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Lindsay Lohan's Brake Excuse For Car Crash Debunked!

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lindsay lohan porsche brakes

Oh, Lindsay!

We already heard the brakes weren't to blame after an insider revealed there were no skid marks at the scene of Lindsay Lohan's PCH crash. But now Porsche has proven it!

After hearing the fiery starlet had been sullying their fine name, Porsche asked if they could perform brake tests on the totaled car. Sure enough, they could… and guess what!

Nothing! Nada! The brakes passed their tests with flying beams of rainbows!

So now Porsche can rest easy, but as for LiLo… well, we can only hope she learned from this. We're glad nobody was hurt, and we all make mistakes, but there are other people driving out there! People whose income doesn't come from the movie industry!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Brake Excuse For Car Crash Debunked!”

  1. 1

    Throw her ass back in jail!

  2. 2

    With all of her legal & personal troubles, rehabs, fines, house arrests, community service, sentences, probations & 2nd/3rd/4th/5th, etc chances, she still hasn't learned a thing. Her first instinct when she does something wrong is to lie. She's not a kid anymore so it's unlikely that she'll ever change.

  3. 3

    Dont care and dont understand why others do

  4. 4

    Didn't the police already test the brakes anyways? This is another pointless story, Lindsay probably just hit the clutch instead of the brake and didn't realize until after the fact.

  5. 5

    But i thought you said she was going to jail….you changed your mind again?….oh, ok then i guess *shrugs*

  6. hay says – reply to this


    lol this girl sucks at lying. When a company just has the brakes tested on their car to prove that YOU were lying…that's just sad. You'd think she'd be super embarassed to be labeled a liar, and be consistently proven to be a liar in front of the world, but it likely does not phase her, because it seems she has real mental issues…

  7. 7

    Re: Meggie246524 – I agree. Worse, she is not even a good liar. Either a lack of intelligence, brain damage or laziness. Or a combination of all three.

  8. 8

    Has she learned from ANYTHING that's happened to her??? NO. She exhibits classic addict behavior, which is lie about everything regardless of it if matters or not. Someone should interview or talk to some of the other people who hang out at Chateau Marmont on a regular basis, you'll hear a lot of "interesting" stories about Ms. Lohan and her odd behavior.

  9. 9

    Same old Lindsay, different day.

  10. 10

    water bottle full of vodka, she was probably so drunk she can't remember.

  11. MichJB says – reply to this


    Don't suppose that they enforce any laws where "Lying Lohan" are concerned. Lied to the police about who was driving, lied about how the accident happened, lied about who caused the accident, lied about the brakes on the car. With all those lies, I'm surprised that the police haven't charged her with lying to them - wait a sec - what am I thinking - the laws in California don't apply to cokehead, drunken, mattress backed skank "celebrities". Waiting to hear about her killing someone someday and all her apologists (vexer6) making excuses for her.

  12. I appologize....SIKE! says – reply to this


    Just die already. no one cares about you anymore, no one believes that insult to Liz Taylor lifetime passes off as a movie is gonna be your "big comeback" (please believe no one believes in those roles you're in "final talks to play" either) why? because we don't want you back, we already got thousands of new talented, professional young actresses better than you. your looks are gone, your career as an (rather mediocre) actress is FAR from over. the best thing you could do is kill yourself (just imagine the money Mommy Dina and "supermodel" sister ail are gonna make!) cause seriously nobody cares about you anymore.

  13. E-Dub says – reply to this


    Mannn if she was black and didn't pay her taxes her azz would be under the jail cell but she white so she will be on probation AGAIN!!

  14. 14

    my lindsay comment not mean enough for u? lame ass. no longer following…

  15. 15

    The lips on her face are as swollen as the one's on her bald firecrotch. Go drive off a cliff Lindsay.

  16. 16

    Has-been skank.