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Justin Bieber Cuts Off Radio Interview, Fuming And Offended!

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Uh oh! Mess with the Biebs, you get the scorn??

Note to self the world: When in the presence of Justin Bieber, don’t compare him to Justin Timberlake, mention One Direction OR bring up his mom!

Things turned REAL sour between Bieber and a DJ during his Mojo In The Morning radio interview earlier today!!

Justin got pissy, defensive, upset…all of the above, before hanging up on him!

Take a listen to the interview before Bieber abruptly ended it (above)!!!


That’s exactly why you DON’T say “your mom” jokes anymore…holy shiz!!! He might seem like he's all grown up now, but it sounds like Justin still has a whole lot of maturing to do!

Must have something to do with all those raging Bieby hormones…or something…LOLz!

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129 comments to “Justin Bieber Cuts Off Radio Interview, Fuming And Offended!”

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  1. lil_rocker says – reply to this


    Re: BieberButtocks – A-fucking-men sister!

  2. 102

    I'm no Bieber fan, but seriously, the guy confused him with JT, made fun of the Bieber Fever thing, brought up probably the biggest drama in this kids life, then cracked a joke about a teenage boy getting off with his mom, and cut him dead when he bit back. I think I'd have probably hung up too, and I'm a grown up.

  3. Belieber. says – reply to this


    Justin had every right to hand up. the interviewer sounded like a right asshole. NO artist likes being compared to other artist, they all wan't to be their own style. and asking Justin if he gets worried about Harry being around Justin's Mom was SO immature and stupid. and to the people hating on Justin after this interview, he is NOT rude, selfish, etc, he is ALWAYS putting other people before him self. he is ALWAYS helping out/donating to charities. he is one of the most caring celebrities out there. but whatever haters, carry on hating, cause look at all the fucks Justin gives >>>>

  4. Belieber. says – reply to this


    Re: BieberButtocks – your rant = A+++++++++++++++++++

  5. sarah marie says – reply to this


    everyone relax! like you wouldn't get offend if someone would have said that to you! sure he could of lighten up a bit but he is 18 not 32 what do you even aspect for him. you guys say he needs to grow when he has donated more money than you will ever to help people in need! he did the right thing in my mind, i mean how rude DJ mojo must not have any mojo talking about a persons mom hooking up with a teenage boy. For all you haters out there get a life, because at least Justin Bieber has one!

  6. lover says – reply to this


    Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you! for you 29-55 year old's who are commenting on this get a fucking life! I am not saying i am a justin bieber fan but i know alot about this kid he is sweet and has been through alot. All you old assholes out there who have nevered even listened to his songs or knows anything about him go and learn about him! that dj is a bastered and i do feel bad that his mom passed but than that means he should know that taking a shot about a kids mom and another boy is not proper haters is what makes him stronger!

  7. 107

    Give the guy a break. He basically gets asked the same questions over and over. It must get annoying. Plus the guy said his mom was dead. Talk about awkward!!!

  8. kay says – reply to this


    Well from what I heard it was probably one of those awkward moments where you just don't know what to say. I mean he made a comment that involves someone's mother which happens to be dead. I mean how would you respond to that? I would be like shit, i'm sorry I didn't know or have a pause quiet awkward moment. The only time i felt he was defensive was about Justin Timerblake. He's only 18 what do you expect for him to be, most people don't really mature until their late 20s.

  9. Leah says – reply to this


    yes, detroit is back on the map!

  10. tigerrlily36 says – reply to this


    the interviewer was ignorant and Justin was right to hang up!

  11. kellyreavis says – reply to this


    Okay haters look. Justin is very protective of his mom. I WOULD HAVE HUNG UP TOO. maybe he could have handled it better, but guess what? He made a mistake. There is always 2 sides to every stoop. And justin bieber likes one direction, he just didn't like him saying harry was gonna go after hus mom. Stop hating jeez

  12. 112

    Right Justin had a right to cut off this interview what he said was so rude and you lot are hating him for no reason ! I bet you'd be pissed if he said that to you so stop calling Justin childish! Grow up

  13. Jaime says – reply to this


    the boy respects his mom, give him a break! why would you mention your mom was dead in an interview anyways. how was he suppose to reply to that ?

  14. Jannete says – reply to this


    You have to learn how to be kind and not rude as well so I think you still have a whole lot of maturing to do!

  15. HMason says – reply to this


    Um are you people an idiot or what? Obviously he has the right to hang up because they brought up his mom into the convo and its a totally inappropriate question. You people would be angry too but obviously you're all hating on him just because he's a celebrity. They deserved to be hung up anyway, those guys are douche bags for asking irrelevant questions. xoxoxo

  16. Alex says – reply to this


    Wow, his mom should have swallowed.

  17. Belieber bitches says – reply to this


    Fuc k everyone who criticize Justin. Don't mess up with him bitches, did the Dj have to say that? We support you Justin, no matter what this jealous bitches say :) #TeamBieber #AlwaysWithJustin #StillKidrauhl

  18. 118

    That interviewer was OUT OF LINE!!

    I am NOT a Justin fan. But, how are you going to say "watch your mom." His mother is married. That is incredibly disrespectful.

    He hung up before he said anything rude. Sometimes walking away is better than blowing up.

  19. olivia says – reply to this


    Re: nikkiroseee – well that guy pretty much said how would you feel if harry from one direction fucked your mom

  20. olivia says – reply to this


    if i was Justin i would hang up to! that guy pretty much said how would you fell if harry from One direction fucked your mom! i mean i would get pissed off to!

  21. Craig says – reply to this


    I seriously hate his music and somewhat justin bieber himself - but this interviewer was being a total dick.

  22. 122

    Oh come on people! The DJ wasn't out of line at all Justin was the one who origionally made the joke that Harry better stay away from his mom!! Why is it ok for him to say that but not anyone else? He's just an overly sensitive little girl who needs to get over himself!!!

  23. 123

    Re: Avery – justin was the one who originally made the joke about it though so the dj probably thought it was ok to say

  24. brb says – reply to this


    Re: sarah marieRe: goosie – how do u know if he made the joke himself? How do u know that the media didn't make that up? If Justin is btar nd never do anything good but i'm sureee that u do, then i'd like to know how much money have u ever given to charities? How many free concerts have u done for ur fan? Have u ever married a girl that is 6 years old with cancer just to make her wish come true? No so shut up and start doing something with ur life instead of hating on someone that have a life and is living his dream

  25. Swaggieuniverse says – reply to this


    stop trying to make it seem like hes a bad person the guy shouldnt have said that about hos mom i would be pissed too … he isnt a brat or a tool so stfu haters. -___-

  26. sarah marie says – reply to this


    Re: brb – um excuse me i wasn't judging him i was sticking up for him read my comment you retard

  27. Hola says – reply to this


    I would hang up too. What a retarded thing to ask.

  28. jedigovna says – reply to this


    justin, grow up and stop smoking weed

  29. Walter Stevens says – reply to this


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