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78 comments to “Daniel Tosh Will Remove Rape Jokes From Brickleberry Pilot”

  1. 1

    " It's good to see someone take responsibility for their actions!" I certainly agree we all should accept responsibility for our actions,,, WHEN will you start??

  2. 2

    God this is sad, I doubt the show would have been that good to begin with, but Jesus Christ, I hope you PC clowns are proud of yourselves.

  3. 3

    OH MY GOD! It was a joke, and the dumb woman mistook it as a personal attack on her. If you go to see him perform, and get offended, then you're mentally retarded. He has made fun of thousands upon thousands of things, but rape is the line?

  4. 4

    Re: raypearson – then delete your account and get off his freaking website you dumbass……..I thought the source quote was really funny tho haha

  5. 5

    I really wish a celeb or organization would have the balls to just go tell people to F themselves and stop being so uptight..You know they all think it. The worst part is, idiots actually think they are being sincere when in all reality they are thinking to themselves "what retards" A celeb has to apologize to save their ass and career..they need people to like them and support them. Otherwise, you wouldn't be having people apologize to uptight overly politically correct twats every 2 seconds

  6. 6

    Re: MewLover34 – So you think rape is funny? Seek counseling.

  7. 7

    Re: downwithgaga – This coming from someone who is so intelligent that you call people mentally retarded. That's all I need to know. You're an idiot.

  8. Hilary says – reply to this


    If the rape of an audience member would have been funny and funny things are good, then at least some rapes are good. Creepy.

  9. 9

    Tosh is supposed to be offensive..that's what makes him funny. I feel like you should know that before you go to his show. If you don't like it, then don't go

  10. 10

    Re: ViMamma – RAPE IS NOT FUNNY. EVER. What about that don't you people get? Disgusting scum may think it's funny.

  11. lisa says – reply to this


    it was a FUCKING joke!! if u took everything a comic said literally they would say nothing but knock knock jokes. that girl needs to chill the fuck out and get a grip. plus she heckled him! that's what comics do when they are heckled. she needs to get that stick out of her ass and try getting a life.

  12. 12

    I agree that rape is not funny, but I notice a double standard here - there are jokes about murder all the time. Apparently you can make jokes about murder but not rape.

  13. Jane says – reply to this


    Tosh defenders are getting sooooooo worked up over this. Relax people. Not everyone likes rape jokes.

  14. 14

    I'm sure Tosh would find rape just as hilarious if it happened to his wife or mother or sister…

  15. 15

    Re: Jane – Except sick "Fs". They seem to find it amusing. Bet they wouldln't if they knew someone who'd been raped. You know like a spouse, a daughter, a mother, etc., etc. Nothing funny about it. Nothing at all.

  16. ben says – reply to this


    it is a fucking joke. i care more about someone getting raped than a rape joke

  17. 17

    We are getting worked up because we are fans of his, and now because of one person not understanding his sense of humor, he is changing the layout of his show. If you get offended easily with rape jokes, murder jokes, whatever…then go watch fucking Seinfeld. Nobody is forcing you to watch Tosh..so don't ruin it for the people who do.

  18. 18

    Re: ViMamma – It's possible to be extremely funny without crossing disgusting lines. Sorry some of you find it amusing. That says a lot about you and not in a good way. find it disgusting and way out of line. It's not at all funny, especially to those who have been raped.

  19. 19

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – Well I am able to separate the difference between reality and entertainment…I think that's what it says about me, now that we are making personal attacks. Like I said before, if you don't like it..don't watch it! Its really that easy.

  20. dw says – reply to this


    In my opinion Tosh just isn't funny. He isn't creative hes just a fucking bully who shits on the poor schmucks who didn't read the terms of service for youtube. He's not a comedian hes just a Dick. Making fun of people who have no way to defend themselves or their actions..wow what a genius, hes like the Einstein of comedy. I hope he gets gang raped.

  21. Cate says – reply to this


    What I've read from most people coming to his defense is a bunch of blame the victim mentality… which just goes to show that we are far and away still a culture full of individuals that either don't realize or don't care that by accepting/getting over/tolerating/and full out approval… just perpetuates a culture of sexual violence, mores specifically in this case, against women.

