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Tom Cruise Will NEVER Let Katie Holmes Take Suri From Xenu

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Tom Cruise Will NEVER Let Katie Holmes Take Suri From Xenu

Katie Holmes is about to embark on her own Mission Impossible!

The actress is asking for sole custody of Suri, so she can get her away from Scientology — but it's going to take a miracle to make that happen.

A source close to the newly freed actress reveals:

"Katie does not want Suri raised as a Scientologist or raised under the tenets of the church. She wants her to enjoy a 'normal' upbringing with a wide variety of friends and a good schooling. She believes that will not happen if she is raised as a Scientologist. She is adamant she is going to have Suri raised outside of the church."

As adamant as Katie is about getting Suri out of the church, daddy Tom Cruise is just as — if not more — convinced that Scientology is exactly what his 6-year-old needs.

Our insider says the only way Katie is getting her way, is over Tom's dead body:

"He [Tom] truly believes in the church and its teachings and truly believes that it is imperative that his children are raised as Scientologists. Tom will move Heaven and Earth to ensure Suri stays a Scientologist, at least until she is of an age to make a decision to leave on her own accord. But until then, make no bones about it, Suri will be raised within the church"

Rumor has it Tom wanted to send Suri away to a Scientology boarding school on a ship!

The Scientology ship was the last thing they fought over before the spilt, and — from what we hear — the fight is not close to being over!

Of course, Katie isn't not be able to use Tom's religion against him in family court, so she's gonna have to come up with other reasons he is an unfit parent.

In other words: get ready for a naaaasty trial!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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20 comments to “Tom Cruise Will NEVER Let Katie Holmes Take Suri From Xenu”

  1. 1

    Perez, stop copying and pasting. Restrain your usual ridiculous excess and post about this only when there's something new to say. All you do is rehash what other, better sites have said hours (or days) ago. Where once you were a leader, now you are a follower who is usually last to the party. How far you've fallen, Perez …

  2. 2

    Hey Perez!!! Here' s real for you kicker for you. Go to any of the ex-scientology blogs and you'll see there's a massive search for Katie's scientology mentor Jessica Feshbachker. She's a sea org member who's married to the scientology spokesman Tommy Davis. She's been missing since early 2011 and reports say that she has died from leukemia. Many of the sea org members have died of cancer becuase of the asbestos found in the Freewinds ship. Only sea org members are aloud onboard and only sea org members have developed terrible forms of cancer. Also missing is her husband Tommy Davis. But wait!! Also missing is the scientologiy president's wife Shelly Miscivage. She hasn't been seen or heard from in 4 years. So definitely Katie and previous Suri have lots to be concerned about. These people are devil worshipers and don't even realize it until they've reached the higher levels. By that time your soul is gone and its too late to turn back. —— And if anyone disputes what I am saying please provide Perez Hilton or any media outlet with photo evidence that the two women mentioned are alive. Scienttology Kills.———- Just for fun check out the BBC documentary on Scientology. The reporter John Sweeny was satlked by the same type of people that showed up on Katie's block.

  3. 3

    "Katie isn't not able?"

    Where did you learn how to write or speak you stupid fucking piece of trash Perez!

  4. FStop says – reply to this


    you better get on the phone with Nicole, honey.

  5. 5

    I hope Katie fights tooth and nail. I am sure her pre-nup states she can't talk about this bogus group without being sued, but I wouldn't care, if I was fighting for my kid, I would expose it and Tom at any cost. She is going to need so much strength to fight for her child. Tom is crazy and will fight with all of his money and power…she needs to fight back with all of his secrets, expose this nut-job to the public so the courts can see him for what he is!

  6. david says – reply to this


    Re: lexxii – i concur

  7. 7

    Rocker BECK is still trying to make sense of the deaths of two acquaintances that have been linked to his Church of Scientology faith.
    Theresa Duncan died of a drug overdose in July 2007 after telling friends she feared Scientologists were stalking her for trying to help Beck escape from the Church.
    Her grief-stricken fiance Jeremy Blake committed suicide a week later.
    Really? Beck is confused as to why people he was closely associated with through Xenu died when they wanted to leave the "church."

  8. 8

    Why is this your first post on this site, Misspooh. You must have an agenda. If so, state it Xe_nu is evil. Just come out and say it.

  9. Maureenishere says – reply to this


    Funny that it says he will move heaven and earth since he does not believe in heavan.

  10. 10

    Katie needs to only allow Tom supervised visits with Suri or he'll kidnap her and she'll never see Suri again.

  11. 11

    Umm… OF COURSE they are stalking her! Scientologist are WELL known to stalk anyone who is against the church. I personally know several people that were part of the chanology protests against Scientology that were stalked, harassed, and even physically bullied and pushed by the cultists. Anyone reading can just read project whiteout and you'll see the church actively TELLS MEMBERS to bully those who are against the church or have left the church. This is a horrible cult that only got away because of a vicious array of lawyers, and PR people. If you think I'm kidding, do your own research, it's literally everywhere. I hope she doesn't get killed/murdered like so many who went against the church… (Like Mcpherson)

  12. 12

    & Google:
    Lisa McPherson
    Mark Headley
    And if THAT doesn't convince you, you're just as gullible and dense as Tommy himself.

    I am THRILLED to see this happening. It may be tough for Katie, but she's got a lot of anonymous supporters out there. I'm fairly confident that the world - finally being educated on the CULT that is Scientology - is going to do its best to help her, and ensure that she and her child (and hopefully many others) will at last blow that fucking joint.

  13. dave says – reply to this


    Fail! Do some research! Of course Tom will try to keep Suri from the evils that Xenu has done 75 million years ago. That is the whole purpose of upper level Scientology auditing! Perez, I am disappoint.

  14. James says – reply to this


    Tom Cruise is a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY scary man.

  15. 15

    yes i didnt hear good things about that ship …but im not a big fan of catholics either …

  16. alex says – reply to this


    what about suri what happened to her ??

  17. Slygirl says – reply to this


    & When Suri grows up she will make her own decisions. Lisa Marie Presley just walked away from the church & now she & her Mom aren't as close. I am not against the L Ron followers or any religion if it helps someone. However the Scientologists should really take that whole "Disconnect" rule & disconnect from it. I have noticed it is the worst & stupidest part of their religion/belief system.

  18. Chronitron says – reply to this


    There are so many errors in this post.

  19. Becki says – reply to this


    Those people are NUTS!! I know where Perez got this info from. It was on Inside Edition and other shows. They talked about this on there

  20. MarieJ says – reply to this


    Why can't she use religion against him when the religion is as ridiculous as scientology?