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Now Watch Russell Brand's Exact Reaction To La Coacha's 'Katy Perry' Dress!

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Time for a lil' comedic relief!

As we recently discussed, Russell Brand did not like it when he saw La Coacha adorned in a candy dress at the red carpet of his new FX show — Brand X.

Even though she's always worn similar confections (even before Katy Perry), Russell clearly assumed she was trying to pose as Katy with an Aldous Snow look-a-like (one of Russell's characters).

Earlier we posted a video of Russell walking off the red carpet, talking to his publicist with such seriousness - such we wouldn't expect from a comedian who poked fun at his marriage on MTV.

But now you can see his exact reaction! AND his publicist's! (Who really is the one to blame for all this, right? Where the hell was she, sweeping the carpet to make sure her client had a heads up?! Hmm?!)

Ch-ch-check it ouuuutttt (above)!! And tell us what U think!!

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66 comments to “Now Watch Russell Brand's Exact Reaction To La Coacha's 'Katy Perry' Dress!”

  1. 1

    Russell handled it like a perfect gentleman & like a pro. Given his sharp wit, he could've ripped apart those 2 in a heartbeat but he chose to be gracious and simply walk away. Russell Brand wins this one. La Coacha, like always, is not funny, not entertaining and a foul mouthed brat.

  2. 2

    VERY unnecessary and disrespectful. Why would you do that?

  3. 3

    Really? You are trying to blame the publicist for this tacky stunt? I don't care if La Coacha has worn candy all her life, there is no doubt that she did it to get a rise out of Russell. Instead of trying to cast blame elsewhere and make excuses maybe you should just admit it was wrong.

  4. 4

    Nice to see you still defending a BULLY. EEWWW let's pick at someone's scab until it bleeds and poor salt in the wound until he cries…is that what you want? Want Russell to finally blow up because it would be something for you and your bully friends to talk about?!?! You are disgusting and being a BULLY is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!

  5. AJ says – reply to this


    Who's La Coacha? Oh just another wannabe riding the coattails of someone else.

  6. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Just in case you haven't realised it yet from all the comments Perez, this is way out of line and not cool or funny. The fact that you think it is says a lot about you and you should really think twice before you post shit like this. Stop trying to defend this behaviour, it isn't good. You are really showing your true colours here. Even your hard core butt lickers agree that this is not ok. Grow up and stop being such a horrible person! You are just as bad as La Coacha for encouraging this. She was in the wrong, and so are you for agreeing with her. What she did was lower then low, and it blew up in her face and now you have the nerve to act like Brand is a douche for rising above it all? Pathetic. How far you've fallen. All this proves is that Brand is by far more civilised then I thought, and you are far less then I assumed, which is A LOT. Grow up man, you're what almost 40? Grow up. You're not a 12 year old Mean Girl in school you're an adult.

  7. Kate says – reply to this


    Russell handled it like a total gentleman. La coacha is desprate for attention. I'm so glad that Russell didn't give you the pleasure to see him mad. La Coacha and that lookalike deserved to be punched in the face for that vicious publicity stunt.

  8. saff says – reply to this


    Not classy at all Perez. Shame on you for endorsing this. How can you defend this? That was so unfair what she did. Props to Russell, he handled it so well. She's lucky she didn't try to pull that shit on someone else, I could think of a few celebs who'd have given her a whack upside the head.

  9. Cheekywv says – reply to this


    Clearly it was a jab at Brand. Why else was would there be his lookalike standing beside of La Coacha? Whatever. You can twist it anyway you like, but at the end of the day, be at least honest to yourself. Wait… you don't know how to do that, do you. It's all about the advertising people, that's all. $$$$

  10. 10

    Unbelievable. Y'know it's not surprising that everyone on this site hates you Perez when you post stuff like this. How is this in any way ok? There's a line and this crosses it.

  11. bahbah says – reply to this


    You and La Coacha are the scum of the earth, Mario. How dare you??? And how is this the publicists fault exactly?? You are so foolish!

  12. The Visitor says – reply to this


    If someone did this to you Perez you'd be saying how out of line it is, yet you're cool with it if it's someone you don't like? What if someone did a stunt like this towards a gay person, would that be ok? NO.

  13. Bill says – reply to this


    I wonder if this photo op interview session happened after the Katy Perry fan wrote graffitti on a billboard in Hollywood saying "I'd rather watch the Katy Perry movie". I'm thinking that Russell is getting a wee bit worried about looking like the "bad guy" in their marriage (which he probably is).