    Somehow the woman should have known (or we all who are offended should know… welcome to victim blaming 101, today your substitute teacher will be a Mr. Tosh and all his supporters), we should get over the fact that we are offended (so somehow he's entitled to the opinion that rape is god damn hilarious and so are you… but others aren't allowed to be of the opinion that suggesting people be victimized or gang-banged etc etc is god damn disgusting… I see), or that trivializing rape of any sort is acceptable because you know, being violated like that is just a shitload of laughs.

    The reality is that multiple other comedians have broached the topic, the inherent difference is that most of them have not targeted VICTIMS of sexual violence as the butt of the joke. There are many ways to broach the subject but when you feel it necessary to put that dialogue up for discussion… if you're suggesting violence against someone it is neither appropriate nor is it funny. If you are really adamant that it is… you need to seriously re-evaluate.

  22. Cate says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – Sadly, he's made jokes about his sister being violated on multiple occasions. Basic conclusion… he's a piece of shit.

  23. 23

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal
    And don't forget Tosh himself; I'm sure he'd find having his own orifices raped bloody as hilarious, where he wouldn't be a stand-up comedian so much as a cower-down one.

  24. dw says – reply to this


    Re: Cate – agreed! he's a total turd. And he isn't funny. he wasn't funny before and now I can only hope he is taken off heavy rotion on comedy central because I don't need cable to see people do stupid shit on youtube…I can watch it on youtube. And if I want some dumbass whiteboy to narrate I can read the comments. Noone is paying those fucktards so why does he get a show? He's a fucking fratboy asshole.

  25. 25

    Feminism and anti-rape sites spewing flat out wrong and incorrect statistics and data have done a pretty good job at molding fragile average intelligent minded people. Rape is now worse than murder. You can joke about murder, joke about the rape of a male..But cannot joke about rape. If you're a woman, you can joke about rape and receive little to no backlash at all. Ahh America, land of the idiots and home of the retards

  26. Nic says – reply to this


    Rape is nothing to joke about. It totally fucks you up. I was sexually abused by 2 of my brothers, now 30 years later, I don't have any relationship with ANY of my family. All of I can think about is killing myself. FUCK YOU WORLD!

  27. FUfeminists says – reply to this


    If he's taking those jokes out, then he withdraws his first amendment right. Screw you feminists and take a joke like an adult, not a goddamn six year old. You're the reason this country id going to be censored, INCLUDING YOU!

  28. FUfeminists says – reply to this


    Re: Jane – That's not the point you dumb broad, the point is you're all taking it literally, grow some balls and put them in your mouth.

  29. Frank says – reply to this


    It's not anyone's responsibility to protect you from being offended. If you don't like what you hear or see, don't listen or watch. USE YOUR BRAIN.

  30. Larry says – reply to this


    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – This issue has nothing to do with what you or anyone thinks is funny. I'm sure a lot of things you find funny I find completely stupid and possibly offensive, just like I find your comment. Should you be censored?

  31. 31

    Re: ViMamma – Sorry. Will never agree. Joking about rape is not funny OR ENTERTAINMENT. It's just disgusting.

  32. Goat says – reply to this


    I'm offended by your subject-possession disagreement. "it's good to see omeone take responsibility for HIS actions".

    Take a writing class. I'm not sure what is more disgusting, the fact that you make money gossiping, or that your gossip contains errors that my sister in High School would catch…idiot.

  33. dw says – reply to this


    Re: FUfeminists – what about the fact that he ISN'T FUNNY?! I'm just glad he finally shot himself in the foot cause he's a fucking hack. I don't really give a flying rats ass about the subject matter I'm more offended by the total absence of originality imagination or cleverness. If censorship could stop unfunny people from calling themselves comedians than censorship would be as funny as rape! And that is a more sensical arguement than yours was so go back to your cave and fuck yourself Cro-Magnon man. Fucking troglodyte. God help us all if you breed, I honestly hope you're sterile cause you are tragically stupid. Please don't rape anyone, it could actually be the end of the world if you inflicted your dna on the global population.

