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The Miami Cannibalism Mystery Continues!

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rudy eugene bath salts miami

As more and more horrible stories about the dangerous and violent side effects of bath salts keep popping up, we're learning more about just how potent and manipulative this drug can be.

While toxicology reports only detected marijuana in Rudy Eugene's lifeless body, we know it's HIGHly unlikely for weed to induce cannibalism cravings.

Many believe today's tests just aren't sophisticated enough to detect certain synthetic drugs like bath salts.

As Dr. Bruce Goldberger puts it:

"The problem today is that there is an almost an infinite number of chemical substances out there that can trigger unusual behavior. There are many of these synthetic drugs that we currently don't have the methodology to test on, and that is not the fault of the toxicology lab. The challenge today for the toxicology lab is to stay on top of these new chemicals and develop methodologies for them, but it's very difficult and very expensive. There is no one test or combination of tests that can detect every possible substance out there."

So, basically… until enough funding and research can come together to produce advanced testing, we're all remaining ignorant when it comes to the real cause of Rudy's frenzy.

While it's true that marijuana can enhance symptoms in users suffering a mental disorder, we can only speculate on his mental stability.

Ick! Ick! Ick! We're just glad the victim is recovering as well as he can!

One of his old classmates, David Ehrenstein, remembers Ronald Poppo like this:

"He was a very bright, funny kid — always making jokes and puns and things like that. He was a very lively guy. He was also very short — shorter than the rest of us. We weren’t close friends, but everyone knew him. We always called him Poppo. No one ever called him by his first name. He was extremely academic and very smart. And somewhere along the way, his life fell apart and went off the rails."

Wow… we hope he makes a full recovery… or can at least chill in the comfort of AC at the hospital for the rest of his life! Ha!

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6 comments to “The Miami Cannibalism Mystery Continues!”

  1. 1

    He can be in the hospital for the rest of his life and enjoy A/c, ha? That's a really tasteless thing to "ha" at. Let's tear your face off and see how grateful you are to be in a hostipal with a/c for the rest of your life.

  2. manny says – reply to this


    instead of the goverment wasting our taxes on the war on "Drugs" i.e. mary jane, they should be putting money towards these kind of drugs and stopping them from easy access. Its simple, yet they can't seem to figure it out. Or they know, they just don't care.

  3. Jessica says – reply to this


    Have you not actually read anything about this case? They medical examiners concluded there were no bath salts in his system. You are propagating false and sensational information. Just traces of marijuana were found. But that he hadn't been using in days. He had a history of violence.

  4. jinx says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – Read the entire post before you talk shit STUPID GIRL

  5. 5

    Ha???? YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE. You think you're enlightened but you always show us your true colors.

  6. kriby35 says – reply to this


    these bath salts are detectable in drug test, why do you think people do that crap???