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Wanna Be On Real Housewives Of Orange County??

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Real Housewives Of Orange County casting call

ATTEN Rich-ass Ladies of SoCal!

Get your headshots ready, Real Housewives of Orange County is casting!

We made this little discovery when we stumbled upon a cattle call posted by a casting agency that reads:

"Married and living the good life in one of Orange County's exclusive communities?

Production company is currently looking for fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes for the new season of Bravo's THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY.

Star in this docu-series and get amazing exposure to promote your current or future business endeavors, careers, ideas, etcetera!


FEMALES (21+; any ethnicity) - ORANGE COUNTRY HOUSEWIVES. Must be outgoing, exciting, strong, self-confident women who reside in Orange County, preferably the coastal cities"

Anyone that meets those requirements — and with unquenchable thirst for clear alcohol and attention — PLEASE APPLY!

We don't know who is getting kicked — but someone has to be leaving. It's safe to assume the departure isn't by choice, cause NONE of those women are gonna leave the fame bank on their own.

We'll keep you posted on RHOOC casting status as all is revealed!

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22 comments to “Wanna Be On Real Housewives Of Orange County??”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Vicki Gretchen and Tamra make the show…the others, not so much. Alexis is annoying, and that new chick, meh ! It would be good if Lynn or Jeanna or some of the other original women came back…but they are too smart for that ! The show was the 'original', and back in the day, it was almost documentary-like. It mirrored American life…the excess, and then the whole mortgage melt-down situation. A couple had to 'short-sell' their homes. Now, it is just a scream/fight-fest…..Still, way better the the subsequent copy-cats….

  2. 2

    Re: Be-Atch – Totally agree with you!

    I couldn't care less if Alexis left, the others are pretty good entertainment though. Could never get into any of the other Housewives shows, this one is still the best! Can't wait to watch the reunion!

  3. 3

    My guess is Alexis will be gone. After the season finale…she left before the end of the party and her husband is an ass, that never wants her to do anything.

  4. GetRidofTamra says – reply to this


    Oh please let them get rid of the awful, vulgar, vile beyotch that is Tamra Barney. Nothing entertaining about her and her "jesus" insults are downright disgusting. Her poor children have no chance. Look at Ryan. Please Bravo, dump her and her gay hubby!

  5. RealHousewife says – reply to this


    Please Bravo listen to the viewers and get rid of Tamra. We are sick of seeing jealous, old women bullying others. Tamra and her mullet extensions need to go back to Hillbilly land

  6. dangergirl says – reply to this


    I'm hoping they will be getting rid of the evil blonde stepsisters, TrashyTamra and Wretchen, and their broke boyfriends. We've had enough of their phoniness. Please bring on real housewives with a little class.

  7. Char says – reply to this


    Please get rid of that awful tamra

  8. jean says – reply to this


    This casting call is YEARS old…

  9. Ann says – reply to this


    Hope Tamra gets the boot.

  10. 10

    Pls fired white trash Tamra, I so sick of Gretchen selling her made in china plastic bags to her "fans".

  11. Ivoyar says – reply to this


    AGREED with everyone else, give Tamera and Gretchen the boot. They make themselves look like pure trash.

  12. Distorted Reality says – reply to this


    Get rid of Slade he's a mooch Gretchen hacks plastic ware,but the live in the house that Jeff bought,that's just TRASH!!

  13. Sheila says – reply to this


    Get rid of fake and phony nasty two-faced Tamra and Gretchen!! They pull the show right down. And Heather is such a bore!

  14. housewife fan says – reply to this


    I disagree with most posters keep Tamra, sure she can be mean and vulgar but she isn't FAKE. I would much rather watch her than to watch Alexis. There is nothing entertaining about Alexis. She is arrogant, phony and annoying to watch. I'm amazed that she has lasted this long on the show.

  15. Gina says – reply to this


    Look at Heather. She is seething over Alex's comment over her pity acting career. She is so damn pissed that someone challenged the only thing that gives her self worth outside her sham marriage. That lie down your dead comment is just what you will all find out about Heather. She is a crazy wide eyed nutjob. She will never stop. She is jealous as hell. Gretchen is a friend to NO ONE. Tamera hangs on to Gretchen like an old man hangs on to a 20 yr old. who gives a flying fuk how Alexis pronounces Katie Courics name.

