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Today's Curry Debacle's Leaves Bad Aftertaste In Viewers Mouths, GMA Is Rewarded

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Ann Curry Matt Lauer Viewers Switching To GMA

Maybe Ann Curry left a sinking ship at just the right time!

ABC's Good Morning America kicked Today's post-Curry butt in overall viewers on Friday, pulling in almost 400k more viewers over all!!

Backlash is a b*tch!

Savannah Guthrie made her official debut alongside Matt Lauer on July 9, it will be interesting to see what kind of ratings the show pulls that week.

We expect viewers to tune in the first few days, just to witness the hoopla… but will Today's numbers taper off or will Matt and Savannah grow on them like a rare and delicious fungus?

What do U think?

Are U watching GMA because you're angry with Today?? Or simply because GMA is the better show?

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN.]

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33 comments to “Today's Curry Debacle's Leaves Bad Aftertaste In Viewers Mouths, GMA Is Rewarded”

  1. 1

    And it will continue to go downhill until Matt and the rest of group are gone and they totally revamp the today show. NBC, dont say the viewers did not tell ya so!!

  2. Nancy says – reply to this


    I think they treated Ann very badly in the way they had her leave so abruptly. I personally liked her, so I will probably not be tuning into Today anymore. Would have rather seen a new face in place of Matts.

  3. sarah says – reply to this


    I stopped watching the Today Show and switched over to GMA because I'm angry at how terribly they treated Ann Curry. I don't like the format of GMA as much as I liked the Today Show, but I'm willing to put up wit it to send the Today Show a message that they can't treat people the way they treated Ann and not suffer some kind of backlash. I have no intention of going back to The Today show anytime soon.

  4. 4

    I don't watch those inane shows. And I don't feel sorry for Ann Curry.

    I wish someone would pay me 10 MILLION DOLLARS to leave a job.

  5. Paloma says – reply to this


    I would not watch the Today show if you paid me the 10 million dollars. I'll watch when Matt and Al Roker are gone. So annoying those two!!

  6. 6

    Instead of "Savannah Guthrie made her official debut alongside Matt Lauer on July 9", I think you mean she will make her debut. July 9th hasn't happened yet. Regardless, I won't watch after the shabby treatment of Anne.

  7. Nancy says – reply to this


    I was sickened by the way Ann was treated on Thursday morning, no one would even hand the woman a freaking tissue. Ann is one of the best women journalist on TV, she has so much class and to be kicked to the curb was just unacceptable to me as a viewer. When she left the set I left NBC for good, I am now a viewer of GMA……now there is a class act! Watching GMA Friday morning and the kind words that were spoken about her from George, Robin and Amy and in the words of Amy "Ann is the heart and soul of THAT network, she couldn't even mention NBC by name. At least Amy got out while she could. I can't wait for the day that the Today Show will be replaced by cartoons!

  8. 8

    Re: sarah – Here, Here! I don't really watch the Today Show because I have to be up at 5:30 to be at work by 7 and I could care less about tv at that hour. However, I do use my tv as an alarm clock and I often have it set to come on to the Today Show, but that's not happening anymore.

  9. 9

    Ann Curry was the scapegoat for the lowering ratings of Today. I definitely don't think she was the cause for them. In a way though things are working out like they are supposed to because Ann is a serious reporter and the morning co-host position, while I'm sure it pays a lot more than most of the reporter positions, seems below her. I think NBC will get a lot of backlash though for the way they did Ann and the ratings will keep declining. If NBC wants Today to rebound they need to clear out the current panel and put in complete new blood. In other words - replace Matt Lauer as well. I don't have anything against him like most people here do because they think he had something to do with Ann's firing - but I really think if you don't replace Matt at this point it will always be "the guy who used to co-anchor with Ann Curry who was fired not long after she became a co-anchor" and it just leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths. We shall see what happens but I think Good Morning America is going to take the reign as the #1 morning show for quite awhile until NBC somehow regains a good reputation for Today. The way they did Ann is a total backlash and I'm not sure why they couldn't see that it would be before they made this decision.

  10. 10

    I left GMA when Diane Sawyer left and went to Today. Never happy there. Matt is rude, Al Roker is awful and Kathy Lee Gifford is an overbearing name dropper. Having Ann Curry leave was just the excuse I needed to turn back to just-as-awful GMA, The View and Live with Kelly. All bad.I am using as back ground noise and not sitting and watching.

  11. Ann Curry says – reply to this


    Good! Pay backs a bitch and once goes around comes around. I will never watch the today show again but GMA is just the better show. It has been for years now and people finally started to realize that.

  12. Steve R says – reply to this


    I'm mad at Matt getting Ann fired. I moved over to GMA, and won't return to Today until Matt is fired too. Ann is great, and didn't deserve such humiliation.

  13. 13

    Sarah, I couldn't agree with you more! I also went as far to send NBC an email stating that I will no longer watch the show due to the treatment of Ann Curry. I also informed them that they should expect a huge backlash.

  14. Alicia says – reply to this


    Several factors led to lowered ratings for the Today show, including CBS morning news viewers also migrating to GMA. It is offensive that Anne Curry was singled out and blamed for faltering ratings. Last October reflected growth in viewership, so Today cannot state that Ann Curry signing on as co-anchor immediately reflected a drop in ratings.

