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Tom Cruise Had A Very Merry Unbirthday

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What a party pooper.

A birthday is usually a cause for celebration, but not for Tom Cruise.

While Katie and Suri were having a blast at an ice cream parlor on the other side of the country, Tom turned half a century feeling down in the dumps at his was in Beverly Hills home.

An insider revealed:

"The plan was he was going to spend his birthday with Katie and Suri [in New York City]. Then they were going to fly to California where he is going to finish [filming] Oblivion and spend time there."

Those plans quickly changed after Katie filed for divorce last week, leaving Tom to celebrate the big 5-0 with his kids Connor and Isabella and members of his extended family.

Sounds like it was a real rager.

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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32 comments to “Tom Cruise Had A Very Merry Unbirthday”

  1. Sloan says – reply to this


    Why don't these liberal gay guys just come out?
    Oh, they are all mouth come a Presidential election, but they never mention that they are gay…
    I wonder why?
    What was holding Cooper Anderson back? Why did his brother commit suicide?

  2. 2

    Seeing as how you know nothing about what went on in the Cruise household in California, I think we can safely discard this item as one that's pretty much made up. You don't know how his birthday went or if he hated it … enjoyed it … you have NO idea. Asshole.

  3. 3

    Spending time with his kids and extended family sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday. Especially if you are going through a rough patch. Good for Tom for surrounding himself with people who truly love him.

  4. rachel says – reply to this


    Wow well Perez how the hell do you expect him to send a birthday? You've been posting so many hateful post about him no matter what he does. I think him spending time with family is exactly what he should be doing considering he's getting a divorce. How about you try having a heart. Its real fake of you to push your no hate stuff on people and they criticize people going through a hard time.

  5. Mktb says – reply to this


    Hahahaha, that's what you get for being a crazy, controlling religious person. Good for Katie + SURI.

  6. 6

    I like Tom's Jacket….

  7. 7

    he and revolta, need to have a nice loving spa weekend together, roMANtic candle lit dinner before going off to bed and exploring the feminin sides. Only question is,,,who's the girl tonight?

  8. 8

    Re: rachel – Go rachel … Perez is fake about Cruise because he's a phony bastard. All he does is hate, unless you agree with him and his ridiculous agenda. He and his suck-ups have one hell of a lot of nerve calling anyone else a "hater" considering how hypocritical they all are. Kudos to you for calling Perez on his hate and phoniness.

  9. 9

    says the guy who spends his every waking moment with his mum. Wtf is wrong with spending time with your family on your birthday? He turned 50, not 21.

  10. Jackie says – reply to this


    I try not to be mean, but Perez: "dumps at his was in Beverly Hills home". PROOFREADING IS NOT HARD!!!! gahh that drives me insane.

  11. jaded says – reply to this


    Canadian Tuxedo!

  12. beowulf says – reply to this



  13. 13

    Ahh, your never ending attack on things you know nothing about. It's quite ironic how people attack Scientology saying it's so bizarre, and yet they are probably members of a church or religion that is just as far fetched and out there. Ever read the bible? The stories that people believe are pretty much just as insane. Katie is not a victim, she knew exactly who Tom was when she married him, and she knew how he had raised his other children. I have no judgement about either of them, but the constant attack on Scientology and Tom only tells us about the people doing the attacking. Hypocritical and judgemental, not a very appealing combination

  14. 14

    tom the victim

  15. 15


  16. SaveSuri says – reply to this


    What, no bash on the Freewinds this year?

  17. misslesleigh says – reply to this


  18. 18

    I heard that with that cone and tongue, Katie/Kate's bottom parts couldn't handle any more Tommy head.

  19. misslesleigh says – reply to this


    [=6114011]Re: Omniscient Gal[/re] Re: Omniscient Gal – ever heard off something called free speech u disgust me,lubs perez why come on if u think he attacks celebs, its abit of gossip its life an life a bitch im living prove . LOVES PEREZ XXX

  20. MISSLESLEIGH says – reply to this


    omniscent gal a true dick

  21. MISSLESLEIGH says – reply to this


    Re: rachel – you a dick too

  22. Leah says – reply to this


    Only true dicks call other people dicks. People don't have to agree with you. Grow up.

