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Tom Cruise Wants A Peaceful Divorce! Hopes Katie Isn't 'Contentious!'

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tom cruise suri katie holmes divorce matters

Blind-sighted Tom Cruise is hoping for a calm divorce… good luck! Ha!

As we've discussed before, Katie Holmes is seeking primary custody of Suri (reportedly because she doesn't want her growing up in Scientology).

While she views Tom as a good father and wants him in Suri's life, Katie is determined to have full-control over how she's raised. And that's exactly why she filed in New York — a non-no fault state.

Still, Tom's attorney, Bert Fields, is hoping for peace in the courtroom, stating:

"I would hope that it’s not a contentious matter. I know Tom is not a particularly contentious person. [As far as our legal team goes,] we're thinking about who to use. We have to discuss strategy."

Too bad they can't televise it! Do you know how much money the sponsors could get??

Just thinking about the economy here! That's all! Ha! ;)

P.S! If you missed all the CrAzY divorce news, CLICK HERE to catch up!

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24 comments to “Tom Cruise Wants A Peaceful Divorce! Hopes Katie Isn't 'Contentious!'”

  1. 1

    Why doesn't Tom date & marry one of the Psychotic Scientology Freak Women at his Celebrity Center?

  2. Allison says – reply to this


    Hi Perez! I am a law student studying for the NYS bar exam. NY is a no fault state, the law was passing in 2010

  3. Edward Clinton says – reply to this


    Ok, I let this go once, but not twice. The expression is "to be blindsided", not "blindSIGHTED".

  4. 4

    Blind-sided, not blind-sighted

  5. 5

    Blind-sighted, lmfao. Your lack of knowledge in basic spelling and grammar is astounding. That college you attended must have had an academically-challenged quota it needed to make so that it could receive government funding. PS - Congrats on the 5 comments on the whole page so far. Keep up the great work.

  6. 6

    I guess you don't have to be educated to be a rich, obnoxious celebrity. Blindsighted? Really?

  7. teenyweenie says – reply to this


    Seems as if Tom is working overtime to appear like he is the victim. Maybe to protect his image and shelter his church, if that is even possible.
    Regardless of the whole NY aspect, this situation was perfectly planned by Tom. He cant afford another hit.

  8. 8

    Hey Teenieweenie, I was thinking the same thing. Cruise is such a control freak, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't orchestrate the entire thing. If Katy wants out, then she has to do it this way so that Cruise looks like the victim. I don't FOR ONE MINUTE believe that Cruise was blindsided (or blind sighted).

  9. david says – reply to this


    Re: Edward Clinton
    i was just about to come on to the comments section here, to say the same thing.

    one more thing folks: its ASK, not AKS!

  10. 10

    Re: Ripp52 – I don't know … I don't think anyone sees Cruise as a victim in this … my thoughts are leaning toward him being surprised by this (or "blind-sighted," ROFL). The fact that she filed in NY, and the fact that there were no trouble rumors leads me to think she did, in fact, pull one over on him. But time will tell.

  11. 11

    Tom has filed to move the divorce proceedings to California. Sounds pretty contentious to me and it's not coming from Katie.

  12. Pusi Waters says – reply to this


    If Scientology is so powerful,
    should Kate be fearful for her life
    If she was not around, Tom would get full custody, and would same millions of $$$$

  13. 13

    Either way Katie is in for the fight of her life right now. It's going to be her vs Scientology. Not just Tom

  14. Loaunnyeo says – reply to this


    Hi, I wasn't sent here by Scientology's Office of Special Affairs but I hope Katie is long-sighted and does not become a suppresive person about the divorce

  15. 15

    lets hope the judge isnt a scientologist the whole thing is spooky the stories from people who got 'out' are like icky. i pray for little katie .

  16. 16

    I don't see this ending well for Katie. You KNOW Tom has his Scientologist cronies working overtime on this divorce!

  17. P8triotmom says – reply to this


    I told a friend today that I believe Katie didn't want Suri to be under the influence of Scientology and controlled by her father and his cult religion. I hope she returns to her roots and Suri grows up in some type of "normal" atmosphere; whatever that is.

  18. jk says – reply to this


    He knows that in NY she ccan crucify him with his COS and other things he pulled while they were married. His controlling BS and his crap he pulled during his divorce from Kidman will come up, like spying onn her, taping her phone and walking out onn her when she was prgnant and denying the baby was his making her keep the fetus to do DNA to prove it was his. Tom needs paybacks from what he did to Mimi and Nichole and I think he may get it if she can keep it in NY and I hope she does. When the courts see what he did with his adopted kids and how the COS workjed in deestroyi

  19. Novstorm says – reply to this


    He did a lot of crap to Kidman , leaving her while pregant, never acknowledging her miscarriage ut saying it wasnt his and forcing her to put the fetus on ice to prove it was his. Taking the kids they adopted and turning them against Kidman and having them call Katie MOM..COS scared Kidman but not Katie ,she will fight them and win I hope, Karma is biting him and COS in the ass and I hope Katie can save Suri from him and COS.

  20. 20

    Re: Pusi Waters – I'd be worried and they say she is, she says that she's being followed by Scientology spies…also the guy who married them, his wife has been "missing" since 2006. Makes one wonder…

  21. uggmom says – reply to this


    My guess is that the org will want to force an "audit" on Katie as well as Suri. This whole thing is so bizarre. Tom and the org will not take this lightly and he will fight with all his might to raise Suri as a Scientologist. The org will do what ever it takes to retrieve Suri as well, since she is his heir. Follow the Money!

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