  34. dw says – reply to this


    Am I the only one offended by the fact that someone who is a PRICK and nothing more is calling himself a comedian!? For fuckssake! Comedy issue an artform! Tosh is just a mean guy! I know im the only person who sees that so what is this fucking arguement based on!? None of the subject matter is relevant because he isn't relevant. You want to see a real comedian watch Louis c.k. or Margaret cho or Doug stanhope or Jonathan fucking winters goddammit! They ALL have bits that could be called offensive but we forgive them because THEY ARE FUNNY. Hes offensive because hes a fucking dipshit!

  35. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: downwithgaga – So, you would be ok if someone said it would be funny to rape you? That isn't crossing the line?

    "Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…”

    If that isn't an attack on someone, I don't know what is.

  36. 36

    Re: NookiesWA – Yeah I see jokes about prison rape and Sandusky jokes on the comments on this site and nobody is calling those people out. Hell, I hear jokes about Sandisky constantly on TV. But i never see complaints about that. Which is weird because you would think kid rape is more offensive to people. But I guess not. One normal rape joke and people lose their shit.
    I'm probably never going to laugh at a rape joke, but I'm not going to get all pissy about it. If something on TV truly offended me I would turn the channel or just get over it. Not write letters, protest and cry about it.

  37. dw says – reply to this


    Re: FUfeministsRe: FUfeminists – who is a six year old? You're getting all clenched about an unfunny hack getting called out for being a prick in front of a live audience and then criticizing people who obviously MUST be FEMINISTS for not thinking gang rape is funny and calling THEM immature?! You don't see the retardation of that statement? Of course you don't, what am I thinking…. god bless you, you poor stupid self defeating moron. Hang in there Mr. Domestic violence; society will come around someday..you'll probably be on death row by then but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  38. 38

    I have a question. Why is everyone so up tight about a rape joke? Why does rape cross a line but racist jokes dont? Or sexist jokes or religious jokes? I guarantee that most of the people who are complaining have atone point laughed at a joke that was offensive to somebody. So why is rape off limits but making jokes about lets say a certain race? Blacks were once enslaved in this and many other countries, Jew's and the Japanese were involved in internment camps. Why does this subject cross the line?

  39. dw says – reply to this


    Re: hootberry – I'm offended by the fact that he calls himself a comedian. I'm relieved that he has offended so many people with a rape joke because he sucks and now in spite of high ratings and low production costs he might get less airtime on comedy central. I just fucking despise him and I always have and I'm thrilled that he has finally pissed people off even if its not for the same reasons he pisses me off. Although it does help validate my extremely low opinion of him in a public forum.

  40. Duals says – reply to this


    Re: Nic – get over it

  41. dawg_sheeit says – reply to this


    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – I imagine sodomy is the only way to make you shut up.

  42. dw says – reply to this


    Re: dawg_sheeit – I'm psychically sodomizing you right now. Feel that motherfucker, booyeah.

  43. 43

    Re: dw – haha Im not arguing the fact of him being a good comedian or not, it really isnt relevant. I am just so confused why these people are so bent out of shape about a stupid rape joke. I'm a woman and I truly dont care if someone makes a joke at my expense in fact I love it because it builds character and I try to joke right there with them. Im also jewish and I couldnt care less if someone makes a jew joke, hell I will join in on the jokes. I just dont understand why these people are so pissed about a rape joke but I can guarantee that the woman who started all of it laughed at black jokes, or mexican jokes, or muslim jokes or jewish jokes or any other type of offensive joke that Tosh made before she got her panties in a twist. Why is rape the one that causes an uproar, why not murder jokes? What is wrong with them?!

