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Tom Cruise Marriages End When Wives Are 33, Scientology Established On 33rd Parallel!

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tom cruise katie holmes scientology 33

Creepy coincidence or Scientology science!?!

Just like the headline reads, all three of Tom Cruise's marriages have ended when the wives were 33.

He wed MiMi Rogers in May of 1987, but they broke up in 1990… when she was 33. Then he moved on with Nicole Kidman. They were happy for ten years but guess what! They split when she was 33 too! And now, just a day after her divorce announcement, Katie Holmes has 33 years under her belt.

Now here's where it gets weird…

We did some research and the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, the forerunner of the Church of Scientology, was established in Phoenix, Arizona. And Phoenix lies on the 33rd parallel. Hmm…

According to numerology, 33 is the "Master Teacher." It is regarded as a representation of spiritual progress and the spread of positive energy.

And that's exactly what Scientology preaches — global betterment.


Is there a cosmic connection? Or is it all just a bunch of conspiracy crap?

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

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62 comments to “Tom Cruise Marriages End When Wives Are 33, Scientology Established On 33rd Parallel!”

  1. Jham says – reply to this


    I love this kind of stuff, but given that Scientology is TOTAL BS - I'm going with conspiracy crap.

  2. weapon x says – reply to this


    I bet it's in the prenup that his wives are allowed to divorce him when they turn 33. Tom will remarry, because he needs to coverup his homosexual desires.

  3. 3

    I think at first they are all gaga over "Tom Cruise" but then they grow up, and mature, and get more independent, and they don't want to follow him like a puppy anymore.

  4. 4

    Re: lemonbird – I agree - you nailed it.

  5. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    who cares?

  6. 6

    The word is INTERESTING not "inneresting" please stop spelling it this way in ever post on this site, it makes you sound like an idiot.

  7. jojojo says – reply to this


    It's truly such a shame about everything because objectively, he's so stinking cute!!! I love his movies.

  8. shane says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – rolling eyes at you.

  9. 9

    So, 50 year-old Tommy would have to marry someone young enough to be his daughter in order to divorce her some years later at 33, no ?

  10. 10

    Re: isolde – I completely agree with you. Besides saying "inneresting", he also loves to butcher the English language with cray, fave, gurl, boo, srsly, currful, amazeballz, presh, realz. What grown man speaks like this??

  11. JOSE says – reply to this


    It can also mean that it took all three women 33 years to get smart.

  12. 12

    congrats girl! you can be free now! you can have SEX again! with a person. the first thing I would do is put that gilded dildo next to his, go out, get some REAL dick, and reintroduce myself to an orgasm. I would also have a calendar made that counts down the days until his son turns 18. He could get it at 12:00am on the dot! give him some birthday sex he'll never forget.

  13. Robert says – reply to this


    Maybe with Tom it's like an expiration date. That man has issues

  14. 14

    LOL I love reading stuff like this. I like the illuminati stories as well. Maybe their 'contract' is up when they turn 33. Maybe at 33 you get a better sense of who you are and where you want to be. Maybe at 33 they make you do some freaky stuff lol. Who knows.

  15. Pegomyhart says – reply to this


    When Katie began her broadway work I knew she had come into her own. Mr. Cruise should not marry actresses who want the world to revolve around them, sooner or later.
    He should still be able to find a young enough gal who will do his bedding…but she better be a wuss.

  16. 16

    Re: isolde – "makes you sound like an idiot. " of course it doesa, just like lovah, louvre, etc. and his 3rd person bs. but what else could it do, mario IS AN IDIOT.

  17. 17

    hopefully he and Revolta can COME OUT, declare their love for each other and get married. but how will they cash out of the stupidology ponzi scam.

  18. NataliaPerez says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – Please stop using commas where semicolons should be. Also, please stop using ever instead of EVERY. There also should have been a comma after interesting, and a period after inneresting. You're the one sounding like an idiot. If you don't like the way he talks, DON'T READ IT. There are plenty of gossip sites out there, find one that suits your boring taste. Just saying.

  19. yes says – reply to this


    I am so glad she dumped this contolling creep…IF they were really in love, clearly she fell out of love…just like the other ladies…who needs a religious zealot who wants to control you? Ladies smarten up and be independent please! Go Katie…now she can smile again…she is cute, but needs to rid herself of the Tom residue….

  20. 20

    In order to comprehend this garbage, you must first think backwards.
    Often the locations of organizations, and their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., are chosen for numerological reasons. It happens more frequently than most of you know, or would prefer to believe.
    (Reagan had astrologers.)

