for that child-exploiting tell all book she's writing. Gross.

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5 comments to “Casey Anthony Will Be Forced To Answer Questions About Caylee’s Death”

  1. 1

    Casey, there is a reservation in hell waiting for you.

  2. Lushh says – reply to this


    Yeah but she won't so I don't see why you're so excited. She's a pathological liar and we will never know what really happened. I already know she doesn't remember everything she lied about, I can't wait to hear what parts of her story she fucks up bc it's been awhile. But she won't ever come out with the truth. Be smarter than that Perez.

  3. PRO CASEY says – reply to this


    What sanctimonious bullshit. I am so sick and tired of people complaining about her book when they have zero problem making Perez Hilton, Nancy Grace, Geraldo Riverera and every single media entity out there rich by exploiting the story for ratings. If you ever bought a newspaper clicked onto a perez article (that he never bothered to proofread), watched a tv report or listened to a radio program about Caylee, then you are just as guilty of consuming her death as her mother is and that makes you evil and guilty, so please, shut the fuck up. The way people complain, you;d think the case is more about them then the actual little girl who died. All those people performing in front of the courthouse, singing, banging on drums, holding signs, trying to garner attention FOR THEMSELVES. All you holier than thou idiots reveal more about your lack of character more than Casey Anthony's book ever will.

  4. 4

    this subhuman piece of crap needs to testify and then crawl back under her rock!

  5. 5

    She'll testify. She'll claim she doesn't remember & she'll lie the rest of the time.

    She doesn't care if she loses because she has no money & she'll just leave the country anyway & avoid having to pay any settlement.

    I'm sure her creepy lawyers (Mason & Baez) will do everything they can to help her avoid having to pay any settlement & they're just as eager as this lying sociopath to cash in on getting this baby killer off against all odds.

    All three of them are liars & have no respect for the law.

    I'm waiting for Casey's probation to end so she can get back to doing what she does so well. Lying, cheating, stealing & hanging out drinking until she is falling down drunk.She'll meet some creep who gets off on infamous killers & she'll cross him & end up a victim.

    Maybe even end up in a garbage bag in some swamp or dump. Then we can all blame an imaginary nanny for her death.