  44. dw says – reply to this


    Re: hootberry – word. I honestly have nothing against him except that he calls himself a comedian and he's an asshole. Offensive jokes? Right on, have at it, I love that shit. But hes just a Dick. That is what is offensive to me. I dont like people who have nothing but negative mean-spirited bullying in their repertoire claiming to be comics. It gives the whole game a bad rap. Fuck that guy. Not cause he said something totally out of line to an individual member of a live audience (all comics snap once in a while, especially when they are being heckled) but because he lowers the artform…..and he isnt funny. I can't respect that

  45. dw says – reply to this


    I get your point hootberry but all I'm saying is that those things can be forgiven when there is some artistry in it. But you gotta finesse that shit…or you need to have some credibility to get away with it. He could possibly have credibility as a stand up..not with me but that doesn't mean anything, - enough credibility with his t.v. audience to be able to pull that shit is another matter. If you're going to be a prick you either need to be invisible or you need to be visible only to an audience that already knows and loves you for being a prick. I think the dumbass got too big for his britches….you gotta finesse that shit!!!

  46. 46

    Re: dw – right on, i agree, i used to watch chelsea handler and then it just got to a point where all she did was act like a bitch and yell at ppl and interrupt them and there was not one joke. She has no talentso i get what youre saying

  47. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: lisa – Rape is fucking hilarious

  48. 48

    And Tosh's not 'taking responsibility for his actions'; if he had, he would have immediately apologised for his remark and edited his work, rather than being being told to do it by his pack of lawyers. He's probably also googling himself and writing under the nom-de-spume of FU-wimmin

  49. Jen4rmdablock says – reply to this


    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – You're actually the disgusting one becuase you're sitting here insulting people who find it funny body is the same & of course like you just said you'll never agree…. How about instead of insulting a comedian who was joking around which is his job… You get your lazy annoying self off you're computer & actually try & help rape victims cope with what they have gone through….. That goes to all you annoying others offended by a JOKE made by a COMEDIAN…. He did not actually rape anyone he made a joke…..

  50. Jen4rmdablock says – reply to this


    Re: dw – What about the fact that YOU think he isn't funny? If he wasn't funny he wouldn't be on tv making tons of money…. What about that fact… You hate someone so much get over yourself cuz honestly no one cares about your in opinion in your long pointless paragraphs… You actual,y make me laugh as well hahahahahha😂😂😂😂

  51. 51

    Re: Jen4rmdablock – Not only that, but on previous post about this the Pacific Gal person was telling people that she hopes that they get raped so they would understand where she was coming from. If something terrible happened to me I would NEVER wish it upon people to prove a point. Or call people the scum of the Earth for being fans of Tosh. Things she are saying are just as bad.

  52. 52

    someone this stupid and cruel doesn't deserve riches

  53. 53

    I agree.. anyone here who says rape is funny or calling people retarded is ok needs to get off the internet and get HELP. You people are sick and if you don't get that.. you really don't understand a thing about life and need to get outside and figure it out. retarded people are smarter and more beautiful than you any day and you rape victims are destroyed for the rest of their LIVES and you think it's funny.. you're sick

  54. 54

    Do you guys not realize desensitization has ruined America? Make jokes now and our kids think it's ok to call that autistic ki who has worked harder his whole life than they ever will a retard and try to push him to kill himself.. all because it's funny on some show. It's ok to rape a girl because it's no big deal.that's why people act the way they do because disgusting things like this are allowed on tv, glorified, thrown money at and so people grow up thinking it's 'ok". it's not ok. it will never be ok.

    Why is it ok to joke about murders and not rape? Actually never heard of anyone thinking murder was funny. But I do know rape victims wish they were dead and you belittling them.. making their experience a joke and grooming young men to think it's funny a b8tch ho* got raped was funny and something to tell his friends and post on youtube is ok…

    why do you turds have to be so dang dumb

  55. disgusted says – reply to this


    so we can all make jokes about murder, the halocaust, ones poking fun at mentally challenged people, but rape is where we draw the line now. all of those things are disgusting, but this is america. you have the freedom to be offended just as much as a comedian has a right to tell a rape joke. you may not agree and it may not be funny to you, but what you find funny might be offensive to another person. people are so self absorbed and easily offended nowadays, double standards every where. lets all just tell knock knock jokes so we dont hurt peoples feelings. has anyone seen the george carlin rape joke skit? you probably should

  56. 56

    To those trying to explain the wrongness of rape jokes . . give up. These people do not have the mental capacity to understand and/or empathize with the subject. It truly saddens me that such a large group of people take no issues with violence towards another human being. And no, I also do not think murder, gay bashing, pedophile, racist and sexist ‘jokes’ are funny either. I just don’t see anything funny if it comes at anothers expense. If a ‘comedian’ has to scrape ‘humor’ off the bottom of a dirty shoe to be funny, go revel in the lunacy. But do not expect others to ‘get over it’ or whoop it up with you. I think you’ll find, in the grand scheme of things, you’re in a very small group.

