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Tom Cruise Divorce: What Katie's Earning With The PreNup!

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katie holmes tom cruise divorce prenup

It's show prenup business time, people!!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes lasted five years. And according to the prenup, she's gonna walk away golden!

Katie collects 3M for each year of marriage, up to a maximum of 11 years, equaling $33M (we're back to that 33 numerology again).

After 11 years, Katie could have earned half of his $250M stash… but that didn't happen so oh well!

So she's definitely looking at $15M and their $35M mansion in Beverly Hills. Not too shabby! But according to sources, she's probably gonna get a lot more with child support, etc..

Wonder where she'll travel after it's all done and over with. We suggest Amsterdam!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Tom Cruise Divorce: What Katie's Earning With The PreNup!”

  1. 1

    This 33 thing is so freaky

  2. 2

    katies a bitch.. poor tom

  3. 3

    I suppose $15,000,000.00 isn't so bad for enduring five years of a luxury marriage.

  4. 4

    Mario, You really need to get yourself to a library or book store. The divorce updates are getting old already.

  5. 5

    Re: LaughingOutLoud1 – But that's what Mario does … he beats the horse until it's dead. He goes to excess with just about everything. Lady Caca? Check. Kat Graham? Check. His shitty kids book? Check. And those are but a very few examples of him making something somewhat interesting a very tired subject in less than 24 hours.

  6. Mouse says – reply to this


    I'm thinking of starting a "Lay the Fuck Off Tom Cruise" FB group. Sheesh….. The bitch shouldn't have married him then….

  7. 7

    I just wish that tom an john revolta will take this oportunity to come OUT, declare their love for each other, get married and live happy after ever.

  8. Di_34 says – reply to this


    Re: nikkiroseee – agree with you

  9. 9

    The '33' thing isn't creepy. It's planned. It exists in their lives (or in Katie's "amount") because they want it to. They need it to prove a point. It's a Master number that the (ahem) elite few who consider themselves "illuminated" believe gives them special powers.

    Regarding the creepiness:
    1. Yes, Pheonix, Arizona is on the 33rd parallel.
    2. Hubbard KNEW this, knew the number's historical significance, & planned the building of his Association there as a result.
    3. Illuminati morons - no wait, is that Scientology morons? - no wait, isn't that the Galactic Confederation? Well, these "believers of ancient books" still believe there is a Master Teacher in existence waiting to make his or her grand entrance, (much like Jesus) who will prove the theory of a Second Coming correct, and effectively prove their Scientology rituals and beliefs on spec. They may feel that this teacher is Tom, or perhaps Suri…
    And I'm guessing that at the age of 33, each of Tom's wives was asked to submit to a Scientology ritual that was a bit over the top, and it made them blow. Fast.

    So don't make a big deal out of the 33. Those who try to control others with brainwashing techniques will often insert signs and symbols into their daily lives in order to back up or prove a point they wish to make later.
    We're seeing the '33' everywhere BECAUSE THEY WANT US TO.
    THEY might be creepy, but the occurence of the number isn't.

  10. clamrocks says – reply to this



  11. 11

    hardly worth it since she was getting paid millions when she met him in a block buster ..if anything shes lost money…

  12. 12

    Katie will have money, herself back, and probably take charge of her daughter too. Nobody wins in a divorce but I have to admit she's going to be okay.

  13. malika says – reply to this


    kathy knew what she was going to have when she let herself involved with Tom. She let herself got pregnant and lucky her Tom married her. She didn't want to listen what others told her about Tom. Tom divorced Nicole just when it was about time for Nicole to get 50% of his assetts. Anyway, Nicole is happy now married with regular taller nice handsome singer. Kathy was not as famous and as talented artist as Nicole. I believe she took advantage of being Mrs. Cruise. She knew from the start that Tom is involved with this Scientology and believe that post partum syndrome can be cured by taking vitamins (Hello???). Kathy should realized the moment she saw Tom jumping on the couch like 3 years old kid that something was wrong with him…but no…..she was so wrapped-up with his magic wand or at that time maybe it was too late she was pregnant already, so no way back….had the baby and hoping that he would change…she built a castle in the sky.

  14. Lindsey says – reply to this


    Good for her that religion is corrupt

  15. susan says – reply to this


    Good luck to Katie, we all makes mistakes, get custody of your kid and start over.

  16. Capsiplex says – reply to this


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