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Huge Hunger Games News! There WILL Be 4 Movies! Studio Confirms Release Dates & Mockingjay Split!

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1


Mockingjay, the third book in Suzanne CollinsHunger Games trilogy, will be made into TWO separate movies!!

Lionsgate announced release dates for both films just this afternoon: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will drop in November 21, 2014 — aaaaaand The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 364 days later!

We are SOOO excited to have a whole extra 80 to 150 minutes with Katniss and the gang whoever else is alive at the end!!

The only downside is we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR between Catching Fire and the two Mockingjay movies.

Oh well! At least we know the Hunger Games hype will be around for three more years!

Tributes, REJOICE!!!!

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18 comments to “Huge Hunger Games News! There WILL Be 4 Movies! Studio Confirms Release Dates & Mockingjay Split!”

  1. 1

    YES … REJOICE because they want to make you pay to see four movies when you should only be paying for THREE. Be happy because you're going to be ripped off.

  2. 2

    COMMENTS ON AGAIN,,,,"We were already pumped for the Olympics in London but now the U.S. Women's Indoor Volleyball Team is exciting us in a TOTALLY different way." christ you are soooo fucking creepy, first you get all creepy heart on mens crotch, and now you act like the ladys fire you up, you are a fucking creepy hypersexual pile of steamy excrement.

  3. 3

    people go nuts over this series but are just sooo blind to see that the hunger games are our reality. how about we stop watching movies about whats going on in the world and actually do something about it before were all screwed even more than we already are??? like watching the movie is going to help you get more prepared lol if anything itll lead u in the wrong direction

  4. kim says – reply to this


    This is so lame. I am really starting to hate this. plus when they do this the movies aren't as good and they draw things out that don't need to be drawn out plus they wait to long to release part 2 that i forget what happend in part 1

  5. 5

    this is so unnecessary!!!!!!!!! not to mention mockingjay was by far THE WORST of all 3 books - and the end of mockingjay actually makes me want to vomit. i am a huge hunger games fan but this is really disappointing.

  6. 6

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I have no idea why they turn triglogies into 4 moies! The third book isnt that bigger or longer than the others. Your not spilting those up why the last one?!

  7. 7

    Re: chritti – Novels and films have been helping people escape reality and find a comfort something thrilling for centuries. Unlike you, they do not seek to be pretentious, and they do not take themselves too seriously. There is nothing wrong with escaping for 2 hours every once in a while and experience someone else's life and feel their joy and feel their pain. Lighten up.

  8. 8

    I think this is a pretty ballsy move from the studio. Mockingjay is universally known as the worst of the trilogy. While of course it will at least break even for the studio, I think this is a bad move for the overall integrity and fluidity of the books.

  9. 9

    Yeah the last book is the worst for sure. I could hardly finish it. I cant understand why Breaking Dawn or this are split. I get why the Hobbit and the Deathly Hollows are because there is just so much detail, but not this.

  10. noonecareseden says – reply to this


    I dont understand why everyone is saying its so bad. I mean yeah some things could have been changed like she could have gave him the pearl and the Gale issue was just what? i also had issues with how she was treating Peeta but i can see how she would act that way. I mean i didnt think it was so bad i had a hard time finishing it. I think there there should be more on the fact that she had kids and her life with being with peeta but i guess the author wanted to be done, maybe since the last book is so death filled (way more than the others which have a ton also) she just wanted to be done or was rushed to finish it?

  11. Damian says – reply to this


    You're being sarcastic, right? They'll keep doing this "splitting up" BS, as long as folks keep buying into it. A comic on the subject:

  12. c says – reply to this


    NOOOOOOOOO splitting mockingjay is the WORST omg i can't even this is such a stupid decision. part1 is going to be SO BORING. if anything they should have split catching fire but NOT mockingjay… it's going to be so bad. why can't studios just deal with the fact that not every final movie in a series needs to be split? it worked with harry potter but it's going to suck with hunger games, and no doubt it sucked with twilight. this is so stupid.

  13. takemetoparis says – reply to this


    Doesn't Peeta go ape shit in Mockingbird? I haven't read the other books, but doesn't he go all crazy partly due to him loosing his leg in the first book? They didn't do this in THG movie, so how will that work in the third movie. There's no reason for the studio to make the third book into two movies. The first book was interesting but I don't see this being a huge movie series, not like HP or Twilight. Not that I'm saying Twilight is amazing, I'm just saying that's obviously what they are going for.

  14. 14

    Haven't read the books but read the Hunger Games Part 2 will be shooting on Kauai (my favorite Hawaiian island).

  15. 15

    This is such BS. I was ok when harry potter did it because it was based on a book nearly 800 pages long and everyone was constantly complaining about things being left out of the films. there is absolutely no reason for the hunger games or twilight to split up their films. It's ridiculous and I will not be spending my money to see it in theaters.

  16. 16

    the first one sucked balls so why would I pay for three more shitty ass movies!

  17. 17

    Re: bd4three – That's just bad judgement on your part. The first movie was amazing. In my opinion, just as good, if not better, than the book.

  18. 18

    Re: bd4three – For some reason it's become frowned upon for a fan to admit that the movie is better than the book. Apparently people who have read the book feel it makes them less 'unique' or 'accomplished' if they are no longer 'in the know' for having put forth the effort to read the book. Let's cut the pretension and base things on their MERIT and worth instead of what makes you feel special or not. I'm not singling you out, personally, just fans in general who will NEVER admit a film adaptation is good if they have read the book. Off topic: I also think The Help movie was better than the book. Any comments?