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Screw jetlag! We arrived in London on Tuesday and went straight to the Katy Perry 3-D premiere! And we're not letting the gloomy weather here dampen o… Read more…

61 comments to “London, We Have Arrived!!!”

  1. BenMused says – reply to this


    What the actual eff?! You wore THAT to a premiere?!?! Look at those people behind you Perez, they are NOT laughing with you. They are laughing AT you. Katy Perry is probably embarrassed of you.

  2. 2

    You look really good Perez–Don't stand like picture 2 though

  3. Spence says – reply to this


    Did your mom take those pictures?

  4. LatteMamaUK says – reply to this


    Perez, I'm in London too, let's go for coffee! x

  5. R-G says – reply to this


    Looking good, Perez! Love the outfit, love the hair.

  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Talk about your 'D' - listers in Londontown…..Ewwwwwr ! London is gonna have a 'stink' about it for a month ….Just say'n ……

  7. 7

    Glad to see your hair plugs finally grew in. Looking a bit fake though.

  8. Kayak says – reply to this


    Looking pretty cute P, just try and be less obnoxious overall and self-righteous on ur blog (its not even u tho)

  9. 9

    o.k. i am in no way a prude but isn't the movie rated PG and doesn't katy perry have lots of little kids as fans? not so sure about that shirt being appropriate for a "part of me" premiere. just sayin.

  10. Leslie says – reply to this


    OMG, you look so much like Zac Efron. :)

  11. 11

    WOW, the second picture is sexy Perez, STUNNING!!!!! (Sarcasm) That girl's face behind your head says it all.

  12. 12

    I love how you think people care about you and your arrival, as if you are royalty. LOL

  13. 13

    Btw, you look high on something.

  14. 14

    More like… gotta show off those bones. If you McDonalds for an entire month, you'd like 500% better. You have a very sense of what looks good. You are in the same realm as Macaulay Culkin and Marc Anthony. See a doctor man

  15. 15

    you look amaze!!

  16. david says – reply to this


    even in london, you are F-UGLY!

    and those pink daisy duckes your sporting, only add to the F-UGLINESS.

    you need some humble pie and some reconstructive surgery on that lower, gape-ape jaw.

    im just sayin'!

    and for fucks sakes F-UGLY, we live in CANADA, not CANADIALAND, or whatever your missing-link IQ describes us as….

  17. Christopher says – reply to this


    You look great! And I LOVE the shirt :)

  18. 18

    That lady is laughing wondering who the hell this clown thinks he is?? Seriously Perez..you got rich and are able to go on these adventures of premiers because you are a bully. Bullying is what paid your way. Always remember that when you walk on your red carpets..

  19. 19

    You look great Perez! Ignore the rude jerks on this thread. The working out has paid off, be proud of yourself. I look forward to your posts from London.

  20. rararanging says – reply to this


    First of all, you look great. Second of all, haters need to lay off. While Perez may have made his name through misapplication of his wit, it is indeed possible for a person to evolve and grow. Third of all, have a blast in London!

  21. hdca18 says – reply to this


    you look amazing. great transformation, lots of hard work I know. I am doing it also, nearly at my goal :D

  22. 22

    UR lookin HAWT boyfriend!! : )

  23. 23

    I gott say, man o man, what the fuck is up with the Beach Blanket Bingo look ? All you need is a beachball and some Beach Boy music. You have arms like featherless wings…MAJOR ick

  24. 24

    Re: AttFinch – I was kinda thinking the same thing.

  25. Ramona Trom says – reply to this


    You looked so much better chubby and oooover the top. Good luck with the Regular Guy routine.

  26. head shaker says – reply to this


    Good Grief Perez, way to change the British perceptions that americans are sloppy loafs by wearing cut off sweats to an event!!! Idiot.

  27. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: canuckistani – oh, yeah looks great wearing that while children run around???? Ppl are sick!

  28. luis says – reply to this


    Mario dress proper… look how people behind u its making faces at your look.
    just corriente y mamarracho. get an upgrade men.

  29. 29

    Lookin' good Perez! I love a Cuban boy with blue eyes, one of the reasons I fell in love with my hubs! :)

  30. 30

    Looking good except the arms appear to be a little too thin.

  31. 31

    all i can say is needs tons more work

  32. RichardSimmonsLoveChil says – reply to this


    Are you Richard Simmons Long Lost Love Child or did you just raid his closest?