    From what I'm hearing his new movie "Rock of Ages" isn't getting very good reviews and not making much money. That's not Russell fault but Russell better get in a hit movie soon or the phone might stop ringing for new movie projects. I saw Russell's FX show on TV last night. Gotta admit it was kind of funny at times. It's like a stand up comedy act with current news commentary mixed in there. He apparently doesn't have any guests. I don't know how many episodes of "Brand X" he can make "work" if the shows are all like this first one.

    Anyway, I think Russell is an alright guy and he's a fairly good comedian. He's not Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor yet though. Russell should have never married Katy Perry though. It sounds like he was a bit of a jerk towards her sometimes. I guess he didn't figure Katy would become a HUGE success like she is now. Oops.

  14. Joyce says – reply to this


    with all the people out there trying to bad mouth you perez why do you always give them excuses? this kind if thing isn;t going to win you any fans. you already lost the respect of 80% of your fan base you should consider trying to be a decent human being and try and keep the fans you got instead of giving people more reasons to despise you. i hope the money you make from bullying people makes you happy because nobody is going to love you if this is how you act towards your fellow man.

  15. Rene says – reply to this


    That was bullying! And Russell handled it with so much dignity, just like he handles his divorce…on the contrary to Katy who's milking it and making money out of it via songs, videoclips, movie, etc.

  16. 16

    Once a bully, always a bully, eh fatass?

  17. Ellen says – reply to this


    Your aim Perez was to make Russell freak out, start shouting and kick La Coacha and his lookalike out of the premiere. But guess what? He's a better person with a lot more dignity that you will ever be. I'm so happy that he didn't give you the pleasure to portray him as the bad guy once again, because he's NOT.

  18. Liam says – reply to this


    Re: Bill – Um what? They got together when Katy was at the height of her career, so him not 'realising' how famous she'd 'become' makes no sense. Also, from the way things are playing out it seems Katy is the one who broke the marriage up, not Russell. There is nothing to suggest he is to blame, other then your idiotic assumptions. They got married and wanted a life together but she said she wasn't ready to have a family with him and it destroyed their relationship. How is that his fault? He wanted a child with the woman he loved, how is that being a 'jerk' to her? I'm not saying it's her fault, but maybe she should have thought about that before she said 'I do'. Sorry but she clearly chose her fame and fortune over her marriage, which is fine, she's entitled to make that choice, but that doesn't mean she's the victim here. Seems like Russell is the one who got the shitty end of the stick…

  19. Liam says – reply to this


    And she's not exactly broken up about it is she? She's been sleeping around with guys and running her mouth any opportunity she gets. And by the way, the one who's constantly trying to defend themself (Katy) is usually the one who is trying to justify their guilt. The one who keeps quiet (Russell) is usually the one who hasn't got anything to hide. I can't help but feeling she did not take the Marriage seriously with him judging but her behaviour. She is just a little too willing to play the victim and too willing to rake the money in. Sorry Katy, but a broken marriage is not something to publicise and milk for money. She clearly has no respect for herself or for Brand.

  20. ff says – reply to this


    ONE QUESTION for Perez: Why didn't u send the Russell Brand lookalike to Katy's premiere?????? You are so scared of Katy, right Perez? I'm so sure that Katy would have kicked u out.

  21. 21

    The ROACH is disgusting

  22. 22

    Wow. You need to slap at Brand TWICE, even in the face of the very clear disapproval of everyone who commented on the first post? Are you so defective that you need to laugh at someone else's pain in such a horribly mean way? I know you're a mean-spirited asshole; you always have been and always will be. But this shows your true colors, Mario, in an amazing way. In two posts you've revealed who and what you really are. I hope that karma has some nasty, painful, and humiliating surprises in store for you, Mario, because that's exactly what you deserve. You've gone too far with your cruelty. Someday, Mario, you WILL answer for this.

  23. LunaRain says – reply to this


    I like Katy Perry, she is obviously a talented artist and is going to go far in life. But she doesn't seem like a very nice person. I wouldn't treat my worst enemy the way she has treated Russell Brand. I don't like how she says she's just being honest with her fans, because although I think honesty is to be respected there are some things you just don't flaunt to the public. A marriage is something you do not broadcast on tv or film. How is she any better then the Kardashians or anyone else who exploits their personal lives for fame and fortune? It's very disrespectful towards Russell Brand. Does she really care about him so little now that she's willing to embarrass him the way she does? And if so, why did she marry him? She is obviously just not a nice person. Talented sure, but not nice. I feel sorry for Russell Brand. I don't see how he deserves this.

