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The Guys Who Made The Inbetweeners Are Making A Road Trip Movie

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he Inbetweeners

Fans of British comedy, rejoice!

Damon Beesley and Iain Morris — aka the chaps behind the cult classic UK sitcom aaand movie (and the future classic American TV show) The Inbetweeners — have just been given $15 million to make an American The Inbetweeners-style flick.

Like the UK movie, the American feature is about a group of high school boys that go on a trip and get into all kinds of raunchy and dangerous adventures.

Unlike the UK version, the American movie will not be called The Inbetweeners and it's gonna have a whole new set of characters and actors. So probs no one from the MTV version of the The Inbetweeners TV series will be involved with this new movie.


We've been waiting patiently for the MTV show to premiere, now we also have a movie to wait on.


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2 comments to “The Guys Who Made The Inbetweeners Are Making A Road Trip Movie”

  1. 1

    American versions of UK shows are always so bad

  2. tootiredtothinkofaname says – reply to this


    Can america please stop copying english and aussie tv shows and ruining them. They do well cos its OUR local style of humour. By adapting it to "american humour" it becomes just like any other sitcom but worse cos it doesnt make sense