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Whoa! Guess Who Called Amber Heard A 'Man-Stealing Nobody!'

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amber heard manstealing nobody 2

The claws are out!! Meow!

While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are busy ridin' the trails of loversville, someone's sounding really pissed off about it.

According to a source, Vanessa Paradis is so upset with Amber, she's resorted to nasty name-calling!

The insider reveals:

"Vanessa's devastated that Johnny's dumped her. She blames Amber and calls her a man-stealing, two-bit nobody and has vowed to not let her anywhere near their children."


If our memory serves us though, didn't Johnny wait to begin showing his Amber affections after he and Nessa became estranged?

Something's missing here! And we wanna know what it is!!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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38 comments to “Whoa! Guess Who Called Amber Heard A 'Man-Stealing Nobody!'”

  1. annabear says – reply to this


    All these 'insiders' sure have a lot to say, eh perez?

  2. 2

    Oh please. If Amber Heard likes her men stinky, then she'll be the flavor of the month to Depp IF there's anything going on between them. He does bear some resemblance to Tasya Van Ree, though she looks much cleaner. I'm heterosexual, but if I had to choose between Van Ree and Depp, I'd be preparing to bat for the other team.

  3. JustExtreme says – reply to this


    she likes depp because he looks like a woman.

  4. Leslie says – reply to this


    Johnny Depp's PR female who has slept with him and still wants to is releasing all these stupid comments. She's just making Johnny look worse (if that's possible) than he actually is. He needs a new PR team.

  5. 5

    IF this is true - which is dubious - you can't 'steal a man'. If he is willing to look elsewhere, then there are serious problems in the relationship that have nothing to do with a third party.

  6. mandyfresh says – reply to this


    didnt vanessa paradis steal him from Kate Moss?

  7. 7

    I mean, she IS a man-stealing nobody. I have NO idea who she is except for being in a Johnny Depp movie. She probably was a lesbian just to get attention as well, since she clearly likes men. I am NOT a fan of hers.

  8. Aboveall says – reply to this


    Re: mandyfresh
    "didnt vanessa paradis steal him from Kate Moss?"

    But, all of this sounds like a bad "fanfiction" anyway

  9. Me says – reply to this


    How is Amber a "man-stealing" if the media are saying now, that Johnny and Vanessa broke up two years ago?

  10. 10

    I'm glad because Amber is a fucking nobody whore. I don't even know why you're posting about that attention whore here.

  11. Sophie says – reply to this


    Re: Me

    1 - The movie was filmed in 2009
    2 - I do not know if they were actually separated in 2010, has various pictures of the kissing on the yacht,em agosto de 2011. See youtube.

  12. 12

    This is Angelina, Brad and Jen all over again.

  13. Sohie says – reply to this


    Re: gossipgirl180

    But this was a relationship of 14 years with two children.

  14. bob says – reply to this


    I don't think Amber and Johnny are together anymore and Vanessa broke off with Depp 2 years ago. Vanessa is in a serious relationship with a musician in france that she was cheating with before she broke with depp. Yep Vanessa treated him like a piece of trash, now she's getting many millions out of him when she makes her own money. I hope he finds a nice person to be with and gets to be with his kids. Vanessa is laughing at all these rumors and Johnny gets to stop lying and live honesly. All of this comes from better sources.

  15. 15

    she's just jealous that she got dumped and he moved on to a MUCH hotter piece of ass. I'd kill to be with Amber Heard. HOTTTTT!

  16. Gal says – reply to this


    Depp PR staff STOP with the lies !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17

    When did she start dating men? I thought she was a lesbian?

  18. 18

    Shouldn't piss off the old, French, toothless hag!

  19. ItalyGal says – reply to this


    "The insider reveals:" So it's true HAHAHA ¬¬
    Johnny Depp & Amber Heard ??? That is just creepy!!!!! He looks like he could be her father …ugh!!
    No offence but I think he's having a midlife crisis.

  20. Lainey Up says – reply to this


    Since the news that Johnny and Vanessa broke up Lainey says that the US Weekly owner is a very good friend of Johnnys.And she pointed out how unclassy it was for Johnny allow the mother of his children to be thrown under the bus like this.

  21. 21

    Re: ItalyGal – All Hollywood male actors have midlife crisis no matter what age they are ;)

  22. MD says – reply to this


    Re: Annie0415
    That's like saying that male actors is spoiled.
    Because midlife crisis is uncoolness and bored.

