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NYC To Transform Unused Nickelback CDs Phone Booths Into Coasters WiFi Hotspots

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Colin Farrell Supports The WiFi Phone Booth Conversion

Discounting hobos who prefer Yellow Pages brand toilet paper, when's the last time anyone entered a phone booth?

Fifteen years ago, it was awesomely convenient that New York City had a hundred-qaudrillion pay phones on pretty much ever street corner, just ask Colin Farrell (above)!

Now they're useless! Anachronistic! Abandoned temples to worship forgotten hardline Gods!

Or at least they were, LOLz!!

NYC officials have embraced the environmentally friendly philosophy of "adaptive reuse," and instead of wasting resources to remove all these phone booths, they've decided to transform them into something useful — WiFi hotspots!!

Hooray for recycling! It's adorbsies!!

And high-fives for New York!!

[Image via 20th Century Fox.]

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8 comments to “NYC To Transform Unused Nickelback CDs Phone Booths Into Coasters WiFi Hotspots”

  1. fuckyouperez says – reply to this


    wow. fuck you perez. if everyone hates nickelback why do all their shows sell out? so it's not okay to bully celebrities an such but them posting bullshit about bands you dont like is ok. just fuck you. i'm done with your shit website. you're pathetic.

  2. 2

    Why do you continue to use infantile workds like "adorbsies"? You are a grown man, for eff's sake. Stop trying to sound like a pre-pubescent tenny bopper and act your age!

  3. Not fucking Impressed! says – reply to this


    Perez just a little FYI for you, calling human beings hobos is the same thing as calling somebody a homo…Only if I were to call somebody a homo, gay, or any discriminating comment. I would be considered a racist, or hater, or worse. Yet you can openly call human beings hobos? Why is it so important (from your perspective anyways) to support the gay, transgender, lesbian, and bisexual community. But humans without the means to take care of themselves (for whatever reason is not relevant) are to be made fun of. Not cool at all! I guess you really should think before you type.

  4. 4

    Adorbsies. Everything about you screams pedophile.

  5. yelldan says – reply to this


    first of all, you have no idea what anachronistic means or at least how to use it in a "sentence".

    second of all, I concur with the other comments (minus the one valorizing Nickleback). Not necessarily for word choice, but for the snarly comment after its use. If your signature style of writing had not become so apologetic and moralistic over the years I would have less of a problem with it, but it looks like you're just going back to ways you've denounced publicly. If you're a bitch you're a bitch. Own it. Like Michael K.

  6. Gerii says – reply to this


    Re: fuckyouperez – I'm totally agree with you… !!

  7. 7

    your a piece of crap. im starting to hate your website more and more

  8. 8

    Arriba Blombito!