  16. anon says – reply to this


    obvi jesus juggs can't hang

  17. Lina Rudel says – reply to this


    I want Jeanna back

  18. Becky says – reply to this


    Re: housewife fan – I disagree, I think every move Tamra makes and every nasty comment is thought out ahead of time for the drama factor (Bravo bloggers said they came up with the term Jugs for Jesus and Tamra copied it, incorrectly of course)it was so obvious she was waiting for the right moment to scream it out. I also find it strange that everyone called her to out Slade and Gretchen? You know she was the one initiating all that talk. She is so trashy and harsh looking and brings nothing to the show but bitterness. Even the engagement got on my nerves, her whining about when is he going to do it. I almost feel sorry for Gretchen, she has Tamra whispering in one ear what to do to make them get more screen time and Slade whispering in the other ear, no wonder she seems so confused this year. I would to see Kara and Briana more.

  19. Juliet says – reply to this


    I seriously cannot stand Tamra Barney. That woman is a monster! She's trailer trash. She is judgmental, ignorant, a bully, a total fake, with an agenda to harm and be cruel to others. A huge hypocrite! Everything bad that she says about others is simply a projection of her own authentic self. This monster, is obviously so unhappy with herself, that she takes it out on others on she show. I really hope that she gets the boot and is fired by Bravo. Having such an ignorant, spiteful, trashy person like her on the show is ridiculous. I know I'm not watching if she's back. It's alleged that she cheated on Simon Barney with Eddie Judge while they were still married. Yes, I believe it. Too evidence to ignore. Simon is so lucky to be rid of Tamra. She used him for loads and loads of money, and expensive gifts. She chose fame over her marriage and her children. How about the porn shot of her in the bath tub with Eddie? Great example for her young girls. Trailer trash is right! She's fought with and back stabbed each and every cast member on the show. She continuously bashes others about their looks, their beliefs, and their personal choices. Yet, she should look in the mirror. You're the poster child of plastic surgery, fake hair, fake everything? Who are you kidding Tamra? You're nothing but a materialistic whore who would do anything and everything for fame and money!

  20. Juliet says – reply to this


    Gretchen needs to watch all the past episodes of how she was treated by her new BFF, Tamra. Are you kidding me Gretchen? I guess you really are an idiot after all. Stabbing the only person who truly cared about you on the show in the back! Alexis really cared about you, and always had your back. It seems that you are no friend after all. You are just the long lost twin of nasty, trashy Tamra. You use to be my favorite on the show, but now that your true colors have surfaced, I cannot stand you! All those things that Tamra said about you cheating on Jeff with your ex boyfriend, while Jeff was dying must be true. After All, that info did get told by your BFF Tamra. You are just as fake as Tamra. Fake hair, fake boobs, fake friend, the list goes on.

  21. Sandy says – reply to this


    Re: RealHousewifeRe: GetRidofTamra – I AGREE!! Tamara Barney is garbage & she doesn't fool me with her being nice to Gretchen. Tamara ALWAYS is mean to someone & at the moment it's Alexis. Tamara picks on the one she percieves as "weak." Tamara is a disgusting vile b***h & I have read NUMEROUS comments about people who live in OC that know Eddie Judge from where he works & one co-worker said Eddie is gay. I will laugh SO hard when Tamara gets hit with finding out Eddie is gay & I hope he still see's men b/c Tamara is vile. Never liked her EVER>> she is FAKE! Tamara picks on people & PRETENDS she is trying to "help" them as she was doing with Alexis. She claims you don't hit below the belt but look what she did to Gretchen in the past with the lets get Gretchen "naked wasted" & spreadinh HORRIBLE rumors about Gretchen. Tamara is EVIL…PERIOD! Get rid of her mug. I wounder if Perez Hilton or Andy Cohen can tell if a man is gay. If so I wish Perez H. would call Eddie out… or make a pass at him.

  22. Sandy says – reply to this


    Re: Juliet – Julie I couldn't have said it better. BRAVO to you for stating the obvious truth & putting it into the correct words. I have read on MANY blog sites that some people who live in OC who worked with Eddie Judge say he's gay. It's a small world & someone is bound to spot you sooner or later if you are on TV. It didn't sound like these people were making it up either. Besides for example people don't say Slade is gay or Don , or any of the other guys, so when someone says well it could be a rumor, usually people don't go around making those accusations if they are not true. I wouldn't doubt it. I hope he is gay & is seeing other men b/c Tamra is such a vile evil witch she deserves nothing good in her life. She ALWAYS has a target & pretends she is trying to "help" them while she stabs them in the back. Gretchen is stupid b/c Tamara can't be trusted. Gretchen needs to not only look at what Tamara did in the past which was way below the belt, but she needs to look at how she treats others (i.e. Alexis, Vicki) & others I am sure that we don't see & remember people don't change at that age. Tamara is who she is…pure evil.