  23. entertain me says – reply to this


    Johnny depp and amber heard? Wha….? I thought she was batting for the same team (if you what I mean). Oh well, if all these rumors are true, either Johnny has some mad bedroom skills or someone is only looking out for the bens of her career.

  24. 24

    Re: bob – Yesiree Bob! I’d say Karma just bit her French derriere! See 3-19-2000 Brit news: “When it was reported that Vanessa had 'stolen' Johnny from his girlfriend of 4 yrs [Kate Moss], causing the supermodel to check herself into London's exclusive Priory Clinic suffering from stress & anxiety, Paradis…angered Moss's supporters, who branded her a scarlet woman and a brazen traitor to her sex. Within 3 mos of meeting Johnny, Vanessa was pregnant. Asked if she feels guilty about Moss, Paradis looks down quickly & says: 'Next question please'…I want a lot of kids. I can tell you honestly I would give up the career for a family. Definitely.” Thing is, she didn’t give up her career. Since 2000, she’s made at least 11 films, 6 CDs, modeled, given many concerts & named French Female Entertainer of the Year. Don’t miss her nude pics in the May 2012 Obsession. Maybe J doesn’t want his kids around her rumored French bfs: the musician, the jobless hobo drifter, or her Heartbreaker film costar.

  25. 25

    Perez, unlike Lainey-who-thinks-with-her-own-middle-aged-hormones, is correct that any hookup btwn Johnny & Amber happened AFTER the "secret" separation:

    Rum Diary film director Bruce Robinson: "When some of the cast went out to blow off steam after a day of shooting, she would disappear. And at the end of filming, says Robinson, "I remember Johnny and I saying, 'Jesus, where's Amber?'" What young actress passes up drinks with a film god like Johnny Depp? One who prefers to make an impression on the job, not off it. But also, one who was in a serious relationship at the time. With a woman."

  26. sarah says – reply to this


    amber is bi she like men and women

  27. hmmmm........ooooook says – reply to this


    A friend of mines lives out in moab Utah where johnny's at filming the long ranger managed to meet him on the set, after she befriended one of the security gaurds. She (claims) to have asked johnny if the rumors of him and amber are true and she said his exact words were, "amber is just a good friend who's being there for me right now. Nothing more, she's already with someone. I'm not involved with anyone right now, I'm too busy working."

  28. US says – reply to this


    @hmmmm …….. ooooook
    A friend of my friend said .. this is a credible source. Really?

    I don't know why the media is always trying to convince me that he is the most handsome man on the planet. He was handsome twenty years ago- now he just looks creepy middle aged man.

  29. 29

    lost all respect for Depp

  30. karojen says – reply to this


    49 is not old, unless you are twenty something and have the hots for Channing Tatum or something. Depp looks great and has a classic bone structure that will keep him handsome for his entire life. He has been sloppy and is partying too much. Maybe now that he is free, and once he has his kids regularly, he'll clean up his act again.

  31. karojen says – reply to this


    Re: lala44 – Based on what? He is the injured party and he has been a gentleman through it all. He's a great father and seems to be a generous and givng man.

  32. 32

    Re: hmmmm……..ooooook – HAHAHAHA BULLLSHITTTTTTT. thats the dumbest thing anyone on this site has ever claimed

  33. Taty says – reply to this


    To all of the people that don't know of Amber Heard, stop calling her a nobody. She is in a lot of films, has participated in LGBT related events. Over all, she's a good person and in multiple interviews, she's said that she doesn't like to label herself, that she's been in several successful relationships with men but then she fell in love with Tasya van Ree.

  34. James says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492 – Yeah that logic of yours makes a lot of sense. Not!

  35. James says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Because dumb shits like you continue to read about her? All in all, I think yall are idiots for giving them more attention and a career. Youd think you would limit the attention to the people you claim to hate. Idiot.

  36. Linds says – reply to this


    To all the chicks saying they have "lost respect for him"….why? Oh, I know why, cause you're most likely older than amber…and bitter. Maybe it hits home. Broads seem to make the mistake of losing their spark with age (especially after kids). Maybe his ex was a complete drag to be around after a while…who knows, who cares.

  37. Razzberry says – reply to this


    Does she have her car door against the other vehicle? Don't you just hate that when people bang their car door against your car…leaves the paint chipped or even a small dent. Uh!

  38. 38

    Re: Razzberry – LOL very funny observation!!