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Twilight Fan Struck And Killed By Car At Comic-Con

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This is so beyond dreadful that we really can't even find the words.

Tragedy struck the 2012 Comic Con festival in San Diego this morning when a woman died on her way to the Twilight panel after getting struck by a car while crossing the street.

According to reports, the 53-year-old, currently unidentified but being called Gisella by people close the situation, was attempting to cross the street outside the San Diego Convention Center to get in line for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 session, scheduled for Thursday, when she tried to stop for an oncoming Subaru and tripped straight into the vehicle.

She was taken to the hospital, after which she passed away from a severe head injury.

Meanwhile, the 67-year-old driver of the car is currently being interviewed by authorities.

So, so unbelievably sad…especially at an event like this, which brings so much joy to so many.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this woman's family, friends, loved ones, and anyone else who was affected by this awful accident.

May she R.I.P.

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21 comments to “Twilight Fan Struck And Killed By Car At Comic-Con”

  1. 1

    So sad but unfortunately I'm not surprised - I've went to Comic Con two years ago and it's complete chaos outside there. So many people on the sidewalk that people often get pushed into the road.

  2. 2

    This story is tragic and insane. Comic-con doesn't even start till Thursday yet people are literally killing themselves to wait in line for Hall H. Its truly not worth it to put your life in danger just to wait in a line. And in the convention center's defense, nothing has even been set up yet to manage lines that may form and they sent out a warning and asked the people to come back at a later time. For this, I blame Twilight.

  3. 3

    be willing to bet she was NOT in a crosswalk, nor at a stop light. besides what is a 53 yo woman hanging with the teenyboppers?

  4. 4

    Its pretty sad, but Comic-Con officials even told those people not to line up there. If she would have followed tue rules she would still be alive.

  5. ihatetwilight says – reply to this


    One down….!!!!!

  6. Imelda says – reply to this


    @ trash 20 nobody is to blame here. Especially twilight.people who love twilight aren't forced to go. Gisela went simply went because she loves twilight it's nothing bad, then she tripped okay? TRIPPED it isn't her fault she tripped it isn't the drivers fault she T R I P P E D & it isn't Twilight's fault she TRIPPED. So calm your tits with that bullcrap.

  7. Abii says – reply to this


    Re: Tash20 – ok this is beyond Twilight a person just die and you blame Twilight? it could have been anybody

  8. 8


  9. Imelda says – reply to this


    SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ARE SO DISRESPECTFUL, HOW DARE YOU. IT COULD'VE BEEN ANYBODY & THEN YOU SAY "one down" why would you say that? Do you know how badly her family is devastated by their loss?

  10. 10

    I hate to say someone who died is at fault, but Comic Con did warn them not to line up yet and that it wasn't safe. Tragic all around but people should listen.

  11. Jeanpebbles says – reply to this


    Re: ihatetwilight – That is a horrible thing to say. I dont care if you dislike Twilight, you should at least respect the dead asshole.

  12. livinglouder says – reply to this


    Re: vengance – People like you are poor excuse for human beings. Respect the dead.

  13. Emmy says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – Same reason that you are about 60 and on this site, asshole! Did it ever occur to you that maybe she was there with a daughter, granddaughter, or niece? Regardless of why she was there, her life is over so show some respect!

  14. fargosmom says – reply to this


    Maybe this can become a yearly tradition…opening Comic-Com with the ceremonial Twilight-fan sacrifice :)

  15. Gabrielle Micco says – reply to this


    Many of you need to get the correct information before stating your opinion. My mother is waiting there now and saw everything unfold. Whether or not you like twilight there is no reason you should be happy for someone's passing. Some of you are just horrible people and should be ashamed of yourself. And by the way, they were following Comic-Con rules, you are ALLOWED to start lining up on Tuesday!

  16. Mangina says – reply to this


    Twilight kills people! Remember that.

  17. labruja says – reply to this


    you can't fix stupid.

  18. 18

    Re: Gabrielle Micco – This lady has been here since Sunday, so how is that following the rules? Comic-Con organizers made an announcement that they need to stop lining up already by the H building.
    Honestly this needs to be organized better. Get real security, and dont let everyone with a ticket into the panels. Set it up better and people wouldn't have to line up days before. It was fine when it was just comics and sci-fi stuff. But now it's huge and needs to account for that.

  19. reese says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – okay, lets say she had been there since Sunday, what does that have to do with her dying on Tuesday? why is it so hard for people to show compassion? so the woman was waiting in line to see actors who are in a film series that some of you don't like, big deal. it's not as if she were drowning kittens. grow a heart and get over yourselves.

  20. 20

    This is what happens when you let GAY ass shit thats not even remotely related to comic con be there..Twilight? Are you serious. Leave it to hollywood to stick their nose into anything that has cameras and a large group of people.

  21. Kim S. says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – Hello, My name is Kim S. Gisela was my bf, don't judge hater!!!!!!