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Angelina Jolie Is NOT Happy About Her Future Mother-In-Law's Anti-Gay Remarks!

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Uh-oh. Well this is certainly going to make future holiday dinners with the family uncomfy!

In light of Jane Pitt's condemning comments on same-sex marriage and abortion, Angelina Jolie is reportedly mortified!

And furthermore, she's furious that Brad Pitt won't stand up to his mom!

A source close to the situation explains:

"Jane has never wanted to talk politics with Angelina. She knew it would cause greater issues for them, and she wanted to try to have a relationship with the mother of her grandkids. She never thought her letter would be such a big deal. [Angelina] has told Brad he must educate his mother, but Brad is too much of a mama's boy. If Brad won't do it, Angelina will have to take matters into her own hands and talk to Jane about how, as the mother of such a prominent celebrity, she shouldn't be writing letters that clash with her son's personal opinions. It'll inevitably end up in a huge blowout, with Brad stuck in the middle. Brad keeps telling her not to take this so seriously, but when Angie sets her mind on something, there's no talking her out of it."


We certainly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we also think that Angelina very much has a point - especially if her children's grandmother is going to be promoting intolerant and hate-filled view points!

But hey!

There's one in everyone family, isn't there?

Here's hoping they can either resolve this one amicably or just agree to disagree!

What do U think?? Team Angie or Team Mama Pitt?

[Image via WENN.]

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63 comments to “Angelina Jolie Is NOT Happy About Her Future Mother-In-Law's Anti-Gay Remarks!”

  1. 1

    Pitt's mom gave Angie a reason now NOT to marry Brad! She didn't want to get married again anyway, right? Brad was the one pushing for marriage so… now Angie has a way out!

  2. 2

    Who are all these "close sources"?

  3. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    just because she doesnt agree with homosexuality doesnt mean she's hatefilled you asshole

  4. 4

    her comments are not hate filled you twat. it is her religious views, i may not agree with them, but that doesn't make them hate filled, you know, love the sinner hate the sin and all that. you have such a double standard its ridiculous.

  5. Monika says – reply to this


    Why didn't she keep those comments,letter to herself…when she knows her son feels totally different about that…mean granny,mean granny….seems as if she don't like Angie she like betrayed them both…..

  6. 6

    That was a good story.

  7. 7

    Why in the fuck would Brad need to stand up to his mom? She's a grown ass woman and has the legal right to express her opinion and her opinion doesn't make her hateful Perez. I am getting sick of anyone having an opinion different than a gay person's and somehow that makes them hateful? Grow the fuck up and eat crow bitch.

  8. 8

    BTW, Angelina is a fucking actress. She's not an authority on politics. Just because some numb nut thinks she knows her shit doesn't make her legit. She's short-sided, cold and boring. She tries too hard to be dark and anyone worth their shit can see right through her. She's a narcissist. She also has been known to have a mental illness that brought on the self-mutilation.

  9. 9

    God forbid that someone doesn't share her opinion huh?

  10. 10

    Brad Pitt's mom is an adult. One might even argue that she raised a reasonably good man (considering Angelina and he are raising kids together and planning to marry) so perhaps Angelina should respect that Jane Pitt can think whatever she wants to think and agree to disagree. Educate her? Please. Have a little respect for each other. I'm sure there are a few things Jane would like to educate Angelina about and chooses not to.

  11. 11

    While I don't agree with Mrs. Pitts views, it's kind of intolerant and hateful of you to pick on her. She and her husband are elderly Christians and have the same views that most Christians and people in their age group have. Nothing she said was hate filled or intolerant, the fact that you don't agree with it doesn't make it either thing. It is her view and she is entitled to express it, if she feels the need to. The only hate filled/intolerant remarks seem to be directed at Mrs. Pitt, coming from people like you, Perez. Jane doesn't need to be "educated" about anything and if Angelina actually did say that, then it shows just how delusional she really is. AJ has some serious mental issues and has no business telling anyone what they should do, how they should feel, or what they should believe.

  12. 12

    Team Neither.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  13. Seant33 says – reply to this


    Brad Pitt is proving to be a real low life. Why is not standing up to defend his own mother? He's too afraid he'll hurt his hipster image?

