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Tom Cruise Top Guns For National Enquirer

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Tom Cruise Sues National Enquirer

Tom Cruise is NOT married happy.

His divorce with Katie Holmes and the subsequent fallout was obvi a very public affair, but Tom is particularly angry with one tabloid in particular.

The National Enquirer alleged Tom abused his wife and locked poor baby Suri in a "tiny, windowless room."

Attorney Bert Fields, who may or may not have been a senior partner at The Firm, sent a letter to the Enquirer threatening legal action should the magazine maintain its "disgraceful and lurid" attack upon Tommy boy.

Tabloids are surely no stranger to lawsuits but this is especially risky business considering the resources at the actor's disposal.

With bajillions of dollars in his bank accounts and the backing of the Church of Scientology, we're pretty sure this dude could declare himself King of Haiti and no one could stop him.

In his statement, Fields continued:

"Your cover announces, as a fact, that 'THE REAL TOM CRUISE IS A MONSTER.' Mr. Cruise is certainly not a 'monster.' He is a caring father, a hardworking actor and, above all, an honest, decent man."

A caring father and a decent man?? Now that's a minority report if we've ever heard one!

No matter what happens with Tom, Kat, and the tabs, we're praying none of this has too adverse an affect on Suri's childhood development!!

[Image via National Enquirer.]

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14 comments to “Tom Cruise Top Guns For National Enquirer

  1. leah says – reply to this


    WOW perez, I don't care how much you hate him or don't agree with his beliefs. I don't even like him and I would never say things like that about him. Think about your sources for goodness sake its the national enquirer! Who are you to say that he is not a caring father? Those stories are such BS they probably believe in big foot too. I'm embarrassed for you for buying into them.

  2. 2

    I can't believe you are getting info from National Enquirer and posting them on your website. LOL.

  3. Gooseyduke says – reply to this


    SUE NATIONAL ENQUIRE, get them dry to the bone. Let them learn the hardway, then hook them to e-meter. Perez Hilton TC is a good father and a good providerr, get your news straight or you be line up to be sue.

  4. Britanny says – reply to this


    Perez, leave the man alone. You don't know anything about his life and I wouldn't rely on your sketchy sources.

  5. Goosey says – reply to this


    SUE NATIONAL ENQUIRE ! get them dry to the bone. Let them learn the hardway, then hook them to e-meter. Perez Hilton, TC is a good father, a good person and a good provider. Have your news straight, use intelligent words not defamation, you be next in line to be sue.
    Fair is fair.

  6. J.Carter-Allen says – reply to this


    Perez never said it wasn't true. when faced with accusations, even the worst parents will claim they are good parents and do everything for their children. hence where he said "minority report". before YOU PEOPLE start bitching at someone, maybe you should properly understand the text you are reading. Also, if you don't approve of the information on this site and its sources, then stop reading and move on to another page. No one asked you to be here and read his articles.

    j. Carter-Allen. Age 18, Ontario Canada

  7. 7

    Re: leah – "Those stories are such BS they probably believe in big foot too." no, but they DO regulaly have photos of the same volcano eruption with the caption "satan escapes from hell,,photographic proof"

  8. 8

    Re: J.Carter-Allen – Why the fuck are you saying where you are from?

  9. 9

    Re: J.Carter-Allen – " j. Carter-Allen. Age 18, Ontario Canada " imagine my surprise. tell you what the boy mario loves we who bitch about his site. seriously, go back and check the numbers. if you subtract our comments AND the ones like your whine that respond to us PEEREX'S click count would go down by HALF, therefor his ad revenue would do the same.

  10. 10

    Re: Gooseyduke
    So, you say they should be left "dry to the bone."
    You say that they should "learn the hard way."
    And then you say they should get "hooked up to the e-meter."

    What, Scientology as punishment?! LMAO!
    "Suck up all their money and hook them to a clothes-hanger"?!
    (Isn't that their usual modus operandi?)

    But of course, I get it… You wanna stick up for your self-absorbed and narcissistic god. In Tommy's ego-centric "I'm nothin' but a spoiled rotten bully" world, NAME-CALLING is weally weally mean, isn't it Goosey?
    Tell me something:
    Do they hook YOU up to the e-meter when you're a bad wittle boy?
    Do they make YOU learn the HARD way?
    And how much money have you spent on the COS already?
    Enough to pay Bert's salary?

    Why don't you and your runny-nosed Tommy-wanna-be motherfuckers take your Scientology-inspired comments of NONSENSICAL DRIVEL and shove it up your collective UNEVOLVED AND UNENLIGHTENED ASSES!

    Oh, that felt good.
    I'd better go hook up to the clothes hangers, though… I was a bad girl.

  11. Anna says – reply to this


    I agree with Tom and his attorney. This isn't right…National Enquirer? Really? You can't believe everything this magazine says. Everything they say about these celebrities is false. Tom never had abused Katie and locked Suri in "a windowless room." That's the falsest thing I've ever heard. If this was true (WHICH IT IS NOT!!), Katie would have already divorced Tom a long time ago. And I never saw bruises on her in pictures of her outside, even with a bikini on. National Enquirer, all they ever do in this business is take a divorce, or any other celeb news and twist the story and make it their own. The only reason they do this is to make the celeb their victim and make them look bad. When they're not like that at all. I really hate tabloids, everything they say is sometimes always false. I can't believe people would actually believe this crap. I wish National Enquirer would stop this and just stick to the truth instead of LYING about everything. Tom never abused Katie, the only reason she divorced him was because of his religion.

  12. 12

    I agree with Tom and his attorney. National Enquirer? Really? You can't always believe everything they say. Tom never abused Katie or locked Suri in a windowless room. If this was true (WHICH IT IS NOT!!), Katie would have divorced him a long time ago. The only reason Katie divorced Tom was because of his religion. I don't get National Enquirer, everything they say is a lie. They just take a random story and twist it and make it their own. They do this to make the celebrity their victim and to make them look bad. Celebrities need respect not hate and also should not be targets or subjects of stories about them that aren't true at all. I feel for Tom and other celebs who have ever been a target of National Enquirer. National Enquirer needs to stop this and stick to the truth and the REAL facts.

  13. 13

    Three marriages and TOM CRUISE IS STILL GAY!!!! WAKE UP TURDS!! S/HE IS A MONSTER!!!! ALL 5 FOOT 2 INCHES OF HIM!!!! :-)

  14. news produsers from my says – reply to this


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