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Chloe Sevigny Had Prosthetic Penis Sadness

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We are VERY excited to take a gander at Mz. Chloe Sevigny playing an Irish transgender assassin with family issues in the new British mini-series Hit & Miss!

Lucky for us, Chloe recently dished about the trials and tribulations of being a female actress playing a man who feels and acts like a woman! It’s quite the mind f*ck!

Goodness knows she’s no stranger to provocative roles, and Chloe has previously played a transgender in harrowing drama Boys Don’t Cry, but apparently, the elaborate process of putting on a prosthetic penis for Hit & Miss made Chloe cry every time!

The once-sister wife explains:

"Putting it on took two hours. I shaved myself and they had to glue it on, paint it and pull away the skin to make it seamless. It's a tedious process, and it's hard having someone so close to your private parts for an extended period of time who you're not having sex with. And having it on and looking at yourself is oddly disturbing. I felt like a freak. A lot of transgender people feel like this shouldn't be part of their body, and so I guess it was a good thing. I reacted the way my character would."

Aw girl! No wait! We mean boy ummm… no, no we mean girl!

While we may jest, we can’t even IMAGINE the real emotional trauma transgenders go through on a daily basis.

That helpless feeling of being an alien in your own body, and then trying to become the person you wish to be in a world RIFE with prejudice….

We are SO intrigued to see Chloe take on such an intricate role! And then we get to see her get all sex-crazed in American Horror Story season two!! YAAAAYY!!

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14 comments to “Chloe Sevigny Had Prosthetic Penis Sadness”

  1. PhelanW says – reply to this


    wasn't it Hillary Swank in Boys Don't Cry? Chloe Sevigny played Brandon Teena's girlfriend.

  2. Brandy says – reply to this


    Yeah, Chloe was not the trans one in BDC. Fact checker broken.

  3. mh says – reply to this


    Wrong again Perez!

  4. Melaney says – reply to this


    It was Hilary Swank, not Chloe who played a transgender… This will be Chloes first transgendered role.

  5. nn says – reply to this


    This is wrong. Glad to see other people commented on it too.

  6. ellen says – reply to this


    How is Perez so fucking stupid all the time? This is one of the most popular celebrity gossip websites, yet he CONSTANTLY makes mistakes like this, as well as the most ridiculous grammar and misspellings. Pathetic "journalism", not even remotely decent blogging. Get a fucking editor.

  7. MissyMiss says – reply to this


    I don't feel sorry for her, this is the job she wanted. Ohh the drama with these actresses. Poor me. If she didn't like it she could of quit the job. she still collected the pay cheque in the end.

  8. saff says – reply to this


    Re: MissyMiss – that's clearly not what she was saying, you moron.

  9. 9

    Sad?just because was a small one!

  10. jperfection says – reply to this


    this story is ridiculous …. she did not play any trans gender anything in boys dont cry she played the girlfriend of teena brandon… the transgender person who was played by…..drum roll please hillary swank. you would think that a site such as this would do a bit more homework !!!!

  11. Alex says – reply to this


    Perez, please change this right now!! As a transgendered person who has a strong connection with the movie and true life people that Boys Don't Cry was based on I find your mistake offensive and ignorant. Chloe played Brandon's cisgendered girlfriend. HIlary Swank, who won an Oscar, played Brandon. Please fix this.

  12. Katie says – reply to this


    OMG Perez Hilton and his staff are not perfect..which is amazing because all of you seem to be, esp. when it comes to movie trivia. It's okay Perez, we all make mistakes. People just need to calm down.

  13. ellen says – reply to this


    Obviously no one is perfect, but he is a professional and this is his career and he is making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for constant errors and mediocrity. It really is not that hard to use google and do your research.

  14. 14

    Yeah, Chloe didn't play a transgendered person. Come on, Perez. You're flaming gay and always talking about LGBT issues. Can't you fucking get anything right? It's something RELEVANT TO YOU, not to mention one of the most respected films of the past 20 years.

    Your idiocy astounds me. Typos, incorrect information, etc…Fucking hire better people or just stop altogether.