    I digress.
    Look at it BACKWARDS.
    Pheonix, Arizona was on the 33rd parallel LOOOOOOONG BEFORE the Hubbard Association of Scientologists existed. Nothing spectacular on its own, unless you consider the following:

    '33' has been a numerologically significant number since long before Biblical times. It was considered a Master Teacher # before Jesus was born and died, at the age of 33. And BTW, it’s no coincidence that Jesus was (ahem) murdered when he was 33 years old. It was 'believed' by those at the time that if he 'died' at that age, he would 'come back,' because it was considered such a magical number.
    (Nope, I ain't makin' this shit up, people.)

    So, in order to APPEAR historically and metaphysically significant, cult leaders of TODAY usually draw upon common religious iconic & symbolic "crap," (for lack of a better word) to place fear and awe in their supporters, so that they can CONVINCE them that their RELIGION OR CULT has been "pre-ordained" or destined by a Higher Power.

  21. 21

    So let’s do the math:
    1. Hubbard believed himself to be a Master. He took a lot of drugs, read a lot of Allister Crowley, (sp?) and wrote science fiction novels. He transferred & borrowed a lot of the information written about the number '33' from ancient texts, (the Essenes’ teachings, for eg.,) and decreed for Scientology how HE felt it personally related to WOMEN in his religion.
    (I'll get into THAT in a second.)
    2. Pheonix is NOT an amazing coincidence; Hubbard simply CHOSE the 33rd parallel for the location of his Association to hammer home a point.
    3. Tom's wives most likely choose to leave at the age of 33 because - I GUARANTEE YOU - there is a DREADFUL and most likely a potentially life-altering ritual designed for the wife of Tom Cruise at this particular age, and they want nothing to do with it. And Tom – as we all know at this point – plainly considers himself to be a Master Teacher. (That’s what Miscavige told him, I guess?) And who probably wants and demands that his wives go through a symbolic ‘death’ and ‘rebirth’ rite with him involving time away from the kid, some iron bars, barley, no water and a cracked toilet.
    4. Do I even NEED a 4th point, folks?

  22. 22

    Re: isolde – Who's site is it again? Yours or his? Being insignificant sucks doesn't it?

  23. 23

    Re: NataliaPerez – hahaha so perfect! I am glad someone here has a brain

  24. 24




  25. Pb says – reply to this


    My theory is Suri hates the paps, but Daddy thinks it's good publicity. Mommy wants to put her foot down on the paparazzi stalking their every outing, Daddy says no no no. Mommy is being protective of daughter who probably is being impacted in a negative way by the constant attention. Mommy wants her daughter to have a normal childhood & Daddy likes his little darling being a star. Just look at the meltdowns caught on film. Poor Suri!!

  26. wannaspeak says – reply to this


    I think it is strange that when he does a completely weird movie like " Eyes Wide Shut", even though Nicole played in the movie with him; and now "Rock of Ages" his wives leave him, that should tell him something! I told my daughter the other day that he would be divorcing soon Watch…

  27. navras says – reply to this


    tom cruz was paying kate to be his wife, omg!

  28. 28


  29. cari says – reply to this


    and you can keep t going…..33: 3+3 = 6. and you know what three 6's represent? 666! So does that make TommyGirl the antichrist. It is all starting to make sense. BUT, then again….would the antichrist have starred in that huge peice of embarrassing crap ROCK OF AGES? perhaps..

  30. 30

    Re: NataliaPerez – really really really LAME. have another cup of koolade

  31. 31

    Re: Brainiac
    hey brain, wish you wouldn't hold back like that, come on tell us how you really feel. I just suffice it to say stupidology is a ponzi scheme. same as thy WAY and any other scam that requires expensive "classes" to rise in your holiness. Beatification through cash. much like a "star" on the sidewalk. All that takes is a nomination and a check for $10,000.

  32. 32

    Here's the 32nd comment…who's next come on 1 more

  33. 33

    Sounds to me like arranged marriages planned to end at 33 years of age. Hmmm, is he trying to hide something? *sarcasm* This seems to be a theme in Hollywood. Gays and arranged marriages to deceive the public. I would rather him just be out and proud. I don't understand it!

  34. 34

    And when i saw the article there were 33 comments left !!! OMG !!! The world is about to end !!! ………
    Anyway, on topic. Tom is a creep and sometimes a young girl doesn't see that but as they get older and have kids they wake up.

  35. kayla223344 says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – 33 is actually a special number to the illuminati….creepy right.

  36. 36

    Re: raypearson
    Yeah, I know, ray, haha… I've got a lot of time on my hands these days, and haven't posted here in over a month. I guess I was about due for a vent.
    And Scientology brings it out of me in spades!
    I remember when this crap first hit the general public, and it infuriates me no less today than it did then, the way it ruins lives. I've been waiting a long time to see it implode from the inside out.

    And hell, if there's someone out there ready to sign their chequebook over to the Church, and my words are enough to make 'em think twice, then I'll take the heat for being overly verbose. :)

  37. LADYCaca666 says – reply to this


    33 is also a very important number for Masons /Illuminati and Satanics .OOPS

  38. 38

    I think this is actually the stupidest post I've ever seen on this website, and that's saying a lot.

