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Infamous Murderer Scott Peterson Is Appealing His Death Sentence

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Scott Peterson death sentence appeal

Before the American public was polarized by George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony and Joran Van Der Sloot, it was praying for Scott Peterson to receive the death penalty.

America got its wish too. He was convicted for the murder of his pregnant wife Laci and unborn son Connor in 2005 and sentenced to death.

Now Scott and his lawyer aren't too sure he got a fair trial and want to appeal the decision. In a 423-page court document filed on Thursday, the convicted murderer's lawyer argues that there were all sorts of things wrong with that trial.

Not only are they saying that the investigators never proved "how, where or when" the murder actually occurred, but they insist the jury was tainted, as the document explains:

"Before hearing even a single witness, nearly half of all prospective jurors admitted they had already decided Mr. Peterson was guilty of capital murder."

No matter what, Scott Peterson will be waiting with the rest of the 725 inmates on death row for a long time.

Due to lawsuits in federal and state courts, the state of California hasn't executed a convict since the beginning of 2006. To this day, he still maintains his innocence in the case.

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19 comments to “Infamous Murderer Scott Peterson Is Appealing His Death Sentence”

  1. 1

    That would have been one beautiful family. SICK F*CK! I don't belive in killing them though. Let him rot in there forever and let God have the last laugh.

  2. 2

    Death to Scott Peterson!!! I say that lethal injection is too tame for him. He needs to be anchored down and thrown into the river like his wife and unborn child. SICKO!!!

  3. 3

    I don't believe this picture is going to help his appeal much.

  4. 4

    Geez! I know he's the scum of the earth and all. But ummm he's kind of hot!!!

  5. 5

    is this ass hat SMILING??

  6. 6

    Re: trinigirl123Re: tiffani87Re: XxSandyizmxX – I agree with all of you. I am no big fan of the death penalty, but I am not going to cry in my pillow either the day they stick the needle in this waste's arm! The only reason I don't oppose the death penalty even more is because a lot of these scumbags want mercy and feel the need to live a long life in prison. Why, I don't know?! Who would want to live sixty, seventy years behind bars in the hell that is maximum security prison? I would just prefer to be put out of my misery!

  7. 7

    Too bad the State of California cannot buy Ol' Sparky from Florida, maybe we would get lucky and it would malfunction again like in the movie Green Mile. This guy is scum and I followed the trial closely and thought the evidence was quite clear cut.

  8. 8

    Wouldn't it be something if he really is innocent? That doesn't stop me from supporting quick and swift executions, but mistakes have been made and it would be wildly funny to me if this were one of them… only because EVERYONE was and is so sure he did it.

  9. 9

    that is totally true! they never proved he did it! but that's how it is in America, without proved, but only witn public "opinion", someone can get sentenced to death.

  10. danicalifornia says – reply to this


    You Americans with your death penalty…it's like living in middle age ha?!
    He should rot in prison and think every day of what he has done…that's the worst punishment!!

  11. 11

    What a psycho-looking fuck…

  12. 12

    Certain "Americans with our death penalty" understand that it costs tax dollars to keep people like this alive in prison. Breathing is a luxury that some murderers just don't deserve. Remember that everyone is going to die and ultimately his crime is too great and his life is too insignificant to worry about keeping his heart beating for another day. That may be cruel, but he didn't seem to care much about the value of life while killing his wife and unborn child.

  13. 13

    Re: trinigirl123Re: danicalifornia – You are aware this country is in really bad shape economically riiiiight? You are aware that it cost about 35,000 a year to house a single inmate in prison? What would be the point in paying to keep someone behind bars the rest of their life. It's literally a waste of money. Give them 2 years solitary confinement and then kill them. Most logical choice. You're both idiots

  14. A says – reply to this


    I don't think he should be put to death because that would be too kind, but on the other hand, life is a luxury that he seems to think he still has the right to. Money is wasted on this lowlife that could be otherwise spent in better places. I suppose judgement is not for us anyhow.

  15. Jessica says – reply to this


    I agree the death sentence is the most appropriate punishment for what this diabolical low-life did to his wife and son. Although the cost of killing an inmate is way more expensive than keeping him/her alive in the prison system, criminals like this one deserve to be eliminated from society. I think the lethal injection is quite merciful, actually. Murderers and child abusers should be executed in the worst of ways.

  16. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Sexy man for a murderer.

  17. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: Alexima – The circumstantial evidence more then proved he did it. Same with Casey Anthony. The circumstantial evidence more then proved she did it. They're both socialpaths and will never admit it. Lucky Scott will never be free to kill again. Casey will probably kill again though.

  18. kella says – reply to this


    absolutley disgusts me t open my paper today and read this headline. I live in Modesto Ca. and my daughter was pregant the same time laci went missing. I woke up the day after christmas and walked door to door passing out fliers in hopes of her being found. God rest her soul and keep her and Connor in his loving care. Scott Peterson can rot in that cell. I hope he is haunted everyight by his surroundings and i hope that his appeal never happens. He doesnt deserve to ever have freedom….EVER!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    Why haven't we stopped this POS from breathing air yet????