  24. merlochomes says – reply to this


    Not a single person here agrees with you Mario, so where is your apology?

  25. 25

    I wasn't aware that making fun of someone's marriage was so funny. What is funny is how you try to play it off like they weren't making fun of him. La Coacha may have worn stuff like this before, but having an Aldous Snow look alike is pretty obvious what they are pulling. He wasn't assuming anything, he can clearly tell when people are being assholes and impersonating him.
    If someone did this to Katy and she got upset you wouldn't think it was so funny.

  26. 26

    Re: Liam – Based on what I have read, Katy met Russell at an MTV awards show in 2009. This is after her first album and tour. Katy was starting to get rich and famous when she met Russell, but not like she is right now. Katy started to REALLY skyrocket in popularity a few months after her "Teenage Dream" album came out in the summer of 2010 when her singles started to be released for the radio and MTV. She had five #1 hits off of Teenage Dream. I think she's had 11 top 10 hits from just two albums. That's huge. Russell thought he was dating a hot, young music star but he didn't think she would get THIS successful. Katy is doing better at this stage of her career than Madonna or any other pop musician I can think of. I guess maybe Katy was just outshining Russell waay too much and he didn't like it. I think ego, petty jealousies, stupid arguments, and Russell's "shagger of the year" tendencies to screw dozens of women a year is the main reason for the divorce. Maybe men too. He jokes about having sex with guys in his comedy routines. Who knows?

  27. 27

    So now your tacky stunt is somehow the publicist's fault for not "sweeping" the red carpet to determine if there were any vulgar idiots RB should avoid. OK pig-vomit.

  28. lola1989 says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – That's all bullshit. You are clearly a moron. Just because you make something up in your head doesn't make it true sweety, I guess you should see a Doctor about your delusions.

  29. Liam says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – Katy had hits before Teenage Dream. The fact that you don't know that just proves you have no idea what you're talking about. You're just another sad obsessed Katy Perry fan who refuses to believe that she ruined her marriage and putting the blame on someone you know nothing about. Katy has already admitted that the marriage broke up due to her not wanting a child with Brand, you'd know that if you actually knew what you were talking about. That's her problem not his. Some might find it strange that a woman married a man she didnt want kids with, and hey, she's happy to exploit it for money and sympathy so I guess we know the real reason why they got married don't we?

  30. 30

    Re: ff – AMAZING! Ur awesome. I was gonna type something similar. He would NEVER have the balls to do this to Katy. His tongue is lodged permanently in her asshole. He would be way too terrified of losing a fake celebrity A Lister friend

  31. Robbie says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – I adore Katy, she is such a beautiful talented woman who knows what she wants and is going to get it. But you need to be honest with yourself. She is not perfect. She has serious issues with men. It takes two people to break up a marriage. Blaming it entirely on one half is stupid and not realistic. I understand you wanting to defend her, but she isn't a victim no matter what the press says. She has never tried to be a victim either, and probably wouldn't appreciate people saying the stuff you have. Being a good fan isn't about blindly defending someone it's about respecting the fact that they are human and accepting their flaws. Katy has many, and both her flaws and Russell Brand's flaws contributed to their divorce.

  32. 32

    Re: ff – AMAZING! Ur awesome. I was gonna type something similar. He would NEVER have the balls to do this to Katy. His tongue is lodged permanently in her asshole. He would be way too terrified of losing a fake celebrity A Lister friend.

    And I love how Perez acts like la coacha dressed in candy with a brand look alike was a coincidence. Really?! Cuz when people see a chick dressed in candy they automatically think of la coacha!

  33. Chris from MA says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – Katy Perry had her first number one with I Kissed a Girl. That is when her career took off. California Girls also got to number one way before Teenage Dream. Katy was well on her way to success before she met Brand. It seems their religious differences were what got in their way more then anything.

  34. annabear says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – thats not true at alll!!!

  35. Deb says – reply to this


    I remember when Katy and Russell started dating and people were saying why is she with him, he has admited to paying for prostitutes and had addiction problems. Now the marriage is over and now people are saying (from this site) now we see why he divorced her. I think Russell is more mature than Katy and has shown more dignity. Katy is making herself look like a immature twit and Perez is feeding into it for higher comments. Bad move PH

  36. 36

    You tried to get him to freak out but in the end he just showed how much dignity he has. He has been nothing but civil towards Katy and through out the whole divorce. He didn't even want her fortune and they didn't have a prenup. Yet he's the one that's getting ragged on about it? Would you do the same thing to Katy? No I didn't think so.