  57. 57

    Re: sick_girl – Never said that. Was speaking of Tosh, that is not we. Quit making shit up to defend your pathetic stance on this issue.

  58. 58

    Re: Jen4rmdablock – Listen up Jen honey. How do you know I don't do just that? Maybe that's why it's not so god damn funny to me to joke about. How about you go work with rape victims, then come back and report to me if you still think this idiot is funny. I think you'd have a complete different opinion.

  59. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    personally….most comedy in general is stupid….how fucked up are we as humans that we need to make fun of serious issues and other people to get a laugh…..i mean really?? Sitting and laughing at the expense of others…..no wonder this world is in the state its in…..and no….it's not "just a joke"….jokes are hurtful, and when people laugh along with it, it makes it even more painful….i think we should all just grow up already and treat each other with decency.

  60. 60

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – Really you never said anything loke that? Because under the article "Daniel Tosh Angers Audience And Fans After Rape Joke" you posted to a commenter " You're one stupid bitch for posting what you did. Maybe you'll get raped some day and then you'll get it. You're probably male - even better that you get raped so you get it."
    So no, I am not making shit up. I'm pointing out that you are just as bad as Daniel Tosh for wishing this upon people. You are wishing terrible things upon people to prove your goddamn point.

  61. dw says – reply to this


    Re: Jen4rmdablock – I don't understand what you are trying to articulate. No sprechen sie dumbass.

  62. Jen4rmdablock says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – I completely agree!! I don't care if they don't find him funny & I never said rape was something funny but just let it be if they don't like it….. And for them to sit here & call people disgusting for finding him funny….. Or wishing rape on someone just shows that they weren't really damage or scarred by being raped themselves…. Becuase I know if something happened to me I would NEVER wish it on anyone that is the worst thing especially if they're here trying to justify the fact that rape jokes are bad or that tosh was wrong for saying that to her becuase they're doing the exact same thing… Haha it just makes me laugh Especially since she denied it hahaha oh well we can't change people & neither can they so they should just stop because their argument isn't gonna stop me from watching his hilarious self on tv & or stop him form making tons of money…..:D

  63. Jen4rmdablock says – reply to this


    Re: dw – So you use a "smart" word then call me a dumbass haha you're such a joke….. You're honesty a no body…..& tosh is making more more money than you ever will & living the life while you sit here hating him for it hahahahha how about that!!! & you don't understand English becuase I was pretty clear you lowlife let go of that hate because it means nothing coming from you…. Tosh will continue to be funny to many people & make tons of money off of it;D

  64. Alison says – reply to this


    First of all he shouldn't remove anything bc someone found it offensive bc now the flood gates are opened. It's enevitable that at least one person will always be offended by something. People take offensive to easily. Don't like it and move on. I find it hard to believe that rape was where the line was crossed when comedians make fun of races, mentally challenged people, people in wheel chairs, I could go on and on…

  65. 65

    It's fine if you are offended by this style of humor, but if you are, why do you watch him??? It's like going to a strip club and getting pissed that the girls are naked! There are comedians who have a gritty sense of humor, and some don't. Tosh does, so if that's not your style, then DON'T WATCH! Why is this complicated?

  66. dw says – reply to this


    Re: Jen4rmdablock – you wouldn't know funny if it raped you. Are words with 4 or more syllables automatically "smart" words? Why did you put the word smart in quotations? I didn't call it a smart word, I don't think anyone (who wasn't a dumbass) would say the word articulate qualified as especially advanced. Thanks for proving my point that Daniel Tosh is only on television, (that's a smart word for T.V.), because he appeals to the lowest common denominator…You can look that one up. I'm sure you don't own a dictionary (smart word for a book that tells you what other words mean) but they have one nonlinear, feel free to copy and paste the word dictionary into your search. engine to avoid hurting yourself trying to spell dictionary. Oh! I have another word for you: Twat! And I make plenty of money, it's one of the perks I get for using smart words.

