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Vanessa Paradis 'Resented' Johnny Depp!

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johnny depp vanessa paradis resentment

Oh shizz! The claws are coming out now!

According to some, Vanessa Paradis grew very jealous of Johnny Depp's fame and success.

While he was busy earning god-status on screen, her singing career was taking the back-seat for him.

Or at least that's how sources say she saw it…

Apparently Vanessa began feeling very resentful, thinking she was giving up everything to be with Johnny… as he was spending more and more time on set.

We hear they had "blazing fights," as Vanessa quickly began taking her frustrations out on him… yikes!

(That'll send a man running, that's for sure!)

We're not sure what's true here, but this isn't the first report we've heard of Vanessa's supposed emotional outbursts. We just hope everything can calm down for the kiddies!

[Image via Jody Cortes/WENN.]

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23 comments to “Vanessa Paradis 'Resented' Johnny Depp!”

  1. 1

    Nothing worse than an old French chick with bad teeth. Run Johnny, run!

  2. 2

    My understanding is that she didn't resent anything, until they moved to the US. Over here, she's a nobody and people aren't interested in her at all. She has a terrible attitude and isn't a very nice person and people here don't kiss her ass. In France, she and her family are a big deal, more so than Johnny is over there. In France, she got all the attention and was basically treated like royalty. Guess she couldn't cope with a dose of reality, that outside of France, no one gives a crap about who she is. It's also common knowledge that he was spending more and more time on set, because she was constantly on him to make even more money. She comes from a very wealthy family, looks like money is everything to her.

  3. 3

    When you get together with Johnny Depp, you gotta know what to expect…

  4. Kate says – reply to this


    It seems that the staff PR Depp is working hard today.

  5. Lety says – reply to this


    Since the news that Johnny and Vanessa broke up, Lainey has been saying that Johnny is tight with Us Weekly's publisher, Jann Wenner.That's why they've taken his side and have made him look good.And she pointed out how unclassy it was for Johnny allow the mother of his children to be thrown under the bus like this.

  6. pnutbutternjenny says – reply to this


    Wait….Vanessa Paradis is a singer?!

  7. 7

    Ok, it seems clear that, as mentioned before, Johnny Depp's PR machine is busy making Vanessa look like a bitter bitch which makes it okay he cheated on the mother of his kids for a C-list bi chick but, this is really getting pathetic. Vanessa Paradis is a very respected singer and actress in french-speaking world. She put most of her career on hold to take care of the kids and just as she starts being in movies again (better than his recent movies, may I add), and working in music, it all goes to hell? Sounds like HE is the resentful one. The more the PR tries to tarnish Paradis, the more points he'll lose. They should be careful with this tactic.

  8. bobo99 says – reply to this


    reprint pretty boys press release why don't you

  9. Miral says – reply to this


    Well, Vanessa didn't work for more than seven years since she began her relationship with Johnny…so I can understand her point!!

  10. 10

    Maybe it's not the fact that he's successful, maybe it's him being too busy to spend any time with his wife and children. Would have caused same issues if he was delivering pizza day and night. His affair with Amber was going on for a very long time now.

  11. MADV says – reply to this


    According to the article US…

    "According to a source" - Really? What source.
    "According to a friend" - Must not be a friend to be blabbing to the newpaper.
    There is no source and there is no friend, just magazines making up stuff because it sell magazines.

  12. whini-whini says – reply to this


    Old story!! "People Magazine" in their infamous cover/ and unexpected announcement of the split in january, attributed a major influence in the breakup of the couple to Vanessa's frustrations because she had to put her career on hold "while he became Jack Sparrow"

  13. lola1989 says – reply to this


    If my husband was cheating on me I'd be pretty resentful too.

  14. vs says – reply to this


    Frankly after years of smashing hotel rooms, the whole Viper's Room drug circulation tragedy ending with its epic conclusion : the death of River Phoenix and the dissappear ane of a socio who till this day was never found to further the investigations about the Viper's Rom, JD for me is and will always be one of the shady Hollywood actor along the type of Mel Gibson who for some weird reasons has benefitted for years some kind of a new virginity and tolerance despite all his bordeline criminal past skeletons.

    His PR campaign to manage the breakup is juvenile and pittbull like and reminds me how shady, irresponsible, agressive and douche he was and never stopped being.

    He just succeeded in putting this side of him undercovered all these years with Vanessa but his natural juvenile agressive and destructive self is coming back in full force.

    The only difference is that now he is a man of middle age!

  15. teenybits says – reply to this


    Re: mswilde – You hit the nail on the head! That is the truth if anyone has ever said it!

  16. 16

    Re: KateRe: mswilde – How come, if a tabloid says the opposite stating that the male became resentful everyone believes it. Or when two people get divorced you have idiots saying "he probably had a bruised ego because she was the bread winner" but when its reversed you instantly take the side of the female again? AMBER HEARD IS A LESBIAN. She did not come out as "bi" she came out as a LESBIAN and dated a girl for a couple years. I love how women can do no wrong. It's always the males fault. yada yada yada. Women are just as shitty if not more shitty than men. Maybe men would start taking women a tad bit more serious if you peeps can eventually admit it.

  17. JOJO says – reply to this


    Re: MADV – I agree!!

  18. JOJO says – reply to this


    Why do people believe everything they read? Nobody knows anything except the people involved!! You do know they write this so they can sale magazines!!!

  19. Leslie says – reply to this


    Just because she has chosen to keep her success in France, does not make her unsuccessful. During the time they were together, she's worked on 12 movies, the Bliss album, the Divinidylle album, a couple of tours, had a few live albums and done charity concerts as well. She's also been a model for Chanel. She has the French equivalent of an Oscar, plus many other awards. She's an icon in France. You think just because a person's success is not in America, that they aren't successful. Do your homework.

  20. jane says – reply to this


    i have always admired vanessa paradis—–what johnny did to her was a shame—if it wasnt for her constant support i doubt johnny would have made all the fine movies he did WHEN HE WAS WITH HER !!!!! i noticed a BIG drop in his movie in his movie career since all thier problems began—i WAS a huge johnny depp fan but ever since rum diary, dark shadows, ( a BOMB) and now you look at the pics of tonto—-see ya later, johnny !!!!!!

  21. French Girl in Seattle says – reply to this


    Re: CaliCoyote – Old French chick is ten years younger than Johnny Depp. Just sayin'… Re: MiralRe: pnutbutternjenny – A singer, actress, top model for Chanel, an icon in her native land where her career started when she was just 14; oh and a devoted mother, too! There is no doubt JD is a bigger star on the international scene, but Vanessa is a force to be reckoned with in European show biz.

  22. French Girl in Seattle says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – Well informed comment, Leslie. I am French and have always respected Vanessa's eclectic and enduring career. Too bad they split up, but they will both be ok, financially and otherwise.

  23. Domi says – reply to this


    Still doesn't give him the right to cheat on Vanessa with Amber Heard, it's pretty obvious they slept together while Johnny was still with Vanessa. I thought maybe Johnny was a different kind of man, but no, middle-age crisis struck and he has to find himself a 26 year old model. (But doesn't change a fact that he is an amazing actor). Like Vanessa Paradis herself said, "Amber Heard is a man-stealing nobody", I think.