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Listen To Justin Bieber's 911 Call After Paparazzi Harassment!

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Justin Bieber got in trouble with the law last week when he was pulled over for driving dangerously fast on the 101 Freeway and, as we reported over the weekend, he's not going down alone.

Before he filed a harassment complaint against an aggressive paparazzo, he made sure to call 911 to get the story straight and tell the authorities WHY he "was driving like a maniac."

In the 15-minute phone conversation (above), the pop star is pretty calm and collected while talking to several operators, who sound pretty sympathetic to his situation. He tells them the entire story about being tailed, trying to escape and getting pulled over as a result.

At the 9:23 mark, you'll hear him start to tell his side of the story. He sounds pretty angered by how the LAPD handled the situation too, as he explained:

"When I tried to explain it to the police officers, they were being very not nice about it. They were just like, 'Well, you waive your right to privacy when you're a celebrity.' That makes absolutely no sense when their the ones … being dangerous. And then he let all the paparazzi around my vehicle while he was doing the whole citation … he didn't even pull me to the side. He could have at least pulled me to a side parking lot or something."

We don't condone speeding at ridiculous speeds in any situation (unless you're John Cusack in 2012 and the roads are collapsing beneath your tires), but he brings up a good point.

Princess Diana was a tragic example of what can happen when the paparazzi put safety aside to get the perfect pic, so it's pretty disturbing that the cops just let them sit there and photograph the entire ticketing procedure WITHOUT punishing them as well.

Then, as it turned out, the photographers hopped back in their cars and CONTINUED to follow Bieber, which is when he made the call. Fortunately, cops finally caught up with him so he could file a complaint against his harassers.

Being a celebrity certainly has its perks, but it also has a fair share of challenges to accompany them.

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22 comments to “Listen To Justin Bieber's 911 Call After Paparazzi Harassment!”

  1. 1

    this chic is a fucking retard. smash into a brick wall bitch!

  2. 2

    He could have saved the 911 operators a lot of time by stating right away that he was a celebrity and the followers were paparazzi. I found it kind of odd that the operators had no problem with him talking on the phone while driving.

  3. 3

    Excuses don't excuse his bad behavior. That is that. If celebs are sick of being stalked by the paps, then maybe they need to pool their money and get new laws put in place. They've got the money to do it. Otherwise shut up. They should not get special privileges just because they are celebs and that does not give them the right to drive over 100 mph. Weak excuse. He parades in front of them whenever it is convenient for him to promote something to make money to line his pockets. You can't have it both ways.

  4. 4

    Get a driver, get a body double. So many celebrities are hounded by paparazzi and don't call 911. He certainly didn't sound panicked either.

  5. 5

    I think the police were a little more concerned with the possibility of JB and the paps causing a pile up on the free way then someone trying to take his picture, and I'm glad they let him know there's no excuse for putting the lives of other people in danger.

  6. crzybewtifulx says – reply to this


    Wow. He did not just trash talk CHP, he's definitely not going to get any breaks now for the way he was talking about them. Someone called in to complain about Justin's erratic driving so that's why he was even pulled over in the first place!! And if he doesn't want to get hounded by Papz then MAYBE he shouldn't be driving a CHROME Fisker Karma. Absolutely ridiculous that he thinks he can drive the freeway without being noticed by ANYONE.

    He should have called 911 in the first place to alert CHP that he was being followed. It's not a crime to follow someone anyway.

  7. MichJB says – reply to this


    Boo Hoo Hoo! I'm famous and these mean people are taking my picture! Boo Hoo Hoo!

  8. Whitney says – reply to this


    Celebrities and rich people drive fancy cars. Celebrities get their pictures taken. All of this is true, but it doesn't mean a high speed chase is ok just so they can get those photos. I'm sure there will be an investigation into this, but this isn't "special treatment" if he was trying to get rid of 4 cars following him. That isn't something that happens to regular people, and I'm sure if regular people were being followed, they'd want to get out of there too.

  9. beesindatrap says – reply to this


    this dude is a punk all day

  10. felipe says – reply to this


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  11. Lisa says – reply to this


    I'm so shocked that a 911 call takes 15 mins for help to arrive. Good thing there wasn't an accident. Scary! Yes it is inappropriate to say your rights are different when you become a celebrity. Being followed ks scary whether your a celebrity or not! Help should of been offered from the first time he was pulled over. Why weren't the paps told to stop? Shame shame!

  12. 12

    Re: rosebud99 – EXACTLY 100 miles an hr weaving in and out and on the phone

    they should throw away the key this kid is nt ABOVE THE LAW.. he gets followed every day so why would this be any different … kids a retard

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Perhaps the police were busy attending to real emergencies instead of rushing over to protect a spoiled little boy from getting his picture taken…

  14. 14

    why did he say his last name was Johnson? lol
    Also he could have saved 10mins by just saying "Im a celebrity and the paps are following me"
    yes being a celeb means you give up your right to privacy but that shouldn't mean that the paps have the right to endanger your life as well as innocent bystanders. If the paps were swarming the car when the cop was writing the ticket, the cop should have asked them to move away as that is interfering with an investigation. And if Justin had complained about them following him the first time to the cop, the cop should have told them not to follow him any more or legal actions would follow. Now I'm not condoning Justin speeding or driving dangerously, speeding a weaving in and out of traffic was not the smart thing to do. He should have called 911 to begin with and complain about them following him.

  15. SnoopCatt says – reply to this


    You people are just evil. He was TOLD to call if they didn't stop following him. You guys are such fuckin' hypocrites…if you were being followed by even ONE car you would be trippin' out.. HE'S A KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys' comments are reckless, to be honest, and completely unempathetic. Please don't claim you're "Christian" after get off of this… because everything you people have said is Anti-Christian.

    Additionally, then the 911 operator just transferred him over withOUT even EXPLAINING anything to the next rep! I tear operators to pieces when they try that madness with Me, but he took it in stride; TOTAL class act. He had to explain his situation TWICE because the 911 reps were being unthorough. I can't stand you ignorant ass people… you call HIM stupid!?!?!?! You've GOT to be kidding me.

  16. Crissy says – reply to this


    Like like like um I'm like going like you know like……someone should get this child back to school.

  17. taylor says – reply to this


    this punk needs to get his ass beat. what a little bitch

  18. 18

    don't drive a chrome car??????

  19. Lisa says – reply to this

  20. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Its cause and effect. He's famous for - well, I don't even want to go there, so paps want to feed his fans pictures. He could have just as easily cruised along at a safe speed and they would have done the same to stay in distance. Nope - the little twerp decides to go NASCAR and drives recklessly, endangering other people on the road, then when he gets stopped, he blames others for his actions. If he's that paranoid, that immature and so concerned about paps taking his picture then he should hire a trained driver and sit in a blacked out car. Sure its his right to drive his silver dildo car, but its our right to have safe roads.

  21. Sydney says – reply to this


    Wait… did anyone else notice that he said his name was,"Justin Johnson"

  22. Yu Lee says – reply to this


    Justin did not give his full name, all he said was "JUSTIN".
    Yet when the 911 operator hands over the call to Police - she says we have a "HIGH PROFILE CELEBRITY"

    I'm so glad everyone on earth knows who the "BIEBs" is !!!!!