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3 comments to “twitter-im-saying-it-right-now-zacefron-for”

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    Nothing more pathetic and creepy than gays lusting after straights. It's amazing how much you're hated worldwide as evidenced in the comments to the stories about yourself that you link to this site. You need your head kicked in. Violence is the answer when it comes to gay predators.

  2. 2

    You really are pathetic and creepy; Lady Who is on the money. It really is sick for a gay as gay as you are (and you really are a flamer) to publicly lust after normal, heterosexual men. They can't object, lest the hysterical liberals brand them homophobes or haters (nothing like the liberals to label and persecute those they themselves hate), but I imagine that if they're aware of your sick obsession with them, they'd be grossed out. It's a big fucking shame that you gays have people afraid to tell it like it is, which is exactly what you deserve. One day political correctness will end, and you and your kind will get what's coming to you, you limp-wristed, useless bully.

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    Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio have had a not-so-secret rivalry for film roles starting with Bale being up for Titanic. Hear Cross Creek Pictures dumped indecisive Leo for Christian as the Western anti-hero in 'Creed of Violence' - the novel by Indie Author Boston Teran. Read the book, can't wait for the film - it will be a Western as if Peckinpaugh and Fellini collaborated.