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Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Share The Most Joyless Walk Ever

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Rachel And Hayden Going For The Worst Stroll Ever

A long time ago Thursday, in a galaxy far, far away Studio City, Rachel Bilson and Lord Vader Christensen took the iciest stroll this side of Hoth!

Honestly, if the romance between Hayden and Rachel were any thinner, we'd think about checking it into rehab for an eating disorder!

Hayden constantly walked several paces in front of Rachel. Even when the two were within arms reach, they seemed disinterested in one another.

They traveled quite a few city blocks together and not a smile was to be seen! Honestly, they looked miserable!

What's wrong? Are you unhappy with the new paint color for your closet? LOLz!!

We sincerely hope everything is alright!!

You two are usually so cute together!!

[Image via Danny/WENN.]

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18 comments to “Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Share The Most Joyless Walk Ever”

  1. SpinsterManquee says – reply to this


    Looks like she's crying… sad.

  2. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Joking about eating disorders is not funny, Perez. You disgust me in so many ways.

  3. blacksonia says – reply to this


    He's a douche. No real man hangs a woman out to dry like that. What an a-hole.

  4. 4

    My husband does this to me and it makes me crazy! I asked him if I should wear a burka.

  5. Stephanie says – reply to this


    An eating disorder joke. Real classy

  6. 6

    I second and third the notion that a joke about an eating disorder is just plain pathetic.

    But Perez can't read body language any better than he can write about it.
    To my uneducated view, it appears as though Rachel is upset or pensive about something, and is walking a bit slower because she has a lot on her mind.
    Hayden is aware that she's upset - and probably knows why - but is unsure of how to react, perhaps because they are in public and front of the paps. (Typical male, lol.)
    He has a few small smiles on his face - sent in her direction - which suggest to me that he cares about what is going on, but wants them to hurry up:
    "Hey, come on hon, let's get moving here, these fucking paps are gonna make this into something big. Let's just get on home, and we'll talk about things there."

  7. 7

    Re: rockermom94
    I have a close male friend who does this to me all of the time, too.
    What I like to do to him now is simply stop walking, quietly enter into a store and watch while he keeps on walking down the street alone, oblivious.
    When he turns around to find I'm not there, the look on his face is PRICELESS.
    Especially if he's been talking, which he also likes to do a lot, too. ;)

  8. 8

    It's obvious that he's checked out of the relationship. Similar pictures were snapped of BP and JA a couple of years before the divorce. He checked out before he engaged with AJ. Rachel should pick up her self esteem and high tail it out of the relationship with her dignity intact.

  9. 9

    Re: Vanessa – Yea…it's OK to joke about eating disorders yet crucify T.O about r. ape.

  10. 10

    I do this to my man, he walks to damn slow. haha

    and seriously joking about a eating disoroder, your one to talk bobble head, its not something to joke about

  11. not the whole pictuer says – reply to this


    Very classy not showing the photos that show the guy in a white shirt that is walking with both of them, a guy friend (all three) that they both had lunch with. The complete photos show Hayden, Rachel, and the guy friend walking together, sometimes the guy walks closer to Hayden, sometimes closer to Rachel. There are over a hundred photos of this stroll on one of Rachel's fansites that show the whole picture. They are smiling in some of the photos, but probably got tired of the paps following them. Another blog shows more photos and says they "look to be in good spirits" while walking.

  12. ocean says – reply to this


    I have an eating disorder, and it is nothing to joke about. It is disgusting that someone could joke about something so serious. People's lives are ruined from this disease. Some even die. Next time you think an illness is funny, keep the "jokes" to yourself.

  13. MaMau says – reply to this


    We shouldn't judge. What you see on the photos is just one side of the story. There could be tens of paparazzi in front of them and this man-walking-ahead-of-his-woman thing must be their way of not getting their relationship be affected by the paparazzi. Rachel is being marketed as a street-fashion leader so she may have a contract somewhere that she must be seen/photographed street-stylish all the time, which Hayden may not be required to. Just my speculation or… judgement?!? In any case, I adore them both.

  14. ellen says – reply to this


    Have you ever considered that maybe they are just annoyed that they can't out for a simple stroll without obnoxious paparazzi taking pictures of their every move?

  15. 15

    all of the people who comment here are such assholes…they are people too, they can fight! of course ive been like this with my boyfriend, and im sure that most of the people in a relationship had fights too..only that we dont have people arround us that document every single thing we do

  16. 16

    Re: blacksonia
    You don't know what's been going on in their relationship so don't be so quick to judge Hayden. From what I've seen, Rachel's the one who's been riding Hayden's coat-tails in order to advance her career - which she hasn't. That's probably the only reason she went back with him. She didn't seem very upset when they broke their engagement off last year. She even smiled at the reporters when she flashed her ring finger saying "they had no wedding plans" - whereas it was clear from the photos taken of Hayden after the break-up that he was devastated. So who's the real douchebag?

  17. angel says – reply to this


    Ha, there is a guy walking beside Rachel that is cut out of this photo, there are 3 people in these photos, a friend plus Hayden and Rachel. Hayden and Rachel broke their engagement 2 years ago, not 1 year ago, and got back together a couple of months later. Rachel has a TV show, how does that have anything to do with what Hayden does?

  18. prg says – reply to this


    how nice of you to make a fun of eating disorders may be u will get that some day