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American Idol: Randy Jackson Out, Adam Lambert In?!

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Randy Jackson Out, Adam Lambert In!

American Idol is planning some BIG shake-ups!

To get their flat ratings back on pitch, FOX has decided to make some changes — starting with the judges!

While Jennifer Lopez's status as a Idol judge is still up in the air, our show insider says her co-judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, may not have a say in how long they stay.

Apparently Steven hasn't been officially asked back, but the Aerosmith frontman has more job security than Idol's only remaining original judge

A little bird tells us FOX is srsly considering giving Randy his pink slip:

"Randy is great, but he's part of the old Idol. They want to keep the soul of the show but have a new look, and for that reason he may well not be part of the new line up."

Who would replace him?

According to our insider, the top contender is former Idol runner-up Adam Lambert! We're told that:

"They have been talking about Adam for over a month. He personifies the show, and will be a popular choice right from the start. He knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of the judges' comments, he has a human touch, and they know they can't go wrong if they bring him on."


We lurve Adam and all…. but how the heck is a former contestant gonna compare to the mega star power (aka Brit Brit) over on X Factor??

If FOX wants to beef up their ratings, they're gonna need a SUPER star up on that panel!

If they're gunning for an Idol alum, they'd be better off with Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson or JHud!

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33 comments to “American Idol: Randy Jackson Out, Adam Lambert In?!”

  1. 1

    That would be TERRIBLE. He's been a star for about a minute. If Randy goes, that show is DEAD.

  2. 2

    If Lambert is in- I'm out. Won't watch the show again and NO it's not because he's gay. It's because he isn't a role model for the future generation.

  3. 3

    Adam is my all time favorite Idol contestant. Besides having a great voice, he is very well spoken and would be an excellent judge. BUT - these singing shows are way past their best-before date. They have been so overdone. Adam will make a lot of money if he does this, but he must be aware he is jumping on a sinking ship. As to the question, 'how will Adam compare to Britney', well, Britney may have the star power, but if you compare their ability to think and speak - Adam leaves Britney in the dust.

  4. 4

    Re: slschmit – Not a role model? You mean like JLo and her gay boy-toy? Or Paula and her booze? Or Simon and his string of paid off girl friends? Or Steve Tyler with his history of drug abuse? Or Britney and Demi with their mental breakdowns?

  5. 5

    Adam Lambert is an AWFUL choice. Absolutely atrocious. He's almost as bad a choice as Steven Tyler, who I think is pretty creepy. American Idol has gone wrong by turning the show into a venue for Tyler and Lopez to perform in. It's an old show, and it's a stale show, but that was the WRONG thing to do. Adding Lambert to the mix would be the final nail in the show's coffin. He's not that popular, and the honest truth is that though the gays would love him, most would not, and that would drive viewers away. So if they hire Flamebert, I'm tuning out permanently. I do NOT want to see his pock-marked, overly made-up face or hear his screechy voice.

  6. 6

    Randy Jackson is the only original and voice of reason on the show, I dont need to see JlO or Steven. If Randy goes then I'm not watching.

  7. 7

    As much as I like Adam, I really don't want to see him judging on Idol, if it happens. It just wouldn't look right at all. Why do they still continue to do this show? I still watch the show, and I'm getting tired of it too. Randy annoys the hell out of me, Jennifer just sits there like a lost goose, and Steven is just Steven. Plus, Ryan annoys the hell out of me. We have too many singing shows.

  8. 8

    That SEALS THE COFFIN on that show!

  9. 9

    They can revamp the show all they want, it's not going to make a difference. It's run it's course and the public could care less about who wins. The winner is quickly forgotten. US networks have beaten talent shows to death.

  10. 10

    Re: slschmit – Not a role model?? You mean like Steven Tyler, whom I like, who is a former drug addict? Or maybe JLo, who has had several marriages? Please explain why Adam Lambert isn't a role model and the others are. And the fact that you had to say "and NO it's not because he's gay" even though no one asked, says that that is EXACTLY why you won't watch him.

    I actually think American Idol has seen its best days and it's time for this show to do its farewell. Have an American Idol all stars season and let that be the end of it.

  11. 11

    Randy Jackson has got to stay, you can't replace him with some fkn popstar.

  12. 12

    Wow, they're really getting desperate if they're considering going with one of their losers. The only thing that would be worse is if they went with Perez.

  13. 13

    If they let Randy Jackson go then im not watching idol anymore.his been there since it all started and hes the prefect role-model….come on Adam Lambert hes not a role-model…and i think they need to try and get Steve Perry to come on as a judge with Randy Jackson that would be awesome and the ratings would be high,they really need to try and get Perry hes awesome..i no Jackson has asked Perry in the past and he turned him down but it would be awesome if he joined Idol…….

  14. 14

    Re: Mad DogRe: lacroix – I AGREE!!!!!

  15. 15

    i can't believe they would be so stupid to make that trade…show would have absolutely no creds..

  16. 16

    The American Idol Show went downhill when the show focused on the Judge's lives and put the contestants on the back-burner.