  67. Jen4rmdablock says – reply to this


    Re: dwRe: dw – um it's called being sarcastic if you've ever heard of that? & so now because you think I'm a dumbass I'm a dumbass & because you don't find something funny it's not funny? Dont you realize everyone is different & doesnt have the same opinion as you? Don't you realize you're a NOBODY which means you can keep insulting & I can care less….. Man you're actually a joke….. & is that the only way you can continue arguing by using insults….Get a life man seriously….. Yeah he's on tv STILL making EASY money but that wasn't the point you were trying to make "smart person" hahaha😂 you were trying to prove that he isn't funny because that's what YOU think obvisouly if he wasn't he wouldnt continue to make money off of all his fans;D Oh & thank god I've never been raped:) alright I'm done I'll sit here laughing while you continue to get angry & insult me because that's the last resort people go to when they get angry and have no other way of arguing ;D hhahahahahahahah😂 oh man what a laugh ;D byeeeee!!!!:D

  68. dw says – reply to this


    Re: Jen4rmdablock – ok, this is too easy..

  69. dw says – reply to this


    Checkmate jen! You've got me pegged. I don't understand sarcasm at all.

  70. dw says – reply to this


    ACTUALLY I'm only a figurative joke.

  71. Jeremy Gordon says – reply to this


    Nice to know humanity has not evolved at. Its funny to make jokes about rape? would you be joking about it if YOU were raped or someone you knew was? People should speak out against bull when it's said.

    Also, the idea that the woman should have just shut up is also obnoxious. If someone pays to go to a show, they can say what they was, they paid to be there. If Tosh cannot handle what someone says, then maybe he shouldn't be in the spotlight.

    As for anyone say how say Tosh makes more money than me, I rather be poor than make money from being a bad comic.

    How about we praise real comedians for a change? Or even the woman who spoke out should be praised, not Tosh who isn't smart enough to handle criticism.

    I wish humanity was more evolved than it is. Rape is never anything to make a joke about, it's a serious issue.

  72. 72

    Re: raypearson – just as Richard said I'm shocked that some people able to make $5721 in four weeks on the computer. did you look at this website >>>>> Internetwork.notlong.com

  73. Jon says – reply to this


    I'm writing this because I do not like generalizations. Freedom of speech for the sake of freedom is a dangerous notion, but the condemnation of certain topics over another is equally volatile. Worse still, the idea that once you've gone through something, then you'll change your ways and truly understand. That's what upsets me the most. I am a victim of sexual assault. Close friends are victims of rape. I understand. And yet I think rape jokes can sometimes be funny. Do you judge me for it? Do I really not understand the situation, then, because I don't agree with your idea that all rape victims think rape is not funny? In my opinion, that's black and white thinking, and the world we live in is the furthest thing from black and white.

    I know what I have to say will be largely inconsequential to the way you already feel about the issue at hand. I just want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to say it.

  74. DazDat says – reply to this


    What "Rape Jokes" are you talking about Perez? There was ONE joke. Malloy's storyline had a red neck/bestiality gag. It was suggested, but not shown. There wasn't "a great deal of rape jokes to edit out", as you wrote. Maybe you should spend more time doing research before writing your articles.

  75. matt says – reply to this


    Don't want his show then. Don't go to his stand up. You know Tosh's sense of humor.

  76. ao cuoi kenny thái says – reply to this


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  77. Abster says – reply to this


    Wow all of you need to take that stick out of your ass daniel tosh.is FUNNY!!!!! Yes I agrer that his joke wasreally crossing the line but everything else he does is funny. Just beacause he said one bad joke should'nt make you hate him and wish him to be gang raped he apologised and thats that I wont stop loving him because he said one horrible joke

  78. Haitian says – reply to this


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