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Kelly Clarkson ThisClose To Surpassing Carrie Underwood

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carrie underwood kelly clarkson american idol sales record

Out of all the American Idol winners, Carrie Underwood currently holds the crown for best-selling singles.

But if Kelly Clarkson can manage to get another 50,000 sales of of Stronger next week, she'll be wearing that crown next!

She has to beat Carrie's Before He Cheats

That song was e-pic. It's gonna be tough to dethrone it, that's for sure!

Think she can do it?

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Kelly Clarkson ThisClose To Surpassing Carrie Underwood”

  1. Rainbedgar says – reply to this


    KELLY CLARKSON because she is a lesbian and should come out!!!!! OUT!!!! OUT!!!!!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Kelly is the only one still relevant.. she should come out of the closet though.

  4. 4

    Kelly is actually stuck in the closet. Her ginormous ass hams prevent her from walking through the door.

  5. kekhrie says – reply to this


    Hey haters, dont you have any other work than to troll around and keep hating? She's gonna be married by end of this year to Brandon. And if you got any problem with her, just ignore her and her music. Thats it! Gosh, get a hobby!

  6. Vicki says – reply to this


    Re: kekhrie – So true! I guess they haven't seen her lately..she's gorgeous!

  7. 7

    Soooo bc shes not a slut and choses pants over mini skirts thats makes her a lez? :/

  8. 8

    Re: RainbedgarRe: BeezJayRe: R U F@^!(&% KIDDING – I get that you are Carrie Underwood fans which is fine because I think both women have talent, but why insult Kelly? That seems very juvenile and obnoxious. Just because you favor one doesn't mean you have to put down the other. It doesn't make Carrie look any better to trash Kelly, it just makes her fans seem desperate.

  9. Kristof says – reply to this


    Clarkson actually has the highest selling single globally - that'd be Because Of You. But apparently, we're just fixated on sales just in the States. But I'm sure Stronger will exceed Before He Cheats..

  10. 10

    Carrie is way more talented and is going nowhere. If they put together how much $$$ they pull in I'm sure Carrie wins by a landslide. Single sales dont meant much compared to sold out large venues like Carrie.

  11. Fan of Both says – reply to this


    I think that Stronger will pass Before He Cheats because I'm sure Stronger will continue to sell at higher numbers than Before He Cheats currently is, since it's older. But I think that Before He Cheats is a more iconic song. How many other country songs (not counting Taylor Swift pop remixes) have there been in the past 5-10 years that gained the level of mainstream success as BHC? Very, very few… if any.

  12. stelll518 says – reply to this


    How about this…Who cares? As in, why does music have to be a competition. How do you compare what is supposed to be an art form? Why does everything in this country have to be about what is most popular or makes the most money??? I am a Kelly fan, but I don't see why it matters how she sells music compared to Carrie. I just like to hear her sing. This is stupid.

  13. DakotaHunterSwann says – reply to this


    Re: R U F@^!(&% KIDDING

    Shuuuuut Up you Fucken red neck .

  14. 14

    Stronger is going to kick BHC's a$$!!! Kelly Clarkson is a true artist. Carrie is so boring, dull, and predictable. Kelly's song is Stronger, her voice is much Stronger, and her personality is way way way more Stronger. And the song Stronger means a lot to a lot of people. It is inspirational. All kinds of people, sick children, athletes, etc. are using it to lift themselves up. BHC does none of that. Kelly is empowering and relevent.

  15. 15

    like Arthur replied I am shocked that a student able to earn $9035 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link NUTTYRich d o t c o m

  16. 16

    Of course Kelly will surpass her and she will do it either this week or next.

  17. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: nycyankeeguy – / FIRST. Carrie hasnt hit notes that Kelly has: G5,G#5,A5,Bb5,B5 & C6… So, Kelly slays in everyway! SECOND, your $$$ comment is stupid cuz Carrie sells records only in the U.S. and Kelly Clarkson worldwide, KC has more than 24 million albums sold vs 12/13 millions of Carrie .. Duuuh!! P.s. I like both of them, but I'm honest and objective // Primero, Carrie no alcanza las notas que Kelly sí: G5, G # 5, A5, Ab5, B5 y C6 … Por lo tanto, Kelly mata en todos los sentidos! Segundo, es estúpido tu comentario del $$$ porque Carrie sólo vende discos en U.S y Kelly Clarkson en todo el mundo tiene mas de 24 millones de discos vendidos vs 12 millones de Carrie

  18. Just Me says – reply to this


    Re: Supersasi – You just say all i have to say…Kelly has the voice,personality,humility and her music inspire A LOT OF people around the world,Carrie is only a good country vocalist(and i don´t have nothing against her but you can´t compare Carrie with Kelly NEVER because Kelly always gonna win ;D)

  19. Mia says – reply to this


    BOTH Kelly and Carrie are awesomely talented, and it's an insult to both of them to pit them against each other.

  20. prg says – reply to this


    i am pretty sure kelly as sold more singles and albums then carrie she has sol 40 million singles and 25 million albums

  21. Fan of Both says – reply to this


    Re: Just Me

    …lol. That's such a dumb statement, to say that Kelly will always win against Carrie. Carrie has achieved a level of popular and critical success in country music that has been unmatched. Taylor Swift may be more popular, but who is the member of the Opry and CMA Award co-host every year and respected by the genre? I am a huge fan of Kelly, but a lot of her songs just come across as cookie cutter pop, whatever will get her to the top of the charts. She also doesn't write nearly as much as Carrie does. I really liked My December because finally Kelly wasn't trying to please people. It didn't sell the best, but it made her come across as more legitimate.

  22. jason says – reply to this


    Re: nycyankeeguy – lol, get your stats right, Carrie underwood does not even perform in stadiums and concert arenas WORLDWIDE <— Carrie Underwood does not even sell out large venues often! As a matter of fact you are correct when you say Carrie "is going nowhere" because her albums released in Australia and UK has not done as well as any of Kelly's. Carrie may be a country superstar in america, but anywhere else she is almost a nobody!

  23. 23

    Yep, I called it two weeks ago, and it happened.

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