    Perez, you're the most hate filled individual on the planet. Gays shout no hate, but they are the biggest hate mob on the planet. Where is your respect for others? This woman has received death threats over expressing her opinion and you're trying to continue to fuel the fire.

    Gay marriage will never make it in the US because people only pretend to support it so they aren't harassed. When it comes down to a vote and their names are sealed in a room, it is always voted down.

  14. 14

    Perez, you hit the nail right on it's head. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO HIS/HER OWN OPINION. No one needs to be educated if it's their opinion. Mrs. Pitt has stated her beliefs… end of story.

  15. JT says – reply to this


    Being against homosexuality IS being hatefilled, just like being against Blacks makes you a hatefilled racist, or being against women makes you a hatefilled woman hater, etc. none of those "opinions" come from love, even if you hide behind your religious superstition to do it. They come from a deep hate.

  16. 16

    Re: JT – So wrong…you may not like how a certain group act, doesnt mean your racist or filled with hate. while people might not be ok with same sex marriage, doesnt mean they hate gays, just like people who dont agree with affirmative action or minority preferential treatment doesnt mean those people are racist… face ppl arent going to always agree with gays .

  17. 17

    Oh come on she's an old lady. Go ask your parents or grandparents what they think about it, Christian or not, I can imagine what majority will say.

  18. 18

    Why this woman spends her time justifying the differences between Mormons and Christians, by stating that they share the same intolerance for gays, is completely beyond my comprehension. Intolerance is unattractive. For the people that like to speak of their intolerance openly–next time start talking in front of your coworkers, friends, and the general population, and just wait and see how people react. Most people don't like to be around it, even if they share the same beliefs. this woman should have ket her mouth shut, and it just makes her look like another angry American who's more concerned with how others live their lives, because she's probably miserable living hers.

  19. tiff123 says – reply to this


    Why can't Brad's mom have an opinion? She wasn't being hateful, she just doesn't believe in gay marriage or abortion, like most Christians. I don't think Angie is mad, her own father thinks the same way. Besides, Mrs. Pitt learned a lesson about how hateful you people can be, her being threatened and all. I think she fears for her life.

  20. Jan says – reply to this


    I have always voted FOR gay marriage in FL as I thought gays wanted to express their LOVE like the rest of us. After all the HATE, death threats, and bullying at Jane Pitt, a grandmother, for expressing her PERSONAL opinion, I will NEVER vote for gay marriage again. What gives gays or ANYONE the right to threaten a woman in the US for having an opinion??????

  21. 21

    They are never going to get married. This is all engineered for maximum press. We'll see what happens over the next year, but, they'll never marry. Her track record is dismal at best and she has issues. Brad is hopefully smart enough to stay with her until she tires of him or vice versa. Hopefully in ten years they'll be friends and still involved in the kids lives.

  22. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Why do you call someone hate filled just because they don't believe/support gay marriage? Aren't people entitled to their opinion? I see no hate in what Brad's mother said - she doesn't support gay marriage - so be it. Don't confuse those who don't support gay marriage with those who are hateful bigotted people - they can be 2 different entities.

  23. Justbecause says – reply to this


    Re: Monika – She has just as much right to her opinions and views as Angelina does. Just because you don't agree with her doesn't mean her opinion doesn't matter. What I want to know is why Brad is such a ninny and is not defending his own mother. Whether he agrees or not he could at least come out and say something to defend her right to free speech.

  24. 24

    Perez, just because Brad's mom doesn't agree with same-sex marriage DOES NOT MEAN that she is hate filled! I think you are hate filled because you post negative comments on people who don't agree with your views!

  25. abinaderus says – reply to this


    telredwen is right. Intolerance for homosexuality and all pervesion, not hate, is what the bible teaches. This is not about hate, other than hating an immoral lifestyle. Was God "tolerant" towards Sodom and Gomorrah? Nope, no more than he will be toward Jolie, a la Hester Prynne.

  26. Ali says – reply to this


    Team Mama Pitt. Just because mama pitt doesn't agree with same sex marriage doesn't make her "hate filled". It's also very self-centered of angie to think that brad's mother needs to consult with them before writing any letters. She is a grown woman and can do/say what she wants, regardless of her son or her son's fiancé thinks about it.