    I think Matt Lauer needs to leave or be reassigned for the backlash to die down, and Steve Capus had better come out and state that his words were poorly chosen when he slammed Ann Curry as incompetent in lighter fare. Truth be told, a defining moment that decreased my interest in the show was the stunt programming with Palin as guest host and when Matt Lauer interviewed Christie Brinkley in such an aggressive manner, I thought he was projecting his own marital strife given the uncomfortable the tone of the interview.

    Get Lauer off the show who is evidently using the workplace as a dating environment. Maybe Matt Lauer's entitled, arrogant, unsympathetic style and presence is the real determining factor in turning viewers off. Viewers are more than willing to watch GMA, which currently features a wonderful and supportive team.

  15. 15

    Dumping Curry was WRONG on all ways! She was not the problem. That being said, I have tuned in to GMA and must admit, they have a great team in place. Robin Roberts is like an Ann Curry- warm, smart and classy.

  16. 16

    The way David Gregory introduced Guthrie on Meet the Press, yesterday was disgusting. Capus must have told him to do that!

  17. 17

    The Today show just went downhill lately, I fee, sorry for Ann, however GMA is soooooo boring. I haven't been watching the news in the morning, I watch other stuff, usually rungs that I recorded the night before.

  18. 18

    I started watching GMA only a few months ago because my Mom had it tuned in in the morning instead of Today and I have to say I liked there overall package better than Today…The show has more energy! But, I am a devoted Today show fan and I would tune back to see it. I think that they have treated Ann Curry very unfairly and it seems like Matt Lauer is behind the whole thing. He let it out of the bag that he is responsible for the ship surviving or going down…so what does that say to viewers. It's like watching the whole Conan O'Brian debacle play out again…Oh wait, that was NBC too…HMMM

  19. LoriC says – reply to this


    What's funny is that GMA is better anyway! I was a sucker for the Today show for way too long. Not sure what made me turn on GMA one morning about a year ago but I LOVED IT and haven't gone back since. NO ONE on GAM seems insincere or phony. And they all seem to like one another. Buh bye Today! :)

  20. LoriC says – reply to this


    Anne Curry was pretty damn bad, people. She acted - OVER ACTED- to be sooooooo into these stories she covered and came off as completely acting and phony. I agree with her firing. HOWEVER…I do NOT agree with it being bully big headed Matt Lauer's idea to do it. He isn't much better. Cocky asshat. The show as a whole has lower ratings because they don't mesh. Cocky ain't cute. Phony is horrible. Firing Ann was NOT a bad start though. Although I agree she was not the sole reason for lower ratings, as they are now finding out.

  21. shadowplay says – reply to this


    Ann Curry was groundbreaking breaking away from the sarcastic, cold Matt Lauer, & the fluff that the Today show had become. CBS This Morning is the show to watch NOT GMA with the erudite Charlie Rose, & warm Gayle King, & professional Erica Hill. I hope Ann Curry goes over to CBS. She would be a better fit there than the unappreciative Today show who didn't know what an incredible good, & empathetic journalist she is!

  22. Noah doubt says – reply to this


    In the end Ann will be happier away from the douchey dog that is Matt Lauer. I haven't been able to stomach this show since Katie Couric was resident queen bitch.

  23. 23

    Lauer is an smug arrogant ass…can't imagine ever watching his show again…even CBS morning show is better and it sucks badly…

  24. 24

    I was devoted to the Today show, but I will never watch it again! NEVER!
    NBC is heartless, and Matt thinks he is God! I am done with them!

  25. Sunnycaligirl says – reply to this


    I have been watching GMA over the Today show for over a year. I like GMA much better; the crew they have in front of the camera are better relating to their audience than the other show in my opinion. The synergy between all the hosts doesn’t seem fake and they make me laugh. Matt isn’t the only one from the Today Show that I find annoying.

  26. Peaches says – reply to this


    GMA is my first choice,I love Robin Roberts and George they are so real together. I check Today to see what's going on there but always go back to GMA.I feel comfortable with them.

  27. Aidan says – reply to this


    I think that the Today Show's rating's will still drop dramatically, while GMA is still gaining more. However, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb will still have a large amount of ratings, perhaps having Regis and other T.V. Classic Personalities on the show would benefit them greatly. I'm just confused why Meredith got a 2 hour-long send-off and Ann got a quick "see-ya bye."

  28. KaliBali87 says – reply to this


    I'm not watching Today because I mad that they got rid of Ann Curry, but I'm not watching GMA because it's a terrible show. I've been watching CNN Newsroom since Ann's last day. It's boring, but it get's the job done. …And I definitely let NBC know how I felt. P.S. I will miss seeing what Ann Curry has on every morning, she is an under-rated fashion guru. lol

  29. Ana says – reply to this


    What NBC did to Ann Curry was absolutely appalling. As long as Matt Lauer's on the Today Show, I WILL NOT TUNE IN. GMA's has definitely captivated my attention. Perhaps because they genuinely care about each other.

  30. ANNA HULTIN says – reply to this



  31. Cmmagalis says – reply to this


    I honestly like GMA and Today………..but I liked Today better when it was Ann..and before that Katie. Shame on Matt for backing the firing of Ann. What do they mean she wasn't a good fit? She was great. She's so caring and puts so much into her interviews……more than Viera for sure. Ann's interviews always seem to come from the heart. She's a winner and I say shame on Today…..oh the program will be around for years to come I'm sure but this sure put a sour taste in everyones mouth. Ann will go far…maybe this will turn out to be a good thing for her. Bless you Ann! We love and deeply respect you my dear…..

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  33. saba says – reply to this


    Thanks for supporting Ann Currn!!!