  33. 33

    wow Perez, this is the first time i've ever said this but you are looking HOTTTTTTTT! i still hate you though lol.

  34. 34

    You look GREAT, but that outfit….just NO! Disrespectful to wear it to a premiere. Check out the people behind you - they are either cracking up or giving you looks of disgust. Please show a bit more sophistication. You are a man in your 30s now!

  35. 35

    GURL…. bye.

  36. Victoria Franco says – reply to this


    Loving your singlet, i want one..any ideas where i can buy it.? x

  37. 37

    Hey Perez, Loving your singlet..! any ideas where i can purchase one from.? Very eye catching;)

  38. bliss says – reply to this


    your face looks good your outfit is rank blegh

  39. Jon says – reply to this


    Perez, you look awesome! You're really an inspiration with how far you've come!

  40. Jon says – reply to this


    Who cares if someone looks too thin or their arms "look too bony" or they "need more work." Whatever! Why can't he, or anyone else, just be told "you look good!" instead of being put down with little details like that? Half of you users are probably fat and sad. Ugh. Dumbasses.

  41. 41

    Your body is amazing.. like good for you and all, but you have no sense of style. You always rag on other people and how horrible they look at events like this, when in reality, everything that they wear has much more style than you have. How could you have a fashion site, when you don't even know how to dress yourself.

  42. 42

    OH EM GEE! believe it or not, El Kreepo, you're looking good! congratulations on whatever you had done… plastic surgery… photoshop… whatever… congrats!

  43. meh says – reply to this


    hahaha gotta love the woman in the background! not sure if she was mocking, or just really REALLY happy!? :)

  44. brie says – reply to this


    you look fucking amazing. your body looks AMAZING and your face looks great!

  45. Melanie says – reply to this


    you should come about 4 hours north to Harrogate, England. We live here and I look at PerezHilton.com at twice a day to get my fix!!!!

  46. rod says – reply to this


    i think the pic is very handsome….. dont know how i feel about the shorts though. i saw you leaving the train station in columbus circle not too long ago and these pics as handsome as may be dont do u justice. so i think i can forgive the shorts ;-)

  47. 47

    Showing off the arms?!?!? WHAT ARMS!!! LOL YOu have toothpick arms you fucking piece of narcissitic trash! Not to mention the typical rancid attire.And you have the sheer nerve to review red carpet ensembles…lol Deluded fucking pig

  48. 48

    Re: Melanie – Fix of what?? Daily fug Pigs of Perez or 4 day old gossip that all the other websites have already had and moved on from?

  49. 49

    And finally…LOL at the fake accounts saying how amazing Perez looks LOL..We know its you Piggy..You're not fooling anyone.

  50. 50

    Outfit courtesy of JCPedo. Looks like Londoners react the same way as Americans; point, laugh and avoid. What have you and Mommy got planned for the month? Visiting relatives at the London Zoo? Hideous manorexics get in for half price.

  51. Kara says – reply to this


    Welcome! How are you not cold in that outfit?? Don't worry, June had such terrible weather we are all certain July will be lovely! Any minute now!

  52. 52

    Do you have any respect for women at all? how about the kids that were there, your gay why aren't you wearing a picture of naked man, because women are here to be exploited even by gay guys. How pathetic.

  53. 53

    I wouldn't even wear that outfit to bed. :/

  54. 54

    You look fine, but your shirt is completely inappropriate to be wearing out in public in the middle of the day.

  55. Chev says – reply to this


    LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!! )(M)(

  56. 56

    Perez you look great!

  57. Inspiring says – reply to this


    I have a merkin and a strap on.

    And a dog called Gaga.

  58. jojoma says – reply to this


    You look great Perez but you need a stylist or something because what you're wearing is not only ugly … it's inappropriate!

  59. 59

    what the fuc are u wearing!!! yes i didnt get jet lag on the way to eur was only on home return but maybe thats just bored back home.. staying active seems to help uk always has gloomy weather is why the brits are whinging gloomy bastards.. are u working ur forearmsas well?

  60. eddie michael says – reply to this


    looking good mr. p body.

  61. 61

    Re: Jen120 – His hair looks like public hair.
    I bet your mommy took that picture and no one there even knew who you were. You look like a slob and your shirt is totally inappropriate for a premier that would have younger fans wanting to see Perry. As usual, you are crass, ignorant, and tacky. And those are your good qualities, loser.