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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Are MARRIED! According To A Police Report!

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Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Fourth Of July Baby Bump

What!?! But we didn't even have time to think of a gift!

According to a police report filed July 8, Ryan Reynolds is married!

Ryan called the cops to complain about a photographer, and the cop wrote in the statement that Ryan and his wife claimed to be victims of an aggressive photog.

He refers to the woman (whose name has been redacted) as Ryan's wife twice in the report, and Blake Lively had been seen with Ryan the week of the incident. Really, who else could the woman be??

Of course, sources claim it must have been a misunderstanding, but how plausible does that sound?? Hmmm???

And just the other day, they were seen hiding a possible baby bump (above)! Inneresting..

UPDATE: A source close to law enforcement seems to think the cop did make an assumption, though the Bedford police have not commented on the matter.

UPDATE: A rep from the police department insists they CANNOT confirm whether or not the two are married. According to them, the officer who took the report either assumed or "was indeed correct," though they cannot confirm the information. The actors' reps have yet to confirm or deny.

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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23 comments to “Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Are MARRIED! According To A Police Report!”

  1. 1

    Perez, there is NO baby bump! Get over it already.

  2. 2

    For crying out loud, you dense pansy, she's not pregnant. And if they're married, there's evidence of it out there. They've denied the marriage, and unless you can prove otherwise — which you won't do because that would mean you'd have to WORK at something — shut your ugly mouth.

  3. 3

    The police officer probably messed up. He probably just assumed that they were married since they were living together and always together.

    Not a sign of marriage, but a sign of crappy police work. The marriage license would be public record so you can just find it yourself, if you really want to know. Bye.

  4. sassygrl says – reply to this


    In Hollywood I guess if you gain 1/2 pound you are pregnant.. Geez who cares? At least wait until she gains 20 lbs or more fool.

  5. 5

    they're not married. shes not pregnant. just stop.

  6. Coqi says – reply to this


    If you call that a "possible baby bump" then you don't know what a healthy woman looks like. Oh wait. You don't even know what a woman looks like in general. Silly me.

  7. Natalie says – reply to this


    you mean the baby bump on her completely flat stomach?
    seems legit.

  8. 8

    It is so freaking rude when you point out a "possible baby bump". You are pretty much saying the actress looks fatter to you. Like anyone really wants to hear that. No actress needs to come out and tell the world if she's pregnant or not. You don't know her situation or even if she is or not. And really who actually cares if a celebrity is expecting a kid?

  9. Gina says – reply to this


    Ugh he's so hot, I am jealous! >:) The cop could have just assumed she was his wife cuz it's the norm or he saw them living together or whatever.. he might not have remembered a little detail like she was his girlfriend not wife.. I don't think they are married!!

  10. Sonya says – reply to this


    Omg!Her body looks smashing in that pic!!Are you blind Mr hiltonnn???

  11. nika says – reply to this


    so what if they are married. Obviously they're very much in love and Ryan deserves better than cheater Scarlett who ran off with Sean Penn. There's no baby bump but I expect Blake to be preggers soon since Ryan already wanted kids with Scarlett.

  12. Inayqj says – reply to this


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  13. 13

    If you think she's pregnant then you probably bought into Sarah Palin's fake pregnancy with Tri-G. (or Beyonce's flexi-bump)(or Kelly Preston's fake birth).

  14. 14

    Blake is SOOOO FUCKING HOT!!! Lucky Ryan….

  15. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    hiding a possible baby bump?? wtf is wrong with you?? your eyes see shit that's not there

  16. Echo says – reply to this


    Perez is absolutely right. She is pregnant. Look at the picture on the Fourth of July. The bump is obvious and what celebrities with hot bodies at the age have you seen wearing one pieces recently? Taylor Swift maybe? They married quickly and she is pregnant. How others did not pickup on what Perez Hilton already knows is beyond me. She is pregnant.

  17. Madison says – reply to this


    Really? People? You think Perez is being meant by posting that she could be pregnant? Look at your comments? Huh? What do you think about that? Maybe they are married or maybe not. Maybe she is pregnant maybe not. Whatever I'm happy for them! And if you don't like what Mr. Hilton is saying then why are you reading this??

  18. cari says – reply to this


    Perez wouldn't know a baby bump….whatever the hell that is supposed to be….from a dog's dump. and that's Ryan's watch, not a ring. Why does he have to continue to act like the eight year old outsider loser?….cause that is how he comes off. and he wonders why most real celebrities, not the one hit musicians and reality idiots, still consider him a stalker.

  19. 19

    maybe the cop is just a damn fool. Legally isn't he still itched to the only woman in the world my mouth waters for, Scarlet J.? I hope he's not in it to win it with the carnival ride (Blake.)

  20. Jeslina says – reply to this


    woahhh how sweet! I hope they will last ;D

  21. xoxo says – reply to this


    The whole marriage thing would seem more plausible if she was pregnant (I mean, they've been together for less than a year) but I don't think that's a baby bump. There are other pictures taken on the same day (or the day before or after) where she's wearing a bikini so, it's not like she was trying to cover something up. Also, the photos were taken on the Fourth of July so she probably ate and drank heaps and was sporting a little food baby. To conclude my rant, I think the marriage thing was an assumption by police officer and the supposed baby bump was just a food baby.

  22. gem says – reply to this


    Re: jane.dough – Ryan was on the carnival ride known as ScarHo Johansson and hopped off as fast as he could once he realised what a mistake he'd made. Now she's taking an ugly old tattooed love boy, her married bodyguard and who knows how many others for a spin. Little piggie ScarHo can't say no no.

  23. darksilver says – reply to this


    Why does everyone always assume that a celebrity is pregnant, JUST because she has a little stomach? I have a stomach and I'm not pregnant.