  37. 37

    He could have yelled or made a scene. They went to mock Russell. I thought he was very gracious. Good for him!

  38. thegentletock says – reply to this


    Brand has had some problems in life sure, but if she had issues with that then she wouldn't have married him. But unlike Perry, Brand seems to have matured and she seems to have turned into a bit of a brat. Maybe Brand left her because he couldn't stand her childishness any more?

  39. 39

    Perez this would have been fine if you were the person you were a few years ago. I am just so happy you continue to prove that you are still that same person. All this anti bully, positive energy was bullshit. You are the same scumbag you have always been, bravo!!!

  40. Ana says – reply to this


    He handled it like a sir.

  41. 41

    Very hurtful and nasty. Leave the guy alone. Do you know how painful divorce is? Not even funny.

  42. 42

    This Coach chick and whoever that guy next to her is are not comedians, they are just another pack of idiots that made a YouTube channel and dubbed themselves "celebrities." So now because they think they are somebody (they aren't) they go out and insult other people for no reason. These bozos show up to Russell Brand's premiere and disrespect him, that's plain rude. They could have at least attempted to be funny but instead they just post weird sayings on the screen with their iMovie program and made ugly faces. They're just jealous that they're in the presence of an actual celebrity. So disrespectful

  43. 43

    This Coach chick and whoever that guy next to her is are not comedians, they are just another pack of idiots that made a YouTube channel and dubbed themselves "celebrities." So now because they think they are somebody (they aren't) they go out and insult other people for no reason. These bozos show up to Russell Brand's premiere and disrespect him, that's plain rude. They could have at least attempted to be funny but instead they just post weird sayings on the screen with their iMovie program and made ugly faces. They're just jealous that they're in the presence of an actual celebrity. So disrespectful

    And Perez, I understand that you just cling to the undercarriage of celebrities and friends and hope that one day it will actually lead to something relevent, but having no integrity gets you nowhere. If you can't tell by your rapidly declining popularity.

  44. 44

    Hate to break it to you guys posting in here but Perez Hilton has been a friend of Katy Perry for a long time. He's a friend of Lady Gaga as well. Perez did an hour long "insider" special on TV about Katy's life and another one about Lady Gaga. Perez was on the set for Katy's video for "The One That Got Away". Katy and Perez tweet to each other all the time. Perez is probably going to be doing PLENTY of news and blogs about both of them for a long time. I hear that Perez got a pre-release track of Katy's song "Waking Up in Vegas" about a year before her first album came out and he posted it on this website. I think he was just trying to promote this hot, young, hungry pop/rock musician who was about to explode on the scene. Katy sure did make a big splash with her first single "I Kissed a Girl". No doubt about it. If you ever saw that movie "Almost Famous" with Kate Hudson … Perez was there for the exciting "almost famous" part of Katy's career before her first album came out.

  45. Irish Jess says – reply to this


    Good for Russell! She dressed that way on purpose and didn't get the rise out of him that she was expecting… I don't find La Coacha funny at all… Time to get a new gig…

  46. Jim B says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – That's utter bull. You're either retarded and live in a fantasy world or you're Perez typing under a name trying to make yourself look good. You're an idiot. Perez is not a friend of any celeb he posts about. He's just a moron who annoys celebs by acting like they're best buds when they don't give a shit about him. He is a nobody and the sooner he realises that the better.

  47. Charlie1902 says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – Why are you acting like Perez made Katy Perry famous? He didn't. He had nothing to do with her career.

  48. 48

    she's obivoulsy copying katy perry.. since the guy with her showed up as russell brand. russell had every right to walk away..

  49. 49

    Re: Kate – i agree!

  50. 50

    Re: Jim B – Actually YOU are the one who is a total, uninformed moronic retard. Google these keywords … Perez Hilton Superfan Katy Perry. Then, google these keywords … Perez Hilton Superfan Lady Gaga. You might be able to watch the whole videos on the internet somewhere. You will see Perez talking to them like they are friends. Katy answered all sorts of questions about her upcoming 2011 tour. When he interviewed Lady Gaga, they were hugging and kissing, drinking wine and Gaga cooked up a meal for them at a rented house in Australia or somewhere. Perez might not be a BFF who hangs out with Katy all the time like her friend actress Shannon Woodward, but I bet they still talk a good bit online and meet at various functions like awards shows and the afterparties.

  51. Carol says – reply to this


    Beyond mean Perez. What is it only bullying if it's against your friends? This was totally uncalled for and you would never have sent them to Katy's premiere with the guy dressed as Russell to upset her. Russell handled it with class, something you obviously don't have. So sad that you would resort to this and post it twice, just really cruel.

