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Watch Russell Brand Walk Off Red Carpert After Spotting La Coacha In A Katy Perry Candy Dress!

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Ay yi yi!! So much drrrrrama!

Our colorful La Coacha went to show some love at Russell Brand's Brand X premiere… but instead of getting any luvin' back, she felt the hate!

After Russell began walking the red carpet, he noticed a man donned in an Aldous Snow costume (the character he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek).

But right next to ole' Aldous was La Coacha — fully-dressed in one of her favorite candy dresses. Now, if you know our gurl, then you know she LOVES to wear all sorts of creative garb for her red carpet events! It's her thing! Deal with it! Ha!

Unfortunately, Russell did not like it as much as everyone else did. He grabbed his publicist and walked off the red carpet having some serious words with her!! He was PISSED OFF… and totally offended.

Because you see…. La Coacha's candy dress had been viewed as a Katy Perry get-up! So Brand's publicist quickly came over to tell her what she was doing was "not cool."

But hold up! La Coacha's been wearing candy for a looooong time… it's not exactly something KtP holds ownership over (though we do love her peppermint boobies personality).

So La Coacha tweet-tweets:

"Drama at Russell Brando premiere. Was wearing a candy dress that at wore b4 @katyperry and he got emotional and left the carpet!

Russell Brando's publicista came up 2 me and said it was not cool 2 dress like @katyperry

Now @fxnetworks is gonna talk 2 me. came from @katyperry premiere. Is it my fault??????

Btw ay wore the candy dress b4 @katyperry!!! @perezhilton party. Don tell me I dress like her!

Russell Brando left his party and the press is piss off at me :( comedians need 2 estop being sensitib!"

Afterward, she and some of the other reporters came to the conclusion that Russell must still be in love with Katy to get so upset like that!

But we'll let U be the judge on that one! Watch the video (above) before U unwrap all your candied thoughts (below)!!!

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25 comments to “Watch Russell Brand Walk Off Red Carpert After Spotting La Coacha In A Katy Perry Candy Dress!”

  1. Lily says – reply to this


    What LaCoacha did was SO DISRESPECTFUL! Why did she go to his premiere dressed like his ex wife? Her aim was obviously to upset him! Playing with people's feelings is disgusting.

  2. Kate! says – reply to this


    You disgusting little creatures! Why did u do that to him? Your goal was to make him mad that's why La Coacha went as a "couple" with a Russell Brand lookalike! But he handled it very well. Other celebs would have told their bodyguards to kick you out.

  3. j0Z says – reply to this


    yeah, that was super disrespectful…and he handled it like a total gentleman - he is a master wordsmith and could've cut la coocha down to size in a hot second

  4. 4

    Yes he still loves Katy! What's your problem Perez? Katy was his wife and obviously the biggest love of his life, that's why he married her! And I'm sure that he still loves her because the reason they got divorced is because Katy didn't want his children. He's still hurting. So give him a break!

  5. Mary says – reply to this


    I think Russell left, as soon as he saw La Coacha dressed as Katy Perry, because he wanted to avoid the possible divorce and Katy Perry questions. He hasn't said anything bad about Katy or the divorce and I respect him for that. On the contrary, Katy has not kept her mouth shut for a minute…

  6. 6

    Re: j0Z – Well said.

  7. Heh says – reply to this


    OMG the show was so bad I watched it last night and I almost felt sorry for him he was really struggling on stage it was pretty painful to watch

  8. Anne says – reply to this


    I think it's "funny" that Perez has not mentioned the real reason behind the Katy & Russell divorce. Maybe because it's "against" his precious friend Katy.. So, according to "People" mag (which is always pretty reliable) Katy admitted in her movie that she "still feels like a baby" and that's why she "can't have a baby". But Russell wanted a baby with her more than anything. So, of course he still loves Katy and he's not over her. Katy chose her career and fame instead of starting a family with him. Team Russell. Money can't bring happiness.

  9. 9

    Lol la coacha is desprate…I asked her last years if she found it odd that the same person who posted pics of a dead princess diana after her car wreck then went on to host a tv special about her child's marriage was the same guy who she works for on the Internet….her only response was putting a smile face…..by the way that person is Perez for all you who don't know.

