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Britney Spears 'Storms Off' X Factor Set Post-Tribute!

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britney spears greensboro drive me crazy tribute

Poor Britney! When she's not dealing with literal storms, she's facing other kinds.

According to eyewitnesses, Britney Spears high-tailed it off the Greensboro X Factor set after a contestant gave a riveting tribute audition with her classic You Drive Me Crazy.

The North Carolina man was partially dressed in drag: hair in a bun, kitty-cat glasses, a bejeweled denim jacket, and some boots. Another accessory for his performance? TEARS!

He told the judges that not only was he recently put on welfare, he almost missed this chance of a lifetime because he doesn't even have enough money for a phone bill!

But sob-story or not, Britney walked off the set after watching his Crazy stylings (with Demi Lovato and LA Reid in tow).

Simon Cowell stayed behind and told the contestant, "I don't think she understood your tribute."

But clearly she had a change of heart. Because upon the princess' return, she told the contestant:

"I really respect the tribute. It was really nice."

See! Look how well she turns things around!

And who knows… maybe she just really had to go to the restroom or something. ….ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Britney Spears 'Storms Off' X Factor Set Post-Tribute!”

  1. 1

    The live shows should be really interesting.

  2. 2

    Maybe Britney has a clause in her contract that says she can not be in the room with any other drag queens?

  3. 3

    You never get this shit right because you are an outsider who has to copy and paste everything from better sites. You are an embarrassment.

  4. 4

    Someone with mental illness should be left alone

  5. 5

    Once again, perez doesn't report the truth.
    First things first - EVERY JUDGE EXCEPT FOR SIMON WALKED OFF THE SET. LA & Demi being the first to walk.
    Second of all - She was the only judge to return.

    I'm so sick of your misinformation perez.

  6. 6

    She was not ready for this. Neither Britney or Demi or very stable and there can be a lot of pressure to judging these live talent shows. What happens when Britney is put in the same position as Nicole Scherzinger was last season? Something tells me that this may be a one season deal, assuming she can even get through this season.

  7. 7

    lol at all these haters judging when they have no idea whats actually going on.
    Wait till the show airs so you actually have a reason to judge. KTHANKS. Morons.

  8. 8

    whether this is really tru or not, it seems kind of suspicious that she walked off again right after someone performs her song.. is it too emotional for her does it set off some sort of subliminal programming or something? bad memories? hmm.. hope shes okay

  9. 9

    Perez, if you don't stop lying!! STOP LYING! You write she "stormed" off set.. BULLS*IT! In the story, it says she "WALKED OFF THE SET" I am so frigging tired of you being a lying f*ck! Anyway, maybe she was moved by his story??? Every think of that!?

  10. 10

    Re: Rybellion
    Thank you! Me too! He L I E S!! Perez does not know any REAL gossip, so he uses BS headlines that he or some other moron makes up and then, when you read the story, it contradicts his headline! How f'ng stupid is that ba*tard?

  11. 11

    I can't decide if she's a diva or an emotionally stunted person who's sort of frozen in her dramatic & spoiled tweens. Maybe it's a bit of both.

  12. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: melia69690 – Xtina looks like a drag queen, CaCa looks like a drag queen, BUT BRITNEY? HAHAHA! NICE TRY! ;) GORGEOUS, NATURAL WOMAN! :)

  13. 13

    Poor Brit must have to listen to sob stories all the time. It would be tough mentally because she has been used & abused by so many people herself. How could she believe every story?
    I think I would walk off too.
    It sounds like the guy was a bit stalkerish!?

  14. kay says – reply to this


    How many more excuses for her walking off the set? I bet her people told her to put on a happy face and and say "it's nice" so she won't come off as a bitch like Christina.

  15. Kellie says – reply to this


    I was at this taping in the audience. Britney had a disgusted look on her face got up and walked off as the crowd went wild for this guy! he even had confetti in his act. It was very entertaining. Unlike the faces britney was making through out the whole taping or the way she walked off set numerous times. She is a straight kook!

  16. LOL says – reply to this


    I'm trying to imagine Christina Aguilera doing this and seeing how the press would handle it. Yeah, not good atall im guessing.