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Ukraine's Horrifying 'Gay Gag Rule' Has Been Defeated…For Now

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Ukraine gay gag rule defeated

It's absolutely terrifying that this legislation was even being CONSIDERED, but thankfully, the people of Ukraine and other European countries have stood up to defeat it.

The Ukrainian parliament was scheduled to vote on a new law on Friday which would make it illegal to "spread homosexuality" by "holding meetings, parades, actions, demonstrations and mass events aiming at intentional distribution of any positive information about homosexuality." Ukrainian citizens who broke the proposed law would be facing up to five years in prison for freely expressing any positive opinion about homosexuality through ANY medium.

Scary, right?

Although this exposed the frightening homophobia that is still felt around the globe, it gives us hope to hear that other foreign governments actively denounced the law, while thousands of people signed a petition against it.

On top of Ireland, Argentina, and the European Parliament speaking out against the oppressive law, AllOut.org delivered 120,000 signatures to Ukrainian authorities at the European Union and Council of Europe. Andre Banks, co-founder of the human rights organization, commented on the results of everyone's hard work by saying:

"More than 120,000 All Out members spoke out against this horrendous legislation and pushed it to the top of Europe’s diplomatic agenda. The message of our growing global movement is simple - everyone should be able to live openly and love who they choose. That call has been echoed by the European diplomatic community who played a critical role in blocking the progress of the gay gag law. Above all, this is a victory for our partners in Ukraine. Together we are sending a strong message to the other governments of Eastern Europe. Support for anti-gay laws embolden extremists at the expense of lucrative European ambitions."

As a result of everyone's hard work, the bill has been shelved. Unfortunately, the sitting Parliament can STILL vote on the issue in September before new politicians take over. We're crossing our fingers that doesn't happen.

This is just one of MANY fights that All Out is involved in every day. If U want to learn more about how to spread equality and support the LGBT community around the world, CLICK HERE!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Ukraine's Horrifying 'Gay Gag Rule' Has Been Defeated…For Now”

  1. 1

    Great to hear that the Ukraine is standing up for what is right! Keep fighting and maybe the gay people will give up on their uselss propaganda.

  2. boheme19 says – reply to this


    I think that's great. I just wonder what a real pole would show about how many people would agree with the Ukraine. Don't believe for a moment that just because here in the US, we have it shoved down our throats and must continually endure the fake idea that it's not cool to be against homosexuality, that we're just not sophisticated if we don't agree with homosexuality, that we buy into it. The majority are still as sickened by the perversion as we always were.

  3. 3

    Re: boheme19 – I'm calling bullshit. Dryan1971 is a confirmed nut-job, but there's no way you could believe what you just wrote. It's just not rational. It's heartless. If you're being sarcastic to prove a point it certainly wasn't clear, and if you weren't being sarcastic, then yikes: Your views on the world are so off-base that someone actually thought you were joking.

  4. No joking says – reply to this


    Some of those countries over there are still full of idiots. Backward thinking and tyranny seems to be an epidemic. Sad.

  5. 5

    Re: dryan1971 – Great to hear Ireland and Argentina are standing up for what's right** I think you meant….What is wrong with you Dryan1971? Someone your age should be more mature on these types of issues; it's funny people are always so worried my generation will end up being the screw ups, when the adults nowadays are all mentally deformed.

  6. 6


  7. JT says – reply to this


    Re: boheme19 – Far more people are sickened by hate-filled homophobia. Do a poll on that. And learn to spell poll. A "pole" is what your mother wraps herself around at work.

  8. JT says – reply to this


    Re: dryan1971 – Great idea to be siding with a country that has lived under Communism for decades for an example of human rights. What are the educational levels there? Oh, probably better than the US's sad record. The dumb leading the dumber.

  9. 9

    Has any straight guy who saw a Gay parade thought to himself, hmmm I'd like to suck a dick - I don't think so.

  10. 10

    Hell, this ain't half as scary as the Obamacare I am "forced" to go along with……..

  11. stevemd2 says – reply to this


    Re: joethehobo

    Sorry if your sickened. Take a look in the mirror and see whose sick.

    which includes the pope, who in 2009 UNexcommunciated a holocaust denier bishop, williamson.

    thats the sickest thing on the planet. Bet you dont think thats sick either.

    BTW hitler, mussolini, franco, Goebbels, Adolph Eichmann, dr. mengele - tehy were all catholic and the sickest people since ghengis khan

  12. stevemd2 says – reply to this


    Re: stevemd2 – you'd talk differently if you lost your med insurance, and your wife or kids were dying and you were broke due to Bush's deregulation of the criminals on wall street

  13. kandycane says – reply to this


    So what … You're gay and you have an agenda…. Sure its not about child rap or hunger. Omg but lets worry about gay men having a party b4 gods eyes…..oh wait that god calls you detestable??? Go figure why u want that

  14. 14

    Re: stevemd2 – I assume you replied to the wrong name?