  23. sarahday says – reply to this


    I'm kind of bored of these tom/katie stories now… Can we have something else?? God its almost as bad as when Kim Kardashians divorce happened. Honestly who cares if he spent his birthday at home with family. How is that news worthy? lol If I was going through a public divorce I don't think I'd be out dancing even if it was my birthday.

  24. Sweetie says – reply to this


    That is such b.s. He is trying to feed stories to the media to make it seem like Katie's divorce plans came out of the wild blue. I truly believe he and the CO$ very much miss having Suri around, after he is her loving father and she is a gold mine, but COME ON! Team Katie and Suri all the freaking way!!!!!

  25. 25

    dont start on tom like u started on russell tom is a cancerian they wait they are patient then one day POW.. i wouldnt mess with him if i was u…

  26. ThisEndUp says – reply to this


    Scientology is so fucked up. Lil Tom is gonna loose everything unless he Takes back control over his own life.

  27. ThisEndUp says – reply to this


    Re: light2you – Scientology is the worlds biggest con job. FIRST- tell us all your deepest darkest secrets- you know stuff one might use to hurt, humiliate or embarrass you. THEN - we promise you some amazing out of this world knowledge. Only its not free…..you have to pay for it!! We pilfer some useful and logical stuff to you at first to hook u in. But then after we take take take thousands of dollars from you in this scam and after you have invested so much of your own time effort and energy only to find out LRH was a loonatic and the amazing knowledge Scientology promised equates to nothing more then the biggest surprise ending to the blockbuster movie that is your life! You come to discover you paid all that money to find out Daffy Duck just played the biggest joke on you in the Universe, you've been had! Only by this time….after you've been alienated from family or friends who really care, and you feel like a complete idiot but you are too ashamed to admit you were really THAT stupid and gullible or too afraid to leave because they can now use all your secrets against you, you decide to just keep on pretending its not the Sci Fi Daffy Duck Con job that it really is. Your pride is in the way.

  28. 28

    Wow, I had no idea that this is the place where people come to DEFEND Tom Cruise! I wonder how many of these apologists remember how this CO$ wakaloon left Nicole Kidman…any guesses? He cheated and left WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT and she subsequently miscarried from all the grief. Anyone who pities Cruise at this point must have the IQ of a radish; as many people like to say nowadays, this is a little thing called "karma".

  29. ThisEndUp says – reply to this


    A birdie told me Tom is starting to feel used by Scientology, duh Ya think??
    He really loves Kate and Suri and is feeling the loss……with all its METHODS Scientology has given him a lot materially speaking, but they are robbing him of love and family. Tom has a lot of money and power……..Scientology BEWARE

  30. 30

    Re: ThisEndUp – All religion is stupid. It's for morons and cowards. Doesn't matter if it's Scientology, Hinduism or history's all time low Christianity. But by all means, if you want to believe in that junk go ahead.

  31. 31

    His 3rd divorce all before he turns 50 (or at least "pending divorce") is NOT a good look. I have heard credible rumors of his homogenital encounters for years. But recently, a good friend of mine, an indie New York publicist in the know, reassured me of his encounters. On the Kinsey scale, we all have a long range diversity of sexual desires. What we chose to act upon, may be different. So Tom doesn't necessarily have to identify himself as a member of the LGBT community. Fresh out of the sexual revolution, in the 70s, before the advent of the big "A" crisis, people were a lot more open to experimentation and exploration. That crisis did even more than possibly threatened to destroy a generation of gay men's lives. The crisis also forced the natural exploration of your sexuality back underground. Just like those who are against abortion who don't acknowledge that forcing medical surgeries into back alleys was and is dangerous, the denial of our sexual fluidity gave rise to the DL phenomenon, not only threatening the lives of the DL person but hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of unsuspecting women (especially ethnic women).

  32. 32

    kinda sick of hearing about tom ans katie…ppl get divorced all the time.
    it is, what it is.