  27. fid says – reply to this


    This sounds like the biggest load of crap and people just bite right into it. I should right Perez some ridiculous story about how every night Cameron Diaz eats babies in order to stay youthful, that's why sometimes she looks like a gremlin, because she skipped her meal of fresh babies. I'm sure he'd post it on his site as fact.

  28. 28

    you want her to tell off her boyfriend's mother who is what? 60-70 years old? Yeah bad idea. Tolerance is needed here on the younger people's part. Save the relationships. Old ideas will die out but those kids only have one gradnndw it works and kids can make up their own minds. Definately none of her business.

  29. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I heard, alledgedy, that his mom used to go to Key Parties, and take it up the ass ! So ! Who is she to talk !

  30. 30

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – That's exactly what that means. What if she had said she didn't think black people should be allowed certain rights? Doesn't that sound hateful to you?

    Re: telredwen – Religious views are fine until they start to make their way into legislation that limits the rights of other individuals in this country. There's a difference between just having an opinion and being a bigot. Anyone who would keep repeating 'Barack HUSSEIN Obama' should tell you they are a bigot.

    Re: JT – Thank you!

  31. 31

    Please Jane "Shut the fu¨%$*#ing mouth"!

  32. 32

    Re: honeylove021 – Are you seriously comparing affirmative action with the right to marry? No words…

    Re: tiff123 – She was being hateful. She was advising fellow 'Christians' that even though they may disagree on fundamental issues with the Mormon church, the fact that they both will seek to keep rights away from the homosexual community should be enough to give Romney their vote. She even goes on to insinuate that our current president is a terrorist just because he has a middle-eastern middle name. She is a fear-mongering, bigoted, ignorant, hateful woman. At least according to her letter she is.

    Re: Jan – Really? All it took for you to change your opinion concerning the rights of millions of people was a bigoted woman getting stood up to? You must be an extremely malleable person. What if she had said she didn't believe black people should have the same rights as everyone else? Would you still think people standing up to her is wrong? She chose to put those evil words out there. People have a right to stand up to her just as much as she has a right to say what she wants. I wish I had the luxury of completely throwing away the rights of a community based just on which one rubbed me the wrong way today.

  33. 33

    Re: Vanessa – Brad's mother's letter is full of hate. She insinuates that our current president is a terrorist just because he has a middle-eastern middle name. She advises all Christians to ignore their fundamental differences between the Mormon church because they both want keep rights away from the gay community. This woman is a bigot. Yes she has the right to speak her mind, but we also have a right, even a responsibility, to tell her she is wrong. If she had said she didn't think black people should have certain rights, wouldn't you have a problem with it? I'd like to think you would? I'm sure the african american community would count on you to be behind them. What makes the gay community less deserving of your support?

  34. 34

    We all know that if this woman had said she doesn't think black people should have the same rights as everyone else, people would have no problem calling her out on it. Bigotry is bigotry. Hate is hate. Why is hating on one community for something they can not change okay, but hating on the other for the same reason is wrong? The fact is that yes, we all have the right to speak our minds, but so does society. It is society's right and responsibility to tell people like Jane Pitt that she is wrong and that her views are hateful and bigoted. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Re: abinaderus – The fact that you would say that the bible stands for intolerance shows just how much respect you have for it anyway. I'm sure most Christians would disagree with you. What an ugly thing to say.

  35. 35

    Re: joethehobo – She never mentioned terriost in her letter… She was referencing it because the name is Muslim, even though it was a passed down from his father and his mother was an atheist, mrs.pitt sees him as different, not a terriost

  36. 36

    Re: joethehobo – You said you didn't want straight people support, just that we're wrong and to join the crowd. She is not wrong, she can state her opinion, and address it to the Group she wants to. I'm sure she knows both of brad and Angie's views and has considered what they have say….but she by no means have to adopt this general way of thinking because gay is trending worldwide,Gays are marrying, adopting etc that's fine, because there's tolerance, but be persecuted because ppl are stating personal beliefs in where it conducts no form of violence is wrong. Christians not Mormons should come together, and revel in what we have, not to disband and rise up against gays but to stand and show that the foundation of our right to faith matters as well. Right gays and right to faith.