  10. 10

    Russell has dealt with his divorce with dignity. Trying to get a rise out of him like this was more than disrespectful, it was mean. Yet Russell still responds with dignity. Did you think he was going to freak like Chris Brown? Good for Russell.

  11. 11

    The asshole that is LaCoacha just happened to have someone dressed to look like Brand while she just happened to have dressed like Perry? She seriously expects anyone to believe that? What she did was MEAN. And she wouldn't have done it if YOU hadn't participated, Perez. Shame on you. That was a classless thing to do. How does that fit in with your claims of having changed? You and LaCoacha deserve to be punched in the face for that vicious stunt. It's a good thing for both of you that Brand is a nicer person than either of you two losers.

  12. Julia says – reply to this


    Mission NOT accomplished for La Coacha. She aimed to make him mad but he didn't give her the joy. He dealt with it very well. But why did she feel the need to f*** with someone's feelings like that? From Russell's reaction I can understand that he's very hurt from Katy. The true story is that she didn't want to start a family with him…

  13. Jaimie says – reply to this


    Disrespectful and petty bullying. You're so inappropriate.

  14. David says – reply to this


    One word,biatch.There's having some fun and going too far and she went too far there.Karma is a bitch and I hope she gets her dose of it

  15. 15

    La Coacha's fame angle is to be rude, disrespectful and obnoxious. Perez has the same angle. She needs to learn that famous people with REAL talent, people who can really act, sing or do stand-up, don't want to be bothered by her desperation. Perez needs to learn the same lesson. Good for Russell for taking the high road and walking away from the train wreck.

  16. 16

    VERY unnecessary and disrespectful. Why would you do that?

  17. 17

    How Rude!! I don't know why I favor Russell, I just do. He is very funny to me and I enjoy everything he puts out. NOW this cum bubble La Coacha is a disrespectful skanky twat that begs for any notice or fame. Playing with people that have real emotions and making fun of them, taunting them if you will is nothing but a BULLY. Yet just another situation where Perez is actually endorsing a BULLY. Perez…you and your tasteless friends need to grow up and stop standing behind a cause half assed. You either are against bullies or you are supporting them make a stand for real don't just talk about it.

  18. Dina says – reply to this


    Russell is obviously heartbroken. That's so sad. I want him to be happy. Katy said that "she's still a baby, so she can't have baby" and when she was asked if she wants babies soon she replied "Hell no. I love alcohol". I'm sure that was the biggest stab in Russell's heart. That's why they got divorced. He wanted babies, but hers priority is career and money. I hope he finds soon someone who will truly love him and respect him.

  19. Gina says – reply to this


    Russell Brand is by far more civilised than you will ever be mr Perez. He's proved it one more time!

  20. 20

    She knew exactly what she was doing. Fuck you fatass for defending her and promoting her. Pathetic!

  21. 21

    The ROACH is not funny just disrespectful. Is she suppose to be a comedian because all she does is petty bullying.

  22. spamhutch says – reply to this


    He could have verbally leveled you but took the high road. Consider it a gift and say thank you. Why so mean????

  23. Carol says – reply to this


    I can't believe you did this Perez. You claim to have changed, yet you send this nobody to "make" news by upsetting Russell. This is bullying, what you claim to be against. What when it's against you? This lady was a real witch. She said she came from the Katy premiere and that's why she was dressed like that. Did she confront Katy with the Russell look alike???? No, because you don't want to hurt Katy….which is exactly what you did to Russell. Russell has said nothing and has more class in his little pinky than you do in your whole body.

  24. 24

    first of all a fat ass like this la coacha shoulnt be in a dress like that
    second of all dont try to pretend u werent dressing as katy perry and russel ur standing beside a russell look alike in a get up the kind katy wears whether u wore i before or not is irrelevant …he was married he commited himself to one woman he didnt fuck around he didnt drink or drug unlike the wife drinking etc … do u really think its cool to rub in anyones face a broken marriage is that fun for u

    stupid fucking twat

    seriously fucked up…

    kudos to russell for having feelings enough to be upset at least he got to love fully

    as for perez and his pals none of them loved anyone but themselves what a disgrace…

    leave russell alone team russ

  25. lolalala says – reply to this


    Not cool, Perez. I like you & know your buds with Katy, who I adore…but yeah, I agree with everyone who thinks this was not funny, just mean.