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GLEE Season 4: Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

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We've had SO many Glee preseason spoilers this summer — it's like hemorrhaging glitter and haplessness!

BTW, if you don't want to know what's gonna happen next season WTF are yo doing? STOP READING NOW!

Now that all the weirdoes are gone…. LOL! We kid, we kid. You like the thrill of the unknown. We get it … sorta.

It's Gleek common knowledge that in season four Rachel is going to fancy-perfromace school in NYC, Kurt is starting a career in fashion with SJP, and Finn is going to join the Army and get super cut.

…. But what is happening with everyone else??

Well, we JUST got some of our BIGGEST Glee seasons four questions answered — and the revolutions are gonna make you sing!

Drumroll pleases….

Question #1: Is Santana going to NYC or will she take cheerleading scholarship at the University of Louisville?

According to Lea Michele who had a loooong chat with Ryan Murphy about next season's story arches, says:

"We're still not certain where exactly Santana is going to end up but she HAS the golden ticket to New York City. I really hope that it pans out because I think it would be so exciting to see Rachel get a knock on her door from Santana and just be like, 'Can we live together?' We'll have to see what happens."

A golden ticket to NYC?? That means she is DEF not going to school, or at least won't be there for long!

Santana, aka Naya Rivera, revealed that:

"If Santana goes to New York she absolutely would have a relationship with Rachel and they'd either be friends, enemies or frenemies — or all three."

So… Lea says she IS going to NYC and Naya says IF she goes she'll be in the Rachel story line. You do the math!!

Question #2: Is Brittana over?

Does Santana possibly going to NYC mean her relationship with repeat-senior Brittney (Heather) is donzo?? Naya says:

"Obviously she's not in high school anymore so there is separation there. I think that Brittany will always be Santana's first love. Whether or not they end up together, she'll always have a special place in her heart for Brittany. I don't think that they will ever not be in each other's lives."

That's hard break up talk for "We're over!" Tears!

Question #3: Who will be the new leader / star of New Directions??

Artie Kevin McHale seems to think it's him! He told reporters:

"Artie is one of the few seniors and I think he, Blaine [Darren Criss], Tina [Jenna Ushkowitz] and Brittney [Heather Morris] will have some stepping up to do to lead the new team. I'm excited to see him strive to be a leader."

Any good Gleek could have predicted most these answers, but it's fabulous to have it all confirmed! (We HATE being in the dark!)

We cannot wait to hear what else is in store for season 4!

Since ALL fifteen cast members have officially signed on to come back there is going to be plenty of singing and dancing and slushy-throwing to go around!

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10 comments to “GLEE Season 4: Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!”

  1. 1

    "Story arches"? Only at McDonald's.

  2. Finchel4everX says – reply to this


    There will b no slushie throwing as they r national champs! REMEMBER YOU WERE SUPPOSEDLY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    This show is SO HORRIBLE!! HOW is it still even on?!?

  4. jilllll says – reply to this


    Pezberry <3

  5. 5

    Pezberry !!!!!!!! I love their banter. If Santana goes to NY, I hope they do live together. I'm not a huge Rachel/Lea fan but I do love Naya/Lea's chemistry. Love Brittana: BUT, I think that some of the Brittana hardcore fans might want to "pigeon-cage" both actresses. I would love to see Santana having another love interest or playing the field for awhile.

  6. wiGLEEK says – reply to this


    I really hope Karofsky's character returns for season4. He was one of the first gay tv characters that wasn't a signature gay expected character. His performance and story line after season 3 part 2 brought tears to my eyes.
    It was that intense.

  7. WIgleek says – reply to this


    Re: wiGLEEK
    I think Kurt's portrayal of young gay man was great -but his environment of supporting friends, family, and faculty is a rarity. And for many of us it as fantastic as if we discovered we were some long lost boy wizard.
    A good percentage of GBLT struggle with self-acceptance, and are terrified of this self acceptance will kill them, that they would rather kill themselves. That it is easier to commit suicide then be rejected by family, friends, peers, teammates, church members, everyone. And the pain of that overwhelming fear was well portrayed by Max Alder, and it's a story I would like to see them focus on.

  8. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: NB3567 – if it sooo bad why are u on this page????

  9. ,amda says – reply to this


    if brittanna is over..i will never watch glee again

  10. midget says – reply to this


    i love this show when brittana broke up i cried my eyes out.
    also when santana found out that brittany and sam were dating NUTBUSH CITY BEST SONG BY SANTANA/NAYA