  37. 37

    Re: Vanessa – So right… You can hate what person does, and that can a person you love….because you don't agree with one subject their life doesnt mean you hate them all together.

  38. 38

    Another made-up story.

  39. Jham says – reply to this


    Re: JT – Mrs. Pitt stated that she was not in support of gay marriage because it went against her religious views. That is NOT hate-filled. She does not HATE gays (or at least did not say that). She's an adult and entitled to her opinion.

  40. 40

    Re: Vanessa – Vanessa, you are so right ! It's not a matter of hate, it's a matter of belief.

  41. Gabrielle says – reply to this


    I agree with Brad's mother. She can voice her opinion and no one should put her down because of it. Everyone has the freedom of speech with their own opinion and Angelina should face the fact that Brad's mother has different views than they do and move on.
    Apart from that, I agree 100% with Brad's mother on her letter. Her views respect America at it's best.

  42. K says – reply to this


    The Only reason her comments were printed or heard was because of her sons fame. It is incumbent upon him to counter her views and clarify, publicly his feelings.

  43. Luna-Estrella says – reply to this


    I think its a bad idea for Rad's mom to say things that go against his and his wifes beliefs. YES it is OK and FAIR for everyon to have their ow opinion but I don't think its OK for her to go to media, write letters ect. With HER opinions she is going against what Brad and Angie are teaching their kids and will only confuse them. With hr remarks she can have a huge impact on how the kids view the world and people. And quite honestly in this world and in this day of age we need LEADERS and we need people who will see the good in EVERYONE and treas people with RESPECT and EQUALITY.

  44. kerikay says – reply to this


    I totally agree w/Angelina re:her actoins toward Jane Pitt.Who wants to have someone in their fam,especially around their kids,promoting negativity.If Jane hasn't noticed,it looks to me like out of,what,8 grandkids-one of them(at least) may be gay!than what?

  45. Roxyrue says – reply to this


    Perez stop being unfair & one sided all the time, just like the gay community has a right to express themselves, don't u think that its more than fair that Christians have the same rights too, NEWSFLASH its called freedom of speech,…its an absolutely open forum to express freely what your theories or views might be, nothing of what mama pit said was hateful nor did she offend anyone, stop instigating & fueling more drama.

  46. mokkaluv says – reply to this


    Team Angie! To bad Brads mom is so ignorant, but hey, she comes from a different generation. And sometimes people stop opening their eyes at a certain age. Sad.

  47. nicole says – reply to this


    Agreed Re: WAHHHHHHHH!

  48. ulaaa says – reply to this


    team Angie !!!

  49. 49

    I agree with Angelina, especially because of the children. Angelina and Brad want their children to have a balanced world view. What about Brad and Angie's first-born Shiloh? They are letting her find her place by not stifling her, whereas Granny Pitt would really screw up that kid royally with her christian control crap. Jane has probably just gotten over-protective of her once beautiful son working with so many Hollywood fruits; that's why he isn't saying anything.

  50. EricSF says – reply to this


    What happens if one or more of the many children Brad and Angie have happen to be gay? I wonder how Granny Pitt will feel then? Just sayin!!!

  51. 51

    So according to Angelina, Brad can express his views publicly, but his Mom can't? Just another reason why I can't stand her. Typical Lefty, expects everyone else to be tolerant to her views, but refuses to be tolerant of anyone who disagrees with them.

  52. 52

    By the way Perez…..If you really want the gay community to flourish, then you should really stop posting unreasonable statements. Calling this lady "hate filled" because she doesn't support gay marriage is hurting your cause. It just makes you look like an ass and it negatively affects all other homosexuals.

  53. jk says – reply to this


    I am not buying into this crap. I doubt if AJ said a damn thing about Brads mother an her letter and if it did it was in private and there are no "insiders" that are hearing her trash Brads mother. lol Aj knew hoe JP felt about gays and abortion when she got involved with Brad abd I am sure she is not going to preach to JP lol…Stop with the bullshit.

