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Church Of Scientology Denies Stalking Katie Holmes!

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Katie Cars NYC

Catch her if Xenu you can!

Yesterday, we reported in the midst of all the TomKat divorce dramz, that Katie Holmes had been feeling uneasy because she thought she was being followed.

This time, however, she didn't think the paps or even any stalkers were tracking her — she believed she was being followed by the Church of Scientology!

Reportedly, several mysterious vehicles had been stationed outside Katie's new NYC apartment, which paparazzi had taken note of!

Now, the Church is firing back and claiming that those cars have NOTHING to do with them!

A lawyer for the Church, Gary Soter, has spoken out and DENIED the accusations of the Church following or conducting surveillance on Holmes after the divorce bombshell.

Hmmm…still sounds suspicious to us! Smells like bullshiz! We all know religions don't deal too well with one of their members leaving the church!

Creepy…or just paranoid???

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13 comments to “Church Of Scientology Denies Stalking Katie Holmes!”

  1. 1

    BS ALERT!!!! sick fucks

  2. Ana says – reply to this


    "We all know religions don't deal too well with one of their members leaving the church!"

    Actually in normal religions, they only say something to you, if they see you casually on the street, and usually is a simple "I've haven't see you in church for a while!" type of thing, and when you say you left the religion, they probably say we hope we change our minds (even if they mentally think we are going to hell for denying god).
    And even in more closed religions, where everybody in the community knows each other, they might talk to you, but don't follow you around (supposing those cars were really scientologists following Katie, since it could also be overly stalkerish reporters).

  3. demode says – reply to this


    Oh, of course they are stalking her. If they are smart, they will back off, because this will just serve to make the 'church' look bad. They don't need the bad press, and neither does Tom Cruise.

  4. 4

    Of course, they're stalking here. They stand to lose out on millions of dollars if they fail to get Suri.

  5. hibias99 says – reply to this


    HOLY CRAP, For the last time, its NOT A RELIGION… Its a CULT, Period! Thats why they are pissed…she obviously has inside information about the CULT that they dont want made public.

  6. beach girl says – reply to this


    One poster is absolutely right on the money. Scientology is a CULT.

  7. Ana says – reply to this


    Re: hibias99

    That is a matter of opinion. While I agree with you (I must confess that to me, most religions are cults…but hey, I'm an atheist), the United States considers Scientology a religion and legally that's all that matters, since they are both american.

  8. 8

    Does anyone honestly think that they'd admit watching her? Really? Of course they're going to deny it, which makes this a non-story.

  9. dynasty diamond says – reply to this


    Hey Perez!!! Here' s real for you kicker for you. Go to any of the ex-scientology blogs and you'll see there's a massive search for Katie's scientology mentor Jessica Feshbachker. She's a sea org member who's married to the scientology spokesman Tommy Davis. She's been missing since early 2011 and reports say that she has died from leukemia. Many of the sea org members have died of cancer becuase of the asbestos found in the Freewinds ship. Only sea org members are aloud onboard and only sea org members have developed terrible forms of cancer. Also missing is her husband Tommy Davis. But wait!! Also missing is the scientologiy president's wife Shelly Miscivage. She hasn't been seen or heard from in 4 years. So definitely Katie and previous Suri have lots to be concerned about. These people are devil worshipers and don't even realize it until they've reached the higher levels. By that time your soul is gone and its too late to turn back. —— And if anyone disputes what I am saying please provide Perez Hilton or any media outlet with photo evidence that the two women mentioned are alive. Scienttology Kills.———- Just for fun check out the BBC documentary on Scientology. The reporter John Sweeny was satlked by the same type of people that showed up on Katie's block.

  10. kate says – reply to this


    There is an interesting documentary on the weirdness of scientology and them stalking people on youtube. if you search on youtube for Panorama Scientology you should be able to find an hour long video that is really interesting.

  11. 11

    Re: hibias99Re: beach girl – By definition, Christianity is a cult too. Scientology was started by a science fiction writer in order to get a tax break. Christianity was one of the dozens of mystery cults that existed 2000 years ago. Both Christianity and Scientology are based on myth and supported by money. The big difference is that Christianity does not necessarily have to be the over-riding priority in one's life. The deeper you get into Scientology, the more it becomes the focus of your life upon which all decisions are made. There is no flexibility. Mormonism is similar. I don't blame Katie at all for not wanting her daughter in such an all consuming organization.

  12. sayswho says – reply to this


    I know an investigator who received a call to follow a guy for a MONTH-8 years after the guy had left that church!

    They are for sure following Katie.

  13. 13

    noone beleive them why should we sick fucs