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7 comments to “Alec Baldwin Is Still Tweeting!”

  1. say say says – reply to this


    this fat ego maniac needs to shut his ugly sour puss face…Typical man who thinks people actually are interested in his point of view…what an entitled douche bag…cannot stand him..

  2. 2

    Hey dumbass…he never stopped tweeting. He switched his account to his foundation account. Wow you are an idiot

  3. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    What I find really odd is that a bank, would want to use this lose cannon loser , as a spokesman
    You want your bank to be stable,solid,know what there doing
    not bouncing off the walls

  4. Kim says – reply to this


    Alec Baldwin's daughter appears to be an idiot, as well. She cannot write properly (her tweets are pathetic)…forget the homeschooling, dumbasses…educate this kid. He is such a grotesque turd and so is that chubby, flabby short yoga instructor golddigger he married. Ireland walks like a linebacker, with her big legs spread apart and stomping around in a very ungainly manner. Some of her tweets are very nasty. Anger issues like Daddy?

  5. Teddy Bear says – reply to this


    Alec Baldwin is so pathetic. Can't you just picture this paunchy oaf in soiled underwear frantically tweeting some nonsensical, raging rants with sweat pouring down his hideous, sagging face? Sneaking a big, fat, greasy cheeseburger while Hilaria (ugh) is off doing yoga or whatever the f she does! Her yoga is NOT working. She is stumpy with sausage arms. LOL

  6. 6

    owl vomit

  7. HappyCricket says – reply to this


    This guy is pathetic. WhoTF twats (LOL) in his mid fifties?? He states he wants his privacy yet goes around punching and verbally assualting people. Douchebag hypocrite belongs in jail in the pysch ward. He needs a good asskicking, people. Raging Ape. His new wifey golddigger looks like a monkey, and one of her eyes is cockeyed higher than the other. Wonder if he's attacked her yet…this is going to be one ugly divorce number 2. Sit back, Kim Basinger, and get some popcorn!!!!