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Not Everyone Likes DJ Paris Hilton! Gets Slammed In New Diss Track!

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Talk about a bad review!

Guess not everyone is feeling Paris Hilton's new turn as DJ, after she made her official mixing debut at the Sao Paulo Pop Music Festival in June, including NY electronic music DJ Jane Bang, who has just released a new track which directly slams the heiress for her less-than-impressive skillz!

Give a listen to a clip of Put Your Hands Up For the DJs (above)!


That's a pretty serious burn!

Cut her some slack! It was her first performance!

What do U think?? Does Paris have potential or was this diss deserved??

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20 comments to “Not Everyone Likes DJ Paris Hilton! Gets Slammed In New Diss Track!”

  1. 1

    Paris' performance was crap, but no one deserves to be so tastelessly attacked like this. This is just plain mean.

  2. jenniu says – reply to this


    DESERVED! she makes everything into one big joke by jumping on the band wagon.

  3. 3

    Paris' thing was bad but so was this… really bad if you are going to try and call someone out in a song for being bad at something make sure yours is good.

  4. Magda says – reply to this


    Jane should not even mention Paris. Jane is a coke addict who continues to get back together with her girlfriend.

  5. 5

    how come ONLY dj's are dissing her? Not her audience? it's like rappers dissing other rappers so they get more gigs. It's just stupid and petty. djing is stupid anyway

  6. 6

    She does deserve this! I've seen djs put their heart & soul as well as their blood, sweat & tears into their djing career. And for her to come in & get a full house without starting from scratch like just about every other dj is an insult to those who truly strive to be a dj. I hope more insults start to trickle in.

  7. 7

    Worst song ever! Practice what you preach. DJ whatsherface should quit. She's not even a DJ. I'd rather listen to Rebecca Black's song

  8. 8

    Paris should stick to what she is best known for - PORN.

  9. 9

    This "diss" track is horrible.. Paris may not be the most talented, but this other white girl aint shit

  10. Strobe says – reply to this


    Did this a few months ago, but added a verse about Paris to make it more relevant:


  11. Boooojie says – reply to this


    Who cares either way? Paris Hilton hasn't been Relevant since the Simple Life back in like 2000! I love Nicole Richie… she grew up, got married, has beautiful children, and will have a normal fulfilled life…. Paris Hilton is still trying to hold onto the past and trying to be young….. it's really Sad! LOL

  12. joana says – reply to this


    jane who????lololol funny how she's using paris fame so people talk about her…paris should make a song about being dissed in the worst song ever lololol

  13. DJs are not artists says – reply to this


    The reason only other DJ's are attacking her is because DJing is so easy anyone can do it. Getting one song sped up to match the speed of another song, OMG wow so difficult. Promoters book DJs based on how many people they draw. Paris will bring more people through the door than most DJ's could dream of. So what if she's not as good? She's making the promoter money and playing what the average person wants to hear.

    DJs are just worried she's taking their job. Why shouldn't she? Unless the DJ is a celeb themselves or are producing, they are entirely redundant.

    I bet most of those DJ's talking crap would have cleared the dance floor of the club Paris was playing, what with their super-obscure unreleased exclusives or dubstep crap. Nobody cares!

  14. 14

    Wooow, anyone saying only Djs are insulting her clearly haven't done their research? And if you were a Dj and putting your heart and soul into something, for someone like her to just come in and shit on everything and still make money, of COURSE you're going to be so pissed you're going to vent about it (and it just so happens that a Dj's way of venting is making a song about it, JEE WHAT A SHOCKER, CLEARLY IT WAS FOR PARIS'S FAME TO GARNISH ATTENTION TO THE SONG… Retards. If Paris came in and shat all over something you spent your life on, and even though she was terrible about it, you'd be all over that.
    Anyone who thinks Djing is easy should go and try it themselves. If it's soo easy, why did Paris suck so much? I mean, if it REALLY only takes one brain cell to operate… You try it? Oh the hypocrisy… There's a good reason why some are considered good, and others bad. Not for the popularity, you derps.

  15. DJs are not artists says – reply to this


    LOL at Sentry. I love how "DJ's" like you get so defensive when people with actual brains like us can see through the smoke and mirrors of what DJ-ing actually is. If you give Paris another month, I guarantee she will learn how to mix and select tracks…Just like EVERYONE else who has DJ'd for any period of time.

    You're obviously getting your panties in a bunch because your career as a DJ is in jeopardy. Get over yourself. You play other people's music. You're IRRELEVANT. Look at any EDM scene in any city and it's a guarantee every single one is flooded with hundreds of DJ's who are "good at it". But who are the ones who get booked? The ones who make the promoters money. You don't like it? Then get the fuck out of the industry and go find a desk job. Like Biggie used to say: "Don't be mad, UPS is hiring"

    The fact that people like you have to argue so vehemently about how your craft takes "talent" and "dedication" only further reinforces how much of a joke it is. If someone made fun of a doctor, scientist, engineer, or a similar profession that is equally as respected, you wouldn't see those people fly off the handle at someone who criticized it. Because obviously they have actual TALENT and their future careers will always be SECURE. But DJ's come a dime a dozen, and the sooner you come to admit that, the sooner we can start focusing our attention on the people in our society who actually do make a difference.

  16. 16


  17. Aristedes DuVal says – reply to this


    Let's face it ,most DJ's are incredibly over-rated morons who absolutely SUCK! DJ Culture is a n incredibly overpaid JOKE on the stupid kids who actually buy tix to these God-Awful Raves. DJ's don't do very much of anything original & THEY DON'T CREATE REAL MUSIC! DJ's make TONS of $$$ for NOTHING! Paris probably has more REAL talent than 99% of slimy DJ's.

  18. Aristedes DuVal says – reply to this


    Re: DJs are not artists – TOTALLY AGREE most aren't- U hit the nail on the head!

  19. Aristedes DuVal says – reply to this


    Re: jenniu – so don't u ever try anything new- u won't b accepted -idiot. & i could care less about phony DJ's. They make me sick.

  20. Aristedes DuVal says – reply to this