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The People Have Spoken: TomKat Divorce Edition!

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Divorce Poll

The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce case might have been quietly handled and swept under the rug, but that definitely didn’t keep Americans from exercising their first amendment right!

The Hollywood Reporter recently conducted a series of polls amongst the general American public, seeing just what they thought of all the divorce dramz!

Let’s start with the custody of little six-year-old Suri — 48% thought Katie should get sole custody, whereas only 6% thought Tom should! 46% of people believe the couple should share the rights.

Now for Katie’s career…will it improve, stay the same or crash and burn, now that she’s split from Tom??

Well, it looks like America is hopeful for Mz. Holmes — 49% think her career WILL improve and 35% think she’s ready to jumpstart her next big movie!

As for how the TomKat divorce case faired when put up against other hot topics? 91% of 13-49-year-olds were aware of it, as opposed to only 84%, who were more informed on Obamacare!

So, who does America place the blame in the whole scheme of things? 79% think Tom is at fault and 85% think Katie wins in the long run!

The divorce settlement in itself was SUPER speedy, leaving 65% figuring it was all for Suri’s benefit…though one-third believe Katie has info on Tom that he doesn’t want getting out! 24% think Scientology had something to do with how fast things were settled.

While on the topic of Scientology, 60% think it was the MAIN reason for the split, whereas 52% think differing parenting views for Suri were to blame.

As for 47%? They think the two just fell out of love after five years of marriage and 81% of Americans believe Katie handled her divorce from Tom better than Nicole Kidman did in 2001!

Well, Perezcious readers, looks like Katie reigns supreme overall!

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9 comments to “The People Have Spoken: TomKat Divorce Edition!”

  1. 1

    I love it when people give opinions on situations they know absolutely nothing about that involve people they wish they could know. For all anyone knows, Holmes could have decided to divorce Cruise because he leaves the toilet seat up. With neither of the two of them making any public statements, all anyone has had is a lot of speculation and irresponsible assumptions. And it scares me that people take themselves so seriously that they think they can give judgments when lacking all facts. It's a sad state of affairs.

  2. 2

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – you are fucking hilarious. you and the other stupidologists are like cats scratching to cover there shit on a linoleum floor. Yeah I know you are an "agnostic". yeah well horse shit. hiding behind fake ass avatar and fake ass name. fuck off please.

  3. 3

    It is refreshing mario, that AT LEAST THIS ONCE, to see that you finally admit your "reporting" some one elses story.

  4. Jay says – reply to this


    RayPearson I have seen you post on numerous posts and all of your posts are cruel and negative. It must really suck being you to be so hateful towards others for exercising their rights. Seriously relax its a freaking gossip site. GOSSIP meaning not pure fact. Someone saying they have a positive opinion on the divorce of these two does not make them a scientologists. Or as unoriginal as you are the "stupidologists" you keep posting about. Grow up. Not everyone has to agree with you. I'm a christian and while I don't agree with scientology I have been raised to deal with others religions in a positive way not hateful. Leave others opinions alone.

  5. Jan says – reply to this


    It’s amazing to me how the American public is still horrified at Cruise's couch jumping but have turned a blind eye to his incessant profanity and promotion of sexual immorality for the past 30 years. His influence on children and teens has been abhorrent. Also, his embrace of an occultic-based 'faith' that 'promises' not forgiveness, mercy, peace and eternal life as Jesus does, but millions of reincarnations, and “power’ over alien spirits. It also provides no remedy for man's sin nature which prevents him from approaching an awesome, righteous and holy God. (Romans 3:23) Good for “SP” Katie for having the guts to stand up to the evil David Miscaviage and the "Lyin-tology" machine. While those who trust Christ alone for their salvation (yes, John 3:16) look forward to an eternity without sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4) sadly, Cruise faces the same eternal doom as his false “messiah", a disturbed science fiction writer who declared himself the antichrist. "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36

  6. 6

    Thats neasuating..Why is the blame on him? Why is it always the males fault? I swear women need to be treated like the useless sex objects they are. Simple as that. This dumb ass bimbo KNEW everything about Scientology when she married him. SHE KNEW.

    She wouldn't have a career without tom..Just look at all of her other Dawson Creek co-stars..yay she got one major movie but then didn't even get rehired for the sequel..please

  7. 7

    Re: raypearson – Uhh, what thing in his statement was false? It's been proven time and time again that people LOVE making assumptions, jumping to conclusions and taking sides without having any evidence or actual facts, just bs they read. Case and point, the zimmerman thing.

  8. fed-up lady says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – What the hell is wrong with you! Men are to blame because they deserve it! Get off your friggin' anti-woman high horse and open your eyes. Women are ususally to blame because we're seen as the weaker sex but have more strength than people think. Men are never to blame but should be because they're weak. Sexist pigs like you should be shot!

  9. Sal Manilla says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Because he's an egotistical, 3-time-loser, control freak douchbag. Oter than that I wouldn't know why people think it's his fault.