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Some Scientologists Double As Internet Censors!

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But are you really surprised?

It's clearer than the Hollywood sign a day after rain — Tom Cruise's divorce has resulted in Scientology saturated news.

We even dug around to find some info on the 33 mystery ourselves! But even before the divorce, people were questioning the religion (see 2008 protest photo above).

If you're going to enter a religion that does things like build supposed super-power training centers, then don't be surprised when it gets a lil' media coverage! People are fascinated by the system that regards Cruise as a telepathic god-like being! It's human nature.

Still, some Scientologists are up in arms over the recent discoveries and discussions regarding Xenu.

One member, Daniele Lattanzi, sent an email to fellow members, urging them to report news stories or comments they deem abusive.

As Lattanzi puts it:

"Well, I am not somebody that I am going to simply stand and watch a bunch of uninformed people putting my religion under the carpet. So here is a simple hatting on how you can causative fight back and at the same time stand up and defend our religion on the internet."

But while Lattanzi feels passionately against the public forums, a rep for the Church insists Lattanzi's views are not their own:

"An email from a Scientologist is no more from the Church of Scientology than an email from a Catholic is from the Vatican. This did not come from the Church or anyone associated with the Church, nor is it a Church plan."

And hey! If there are people spreading hate on message boards, that's one thing. Delete! Delete! Delete! Report! Report! Report!

But fuming over investigation and civil discussion is something else completely. Like we said before, we all like to kiki! So when reports come out about Katie Holmes not wanting Suri in the Church, people will begin to wonder! And they'll want to communicate their curiosities!

Maybe someone just needs an extra session of Dianetics!

[Image via Anthony Dixon/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Some Scientologists Double As Internet Censors!”

  1. 1

    "We even dug around to find some info on the 33 mystery ourselves!" Liar. The only thing you did was copy and paste from other sites. We all know it, asshole.
    I an agnostic, and I think that ALL organized religions are cults. But you need to explain why it's wrong for Scientologists to organize and fight back against slanders, but it's just fine for you gays to organize and fight back against those who oppose you. Your hatred, bigotry, ignorance and hypocrisy are stamped all over this post, Mario.

  2. No you don't bore me says – reply to this


    The words hatred and bigotry used by 'Yes you bore me', as well as the overall hateful tone and the claim that he isn't a Scientologist, make it crystal clear that Yes you bore me is one of the Scientology censors that patrol the Internet to comment on articles negative of Scientology. Go on, report me!

  3. 3

    DAMN LATER THAN USUAL. this shit was reported EVERY WHERE last week

  4. 4

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – how's XENU doing today. I assume you communicate regularly

  5. raygun says – reply to this


    Yes You Bore Me only posts in scientology related posts. That is proof enough for me that he/she/it is a Scientologist. The venom coming from their printed words makes it obvious too. This perosn has an agenda.

  6. 6

    @No you don't bore me: Report you for what, being an idiot? I'm not a scientologist, but if I was, that could be cured. Your retardation can't, just as your gay can't, Perez. How sad for you.
    Re: raypearson – You have reading comprehension issues. I'm not a member of ANY religion because I think they're all cults. You're usually smarter than that.

  7. 7

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Firstly, you shouldn't be mocking other people for their lack of intelligence since you can't even proof-read your own posts (e.g. "I an agnostic…"), secondly, other organized religions cannot be directly compared to Scientology (or even the radical sect of the Mormon church) because while they may be corrupt, how many are reported for keeping close tabs on all members? The Co$ has taken measures in alienating and harassing ex-members, something even the Catholic Church hasn't done, so certain comparisons don't apply. Final point: no, someone can't be cured of homosexuality, as you've mentioned…I sure hope you aren't suggesting that they should be.

  8. demode says – reply to this


    Yes You Bore Me: If you hate gay people so much, why do you continue to post on a gay man's website? Judging by your obvious anger issues, I suspect you are probably gay and in the closet, and hate yourself for it. Cheer up friend. It get's better! Let go of the hate, and bring in the love.

  9. Horton Hears a Wha? says – reply to this


    L. Ron Hubbard was a gay man with a penchant for young boys. Expecting someone like "Yes You Bore Me" to be comfortable with his homosexuality (or possible bi-sexuality) is asking a lot. But yes, I think that "Yes You Bore Me" is secretly gay too. His user name is telling enough. The word "bore" can also be used to describe digging, grinding, or pushing into something with force. Saying "yes you bore me" could be interpreted as an invitation for other males to perform anal sex on him. So in all likelyhood, Yes You Bore Me would be what that gay community calls a "catcher", and on a subconscious level, he knows this, which is why he chose that user particular username.

  10. johnny appleseed says – reply to this


    Ah yes,,, taking the "I am not a Scientologist, But" Straight from the L Ron Hubbard playbook.
    Scientology's Office of Special Affairs has been playing that censorship game for years.
    They also created hundreds of vicious attack & Slander web sites directed at Ex-Members

    the cult Is actively advertising one of the Hate sites through "Google Ads" called "Who Is Marty Rathbun"
    Scientology wastes alot of time an money creating hundreds of these bizarre web pages filled with psychobabble.
    If you come across one of these web sites attacking critics.. its Scientology that Is behind the PR footbullet.

  11. choocho says – reply to this


    Yep, try posting something negative about Scientology on the ABC news site when they have a story about Scientology, the Scientology internet handlers working the comments section will click the "report abuse" button to delete it.

  12. ags says – reply to this


    I wasn't quite convinced this was true but I tried posting a comment on cnn under "living" tab than "beliefs" and when I hit submit it came back with an error stating I already said that and it ereased my comment.
    WHY is the federal government not involved in this? what ever became of the FBI investigation last year? this is some serious bs

  13. 13

    Chanology/Anonymous has a very important and on-going accomplishment - Chanology/Anonymous has made certain that scientology no longer controls the message about scientology.

    Scientology is a vile, evil cult. And as for all you cult censors out here, here's some advice for you:

    If you gotta have a cult, FFS please make sure the cult leader isn't a height challenged, rat brained moron with an IQ the square root of its shoe size.

    The cult of scientology is doomed. Expect it!