  17. HoneyWest says – reply to this


    Please tell me you're replacing Randy Jackson with Adam Lambert? Say it isn't so. I realize they want to boost up the ratings and all but Adam, he's not the best choice at all! If they want to boost the ratings they need to bring in another Superstar talent not an old A.I. contestant that knows nothing about judging other contestants. They should bring in Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson etc. He's not a good role model either and not a good choice. This is how you get your flat ratings back on pitch? You can't compare a Superstar to a former contestant? I think its a terrible decision. J.LO with her gay boy toy, Steve tyler and his history of drug abuse, Paula and booze, simon Cowell and his paid off tramps he runs around with, get over this role model thing PLEASE!

  18. badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Re: KarrieBelle – I agree, have an Idol alum all stars show and let it end!

  19. badnfluenz says – reply to this


    I've been waitin for Randy Jackson to get the damn boot. He's ghetto as hell with his comments to the contestants. Yo Dog, Yo Yo YO! GTFOH with that bullshit! His replies always seem fake, like he's sick to death of thinking of something to say so he recycles everything. BYE BYE RANDY! Nobody gonna miss you, except the black folks!

  20. 20

    I would never watch the show if Lambert is in either. No thanks, not intersted. I dont care how good the contestants are. Even though it may be controversial to some its not that he is a bit freaky it is that he is boring as hell! I do not want any cooperation to prove me wrong. If this is true then good bye American Idol forever!

  21. 21

    Agreed. this swaping judges crap is old! Made the show look like it cannot even hold on to its own judges.

  22. 22

    Randy is racist, Steve is brain-dead, and J-Paula can't speak.
    When Adam mentored, at least he had constructive criticism, so I hope their choice of female judge is even better.
    Come back, Simon!

  23. 23

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  24. 24

    Please Perez, get rid of the spammers - I am flagging the few that I find, you have so far done a much better job than some other sites about screening for this stuff, thanks.

    I have not watched Idol in at least 3-4 years, loved to see the banter between Simon and Paula.

  25. nightangel says – reply to this



  26. wtwhat says – reply to this


    What a bunch of babies saying they'll never watch Idol again if Randy goes and Adam is a judge.

  27. HisKryptonite93 says – reply to this


    i heard adam was gonna be a judge on the x factor next year though…i was gonna try out for x factor this year, and didn't, and i'm mad at myself for not doing it, because i am absolutly obsessed with one direction, and i knew IF i made it far enough they would most likely perform and i would maybe get to meet them…then i heard adam might be a judge on x factor next year, so now i definetly want to try out for next year, cuz i'm absolutly obsessed with him also…but if he goes on idol…i don't really know what i'll do cuz i'm not really a big fan of idol anymore because its changed so much. i would at least want simon to be a judge, that way i know i'm getting a very honost opinion…and he can maybe get me to meet one direction too :)

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Perez darling your jealousy of Adam Lambert is raging, try to hide it a little better :)

  30. mzfocuz says – reply to this


    Re: badnfluenz – i'm black and wld gladly stop watch'n as well if Randy leaves..in my opinion if Randy left thr wldn't be an honest judge on the show..JLo ears wr clog'd all the time bcuz people she said sounded gud clearly ddnt and Steven Tyler was on the show tryn to recruit babies for himself..Randy was the only judge that tried to kp it real..being a judge on A.I. was in his lane, so he knew wat he was talkn about..in all honesty the show has ran it's course..time to end it

  31. Glambert4life says – reply to this


    Is this a sick joke? To quote above, "HHmmm…
    We lurve Adam and all…. but how the heck is a former contestant gonna compare to the mega star power (aka Brit Brit) over on X Factor??
    If FOX wants to beef up their ratings, they're gonna need a SUPER star up on that panel!
    If they're gunning for an Idol alum, they'd be better off with Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson or JHud!
    Adam is a megastar and would be great as a judge. He's honest and he knows what he's talking about. Those that wouldn't watch anymore would just be missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to Idol. All you haters add fuel to Adams fire. For what ever reason you don't like him you don't have to bash him. Yes he might have been runner up but remember the fixed at+t thing. Before you bash him look up some info on him and while your at it look up the winners info and see who is doing what. This site is a joke.

  32. Laura says – reply to this


    Every show Adam is on has their highest ratings ever. People do love him, like it or not. He's very intelligent, witty and charming. I think it would be a great choice.

  33. LambertGlowbug says – reply to this


    1) MARIO…. you should be ashamed of always exhibiting your green-eyed monster! 2) Adam Lambert would make a phenomenal judge, however, I feel American Idol has burned out it's flame! Adam broke the AI machine during season 8! 3) Not considering Adam Lambert a good role model is a joke! Think things clearly before you write your thoughts down. Who in Hollywood IS a good role model? Perez (Mario) Hilton? 4) As far as star quality, Adam is the real deal! It's just too bad that a homophobic country is too jaded and prejudiced to recognize pure talent! Come on people!!! Wake up! Do you think Queen would risk their stellar reputation on a second class no talent person? People are just too prideful to admit when they are wrong! 5) If Adam chooses to be a judge, I would support him, however, I hope his music does not suffer the consequences! I personally would much rather hear him sing his heart out and use the gift he was born with! Either way, it's between him and AI!