  52. BB says – reply to this


    I guess I"m in the minority here. I thought it was funny. I mean, really…like these people really care about any of you.

  53. 53

    Who is this Roach? Love Russell. Perez your a wanker, keep trying to turn ppl against Russell when in fact your making ppl hate Katy

  54. 54

    Re: Liam – She shouldn't have married him, this guy has slept with some thousands of women. She probably woke up and realize that this whore wouldn't make a good father.

  55. 55

    i think russ is great and hes taken enough shit from being married to the nasty uptight little cow katy perry .. clearly they were trying to take the piss out of him and managed to upset him .. he walks away he is allowed to walk away by his face i could see he thought she looked revolting anyway in the outfit ,

    team russ itll be ok the more u react the more people will do it remember just have to stop reacting i think it just caught him off guard is all

  56. 56

    I do actually think La Coacha is funny most of the time. But this I don't know why she did this and I actually think its really rude that you play dumb in the article; stating she has always worn candy. This is not just candy, she has the cherry ring and literally is wearing a Katy Perry halloween costume including a russel brand cohost. Who else would she be!? The reason I think this was rude is because first of all it happened awhile ago so its stretching the divorce jokes out. Secondly there obviously is no point but to bring back the memory, rub it in his face and then act stupid like you just like to wear candy. I think playing dumb might be the worst thing about this actually. I've noticed that as much as Perez says hes trying to play fair and judge equally he always sides with certain celebrities and no matter how wrong or stupid they might be he will always be his "changed self" with them. Then go right back to "innocently" attacking the people his doesn't like (or who aren't paying him).

  57. anas says – reply to this


    I'm glad he didn't pay any attention to these fuckers.

  58. Tatiana says – reply to this


    IRe: jakeyplay – I could not agree more. This was a tasteless, low-rent stunt that could not possibly be farther from funny. Shame on you, Perez.

  59. coco says – reply to this


    this is stupid. poor russell.

  60. PoeNevermore says – reply to this


    BOO. Not cool. I love Russell, and this kind of hating is ignorant. I agree, he handled it with maturity. Who are those two idiots anyway? No one.

  61. RustysRocket says – reply to this


    That "prank" was tasteless to start with and then this article blames the publicist, the reporter shouldn't of been there in the first place, it is totally disrespectful

  62. ghee_14 says – reply to this


    you fucking twats! Russell Brand is such a beautiful human being, he did not need that horrid stunt. Not cool and not funny

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  64. Isabel says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621
    #50: GOD, you are a dumbass.. Do you believe everything the media feeds you? Maybe they are acting friendly in front of the camera to gain sympathy? Maybe the video was edited in a way so it only showed them having fun and being bff's? Same with the Katy-movie; only her side is shown. If Russell ever decides to write a book about the breakup she is gonna be pissed, believe me. But for her it is ok.

    For the rest of your comments: Climb out of Katy's ass and open your eyes. Russell didn't even comment on the breakup, Katy decided to put it in a movie, she changed lyrics to Part of Me before she performed it a couple of days/weeks after the divorce-filing, so it would apply to Russ ('you can keep your diamant ring' etc is NOT in the original version, it was altered after the breakup, don't believe me? Check out the demo-versions/older versions). Yeah, really classy behavior of your 'idol'. PUH-lease.

  65. Isabel says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621

    Also proof of her 'awesomness'; check out the video of her standing drunk next to Russ and telling everyone about it at an awardshow; great behavior when your husband (20centimeters away from you) is a recovering alcoholic. Classy Katy, no wonder you are surrounded by cokehead-rumors. She comes off as an immature spoiled brat, not sure how to behave because of the way she was raised and the way she actually wants to be.
    Sure, Russell has his flaws too, but I am sick and tired of people saying it is all his fault because he has a shady past and Katy is seen as the virgin Mary. Tired of people crawling up her ass.

  66. Isabel says – reply to this


    For the video: Perez, I used to be a fan up to a couple of years ago. Your sarcasm was hilarious and I loved reading your page. Now you are suddenly bff's with celebs and you look like a fanboy. Your gossip is very selective, if u like someone/someone pays you to play nice, you post nothing negative about them. Now you are pretending the dumb bitch from the video wasn't dressed up as Katy and her loser bff wasn't dressed up as Russell. Of course it is just a coincedence! If u bash people, be a man and admit to it, don't backstab! I lost all my respect for you.