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Charming Channing Tatum HATES His 'Diva' Magic Mike Co-Star!

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channing tatum alex pettyfer magic mike fights

Oh goodness! Were there sword fights on set?? ;)

Apparently something like it…

Sources (seemingly from the set of Magic Mike) are coming forward now, dishing on the nasty dirt of Channing Tatum Vs. Alex Pettyfer!!

According to them:

"Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no reason. He thinks he's the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey. They had massive fights on set. He hates Alex. Channing thought Alex was a diva on set."

Oh gawd! Diva behavior? Really?? Bleh…

We love our Prince Charming!! We just couldn't bare the thought of our sweet Channing fighting off camera. It would break our heart

ANYWAY!! Regardless of their supposed hissy-fits, they were both SUPERB in the Steven Soderbergh jewel. Don't ya think???

[Image via Nikki Nelson/Brian To/WENN.]

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31 comments to “Charming Channing Tatum HATES His 'Diva' Magic Mike Co-Star!”

  1. 1

    Wasn't he the one who was going out with Diana Agron and got kinda psycho when they brokeup?

  2. 2

    I have never heard a story where people say nice things about Pettyfer. If he is consistently having people say he is awful it must be true.

  3. shenanyginz says – reply to this


    I mean, hasn't Alex been known for being a jerk?

  4. 4

    channing is a butterface

  5. 5

    is this a surprise? the guy is a known douchebag..

  6. Kamcy says – reply to this


    Alex Pettyfer was miscast for the role in Magic Mike. Alex came off as a total blah. When anyone entered a scene he was in and I mean anyone, they tooke your attention and kept it. He was that bland. Let us hope he vanishes as quickly as he appeared. Channing has IT.

  7. 7

    @rosebud99 Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Alex is a known c/unt.

  8. demode says – reply to this


    I call bull on this one. Probably just made up drama to attract the gay fans… lol

  9. Tahoe says – reply to this


    I know someone who worked on the MM set and this did not happen. It's a lie.

  10. JeffreyJamesLippold says – reply to this


    LOL…..Alex was the Star of the show. But Matthew Mconaughey stole the show from both of the models, and gave them an ass whipping lesson on what a "Real Actor" is all about!

  11. 11

    LOL, two models in a b*tch fight, love it! Seriously, the real actor Matthew Mconaughey, stole the show and gave both these models a smackdown on what a real actor does.

  12. 12

    Re: Kamcy – I agree with you about Alex, I also heard that Channing has it, but luckily I think he took pennicllin for it, and should go away in about a week or two.

  13. L says – reply to this


    Ive read from tv.com that Channing Tatum has known Alex Pettyfer since wayyy back because the families are so close that they spend almost every major holiday together. I thought that was maybe why he was cast in the role seeing as there were countless other options.

  14. 14

    Bogus story. As usual.

  15. 15

    Haven't we know for a while that Perryfer is an a**hole?

  16. 16

    you hate the blonde boy and will do anything to destroy his carreer, hm, El Kreepo??? well, fuck you!

  17. Jess says – reply to this


    I believe it. Alex is known for his behavior and he wasn't part of any group interviews. He was curiously absent from entertainment weekly interview where each of the guys had there own cover

  18. Jumperchu is a fool says – reply to this


    Re: Jumperchu – your a dumbass. Channing was a model u idiot.

  19. 19

    Well… This isn't exactly the first "Alex Pettyfer is a douche"-story we've heard, so I definitely think there's some truth behind it. But– this one just might be a vicious rumor, we don't know.

  20. 20

    Re: demodeRe: overthere – You are aware, that literally every single person he has worked with on every single movie he has done had negative things to say about him right? Hardly what I'd call bogus.

  21. gwen says – reply to this


    makes sense.. i was wondering why there was a story that all of the guys checked out strip clubs together to learn the role and alex pettyfer was left and a couple days later checked it out himself

  22. 22

    This absolutely did NOT happen. I know someone who worked on the set; there was no fighting. Don't let the tabloids turn this into a vendetta against Alex again. He's always so sweet in interviews and has nothing but great things to say about his co-workers. Don't buy into this.

  23. Ana says – reply to this


    Somehow, I'm not sure this is true. They also had Kevin Nash on the set. The dude was in wrestling for a long time…and they usually don't tolerate things like diva behavior at all. I honestly doubt Kevin wouldn't do anything about a bitchy co-star who was annoying everybody.

  24. 24

    remember that box office hit that Pettyfer headlined on his own? Oh that's right, it hasn't happened. Time to check your ego, son … you're on your way out.

  25. 25

    hello matthew mconaghy is the biggest star in this movie.. these other two channing just hitting the lime light hard now and alex has been in movies for years but mostly scifi or kids movies.. check egos and juggling jewels at the door boys and let matt threw..

  26. 26

    This could explain why their chemistry seemed way off. Funny thing is I am not surprised.

  27. Nina Fred says – reply to this


    I don't care what people say, these 2 hotties are fine looking

    I wanna be in between a sword fight,between these two, in an intense
    DP … :-) YES

  28. trinameow7795 says – reply to this


    poor pettyfer. i am a fan. im not gonna let gossip keep me from being a big fan of him :) hes hot and so he had a rough patch? its ok. we all have. this is just silly journalism.

  29. trinameow7795 says – reply to this


    Re: Michele700 – I completely agree with you! Give the hotty a break!! gosssip gossip gossip…

  30. Gigi says – reply to this


    Re: JeffreyJamesLippold – LOL! The Gays are far more discerning than that. we wouldn't fall for someone BECAUSE he was being a jerk to everyone. C'mon!

  31. lucina says – reply to this


    Please no cursing!Re: Alexima