  39. P8triotMom says – reply to this


    Re: lemonbird[/re[re=6111201]Re: yes – This well may be an example of what our schools are turning out today. So sad.

  40. 40

    I have the solution Tom. Marry someone that's 34, CLOSER TO YOUR OWN AGE!

  41. 41

    I really do not know much about Scientology other than a former coworker told me it is the only church that you have to pay to get their literature, all others are free. Seems kind of weird.

  42. 42

    Perez, Since you shut off the comments on the Jessica Biel post ( why do you do that???) I figured I would post a reponse here.

    Being an advanced open water certified diver does not make someone a "Professional Skindiver" as you called her. That just means she can dive past 66 ft and has a few more skills. It is still very basic.

    Also, you said " now she can dive solo"….no she can't! No diver should ever dive solo. That is one of the first things a diver learns.

    Just don't post comments like that when you have no idea what you are talking about.

  43. sara says – reply to this


    33rd degree of freemasonry? ?

  44. spooky says – reply to this


    Even weirder: All 3 of Tom's wives were born 11 years apart. His 3 divorces were all 11 years apart. 11 x 3 = 33

    Mimi Rogers born 1956; divorced 1990 (married 2 years)
    Nicole Kidman born 1967; divorced 2001 (married 11 years)
    Katie Holms born 1978; divorced 2012 (married 5 years)

  45. Kathy Kay says – reply to this


    You guys need to educate yourself about a little thing called confirmation bias. This is the method by which numerology (and astrology, The Secret, etc.) appear to "work".

    Had Katie got divorced at 35 or 42 or whatever, you could still find SOME parallel in Scientology to "explain" it. Lookie here: L Ron Hubbard was born 3/13/11. 3+1+3+1+1=9. Katie was born 12/18/78, add the digits and get 27, and 2+7=9.

    OMG!! L Ron Hubbard's and Katie Holmes's birthdays are both 9! How significant is THAT?! And you know there are 9 SOMETHINGs of significance in Scientology. 9 So it all adds up, ya see.

  46. 46

    Re: NataliaPerez – You need to take that stick out of your ass, its making you an ANAL RETENTIVE DUMB BITCH. Do you have some serious OCD or other mental issues?? Who the fuck CARES if someone doesnt have proper grammer or spelling while commenting on an article on this site - I'd say its FAR more important to read over the article your POSTING onto the site, and believe me UGLY ASS MARIO NOR HIS MENTALLY RETARDED ASSISTANT CAN WRITE! They apparently didnt get past the 5th grade.

  47. despoina says – reply to this


    Re: lemonbird – yes you are right!

  48. terri says – reply to this


    I think he just likes them young and impressionable, and then like someone else pointed out, they grow up and can't deal with him anymore. No offense to Tom, I don't know him as a person, but I used to date a Scientologist. You better know that they are in it TO THE DEATH. It's very hard if you are with them and not completely captivated with the religion yourself. They always want to convert people, anyone everyone. It's not a life for someone who wants free will and to think and act of their own accord. That's the dichotomy about Scientology- they preach freedom, but it's actually a very controlling organization.

  49. WW68 says – reply to this


    This article was actually written by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and published on MSNBC.com. I love how he steals stuff and calls it his own. You didn't do the "reasearch" unless you consider stealing another story research.

  50. meyermar says – reply to this


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  51. myersmar says – reply to this


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  52. Belinda says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – The word is EVERY not "ever", when you correct someone's spelling and make a mistake, it makes you sound like an idiot!

  53. Mil says – reply to this


    3+3, 3+3, 3+3 is 6, 6, 6 —> The number sign of the devil. Could Tom be satanist? or mere coincidence? LOL

  54. c says – reply to this


    Re: sara – that's exactly what I was thinking too!

  55. 55

    Re: Belinda – Take your own advice. You should take a course on " English Grammar: The Correct Use of Commas."

    Re: isoldeRe: NataliaPerez – It's a damn blog, not a literacy except, get over it, preshies…

  56. 56

    Re: RachelSarahNYC – You're hilarious. Spelling it that way has been a staple of the site for years.

  57. 57

    Re: WW68 – This is false. They only noted the strangeness of the wives being 33. Perez made the connections.

  58. Save Suri says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – "Very innteresting" was a catchphrase Arte Johnson used on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Yeah, it's old, but that's where it came from. Oh well…

  59. 59

    @ RachelSarahNYC

    you're seriously attacking NataliaPerez? the only reason she posted a comment about grammar/spelling was to put isolde in her place for being so critical about the spelling of the articles here. yeesh. read everything thru before randomly getting all worked up over a post. you missed the point entirely. calm down.

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  62. Molly says – reply to this


    Re: Brainiac – yeah I agree there has to be some horrific thing wives have to go through when they turn 33. so sad =/