  54. 54

    I am pro gay marriage. I have friends and people close to me who are gays/lesbians. I even have a lesbian sister. However, I think that Mrs. Pitt is entitled to her opinion. Like others have stated, she is a grown woman, she has every right to say how she feels, and not one single statement she made regarding gays was hateful. She simply stated her opinion. She never threatened the gay community, she did not curse the gays, and she did not use hateful language towards the gay community in her letter. I am sure Angelina and Brad are not happy with what Mrs. Pitt said, but they are mature enough to recognize that not everyone is going to agree with their beliefs. Besides, I would lose respect for Brad if he called his mother out and disrespected her opinion and views. I like to believe that Brad is above that, and I can only hope your source is wrong. I hope Angelina has the same respect for her elders, especially since this is her future FAMILY.

  55. como says – reply to this


    Freedom of speech is an incredible right everyone has in America and his Mother should not be berated for exercising that right. It is what has allowed you to become 'famous' via your gossip site. If you dish it out, you need to learn to take it as well.

  56. 56

    "Jane has never wanted to talk politics with Angelina." Really? Publicizing her letter appears to be a passive-aggressive approach to discussing politics with Angelina. "She never thought her letter would be such a big deal." Really? When's the last time she googled her son's name? She's aware her letter would be a big deal. Of course she is entitled to her opinion but she just placed her family under intense scrutiny and pressure. I doubt she'll influence anybody's vote; she hasn't changed my mind. Our society would benefit more by focusing on banning child sexual abuse instead of banning same sex marriage.

  57. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    Brad's mom looks psycho anyway and his dad is totally trying to do the reach around boob grab on Angie in that "family photo" and from Angie's expression he is pulling it off-nothing like family to embarrass the craaap out you-ehh Brad

  58. 58

    I am so sick and tired of gay people telling anybody who is not gay that they are filled with hate. Gays have the most hate of all because you want the whole world to be gay like you. Until a man can poop a baby out of their ass, there will always be friction. Gays need to shut the fuck up and let straight people live their lives!

  59. 59

    Re: bep1976 – The irony of you suggesting gay people need to let straight people live their lives is not wasted on me. What an incredibly irrational and stupid thing to say.

  60. Snickers says – reply to this


    I'm disappointed Brad's mom is not as tolerant and open-minded as her son. Brad stopped going to church when he was a teenager because of the narrow-mindedness of his family's church. This is one instance I will take Angelina's side. Part of me wonders if Mrs. Pitt said all this just to drive Angelina away because try as they might with their smiley photo ops, it's very well known Jane Pitt does not like Angelina.

  61. 61

    Re: honeylove021 – The fact that she had to mention him because his name/he is different shows a lot. This political rights movement that is happening with the Gays is reminiscent to the civil rights movement in the respect that people are using the bible to fuel their views. Can I please also point out, people argued that interracial couples should not marry or procreate because it was an unhealthy situation for the children and the success rate is low.

    My own Grandmother who is Black and a bit older than Brad's mother. We've been having this debate since I can remember. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if we are going to change it we need to discuss it like adults who want a solution. Not to be bullied into a massive change. Gays are people at the end of the day, people. Who also happen to live in America. While I appreciate the religious views of others, when it comes down to it, it's a civil rights issue that needs to be addressed. If we can't stand together, we'll all fall for anything. Let's get back to the issue. She's an older woman expressing her view during a pivotal time during election year. Get off her back and get back to focusing on people's human rights.

  62. 62

    Re: Devon06x – The Bible basically says being gay is an abomination and it doesn't make God happy to see it. So anyone using their Christian religious beliefs is saying that God doesn't love them. That's not only extremely hurtful, but is hateful. God is supposed to love everyone no matter what. My aunt was a lesbian, it makes me sad to think that some of her last thoughts might have been sad because according to religion and my Grandmother, they'll never see each other again, because my aunt's life style was evil. Hurtful to think that something you have no control over will keep you from loved ones in the after life and apparently this one too.

    The kids are citizens of the world at this point and they are being raised in an environment to love everyone and everything.

    This muckraking is to deter from the fact the Angelina and Brad forgetting their decision to not wed until everyone else can. I remember them saying it, I made a similar proclamation, that I am keeping.

  63. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: Seant33 – you tell the whole truth! Brad has never been a classy man. Angie is crazy , trashy. Brad never looks happy or humble. I'll side with mommy:)