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J. Lo And Steven Tyler Were FIRED From American Idol! And What Does Randy Jackson Have To Say?

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WELL. This certainly must have been AWKWARD!

Although it had been initially presumed that both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler turned down offers to return for another season of American Idol this fall, new reports have surfaced that reveal quite the opposite, in fact: they were FIRED!

According to sources close to production, who are pretty much confirming what we all already knew to be true - while J. Lo was attempting to re-negotiate her contract for a pay bump from $15 to $17 million for a third year on the reality competition, she was FLOORED when the network did not make a counter-offer and instead chose to let her go!

And poor Steven didn't even get that far - his just didn't have his option picked up for another season!

Meanwhile, the sole judge standing (for now, anyway) Randy Jackson says:

"Steven and Jennifer are truly two of the most talented and consummate professionals I've worked with. I was friends with them before we hopped on this crazy journey together and I have no doubt our friendships will continue long after. I will love them for life."

Aww! Well, they might be continuing those friendships off-stage sooner than he anticipates, because at least TWO of Fox's execs are ready to cut him loose, with only host Ryan Seacrest being the last man standing!


Between all of this and the news of the budget cuts, we think it's going to be a very TENSE few weeks for producers as they attempt to salvage the show before it returns this fall!

ESPECIALLY with all of the competition!

But hey! Perez will take your call, guys! Ha!

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35 comments to “J. Lo And Steven Tyler Were FIRED From American Idol! And What Does Randy Jackson Have To Say?”

  1. 1

    MayB they were sick of JLO playing coy?

  2. 2

    Who cares? This show blows. Cancel it already.

  3. susan says – reply to this


    If they were fired for money reasons and God forbid didnt get a two or three million more they wanted - so out of touch man. I can even pay my electric bill. Get real

  4. 4

    The IDOL winners should be getting all that money in prizes not the HAS-BEEN JUDGES…

  5. 5

    give the show a quick and painless death, stop trying to salvage it. I'm sure right now their attempting to get Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken….it's going to suck.

  6. 6

    What the HELL made J-HO think she is worth 17 million?? She was irrelevant before Idol and now she will go back to being that way.

  7. 7

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ poor jlo!! she fuckin' sucks and the producers were sick of her diva bullshit!!

  8. Sitin says – reply to this


    I can't believe J. Lo had the nerve to ask for 15 million dollars just to judge people! Hell I'll do it for 2 million an episode!

  9. 9

    Now Lopez can go back to making shitty movies no one sees, putting out trite dance songs that fade faster than they get played, and start wearing more inappropriate clothing to get attention. I hated her as an Idol judge, and was sick of producers using Idol time to put her gross, fat ass on stage … Idol wasn't supposed to be about her or Tyler, but we had to endure them performing several times. She's not worth $15, let alone $15 million. The stupid, greedy cow got what she deserved if they did, in fact, fire her ass.

  10. 10

    I actually HOPE they hire you Perez, that way it'll ASSURE that it's the last season of american idol, like really this show has run it's course and you'd be the perfect scapegoat for when people look back on the history of american idol and they'll say "yea, we knew the show would end when they hired Perez"..PLEASE make it happen…PEREZ FOR AMERICAN IDOL!!! wooooo : ) lmao

  11. 11

    Called it already, said I bet they didn't get renewed.

  12. 12

    Jlo is SO fake. She was in it for the Money…she could give two sh*ts about about the contestants. Her "NICE" act was so annoying. She never offered any real criticism. BY 2013, she will become irrelevant again! Thank u Idol :)

  13. 13

    Idol need some younger judges.

  14. 14

    So glad they fired Jenny from the block. The most over rated, over exposed, over paid piece of phony Latina! Why does her sister Linda speak with perfect diction? Phony J-Lo! She has generated a career out of sheer will, and very little talent.

  15. 15

    X factr and the the voice have way better judges! Lol of course they were gonna get fired

  16. 16

    Don't sit waiting by the phone Perez…you have no credibility and your tendency to fawn over young boys would make things terribly uncomfortable. Idol doesn't really have a chance anyway but with you there, it would be the instant kiss of death for sure.

  17. 17

    I'd like to know what was behind her reasoning that she had somehow improved her performance enough over the course of one year to deserve two more million dollars.

    Fucking greedy bitch.
    Union wage workers strike to get $2 more an HOUR, Non-Union wage workers are stuck with what they get an hour no matter what, and THIS BITCH is thinkin' we should all support her need for $2 million MORE per YEAR?!
    On a ridiculously mediocre & shallow television show?!
    And after only one year's worth of (ahem) "work" ??!!
    (Which in Jen's case means dressing up and giving out compliments.)

    We are so goddamned blind. We cater to this bullshit, we allow this bullshit, we watch it happen, we celebrate it when it does, and then we allow it to happen again.
    And then we wonder why our economy is in the toilet, and sinking fast.


  18. Bleach says – reply to this


    After Steven Tyler endorsed Burger Slime……. Aerosmith died for me…

  19. AngelAnn says – reply to this


    American Idol has been going downhill since Adam Lambert got screwed out of the win, in my opinion. P!nk should be one of the new judges. She would be AMAZING!

  20. 20

    Watched the show in the beginning because my late husband knew someone who was on it, but after Simon and Paula left I stopped watching, they were the only good reason to watch their bickering.

  21. 21

    Get rid of Ryan as well…he sucks!

  22. PM2901 says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey is the only one who can save this show. She is Koo-Koo Krazy! Very entertaining! I wish Pink would join the panel. As for a guy joining the new crew. . .I say, keep Randy Jackson. He's paid his dues and never demanded the astronomical payday that J-Lo and S-Ty requested. But, if Randy does have to go, then hire either Adam Lambert or David Foster.

  23. bob* says – reply to this


    Hearing jenny thought she would be able to come back and instead got dropped on her tired ass just gave me goosies ;-) I think she would like that ridiculous term she used for the contestants. What an idiot.

  24. Tristram says – reply to this


    MAKE WAY FOR MARIAH!! Then add Simon Cowell and Michael Jackson's Hologram and I might watch the show.

  25. A C says – reply to this


    Steven was not fired, he just decided on doing a fall tour with Aerosmith than stay on a crappy tv show. If he was fired do u really think that Idol would still give him the chance to return and perform whenever e felt like it?

  26. 26

    I knew they got fired. JLo saying yes/no on Idol then later crying on Ryan's radio show were clues she was let go. She got more exposure and deals thanks to Idol. Not to mention she made good money just sitting pretty as a judge. The show is not the same and its time to let it go. Mariah? No, I don't think so. Doing the show aka clean up work could jeopardize her reputation and she doesn't need that. I rather hear a new album from Mariah than to see her on Idol but you never know.

  27. 27

    Re: Brainbug – Love it! I was going to post the same thing. I can't believe this crap has been on this long.

  28. 28

    Jlo fired from Idol, that means that she has been fired twice in 2 years, one from Idol, the other Sony Records in 2010, and also her clothing line "Sweetface" went bankrupt in 2010, one a failure always failure? and Forbes stated she was what ????????? in the world, I think they forget to put in the name "Failure" in the world. I wonder how much the writer of that Forbes article got paid off ???? This should be investaged?

  29. 29

    I heard Adam Lambert is a possibility. I guess that would be interesting. I don't understand people here saying the show sucks and it should be canceled. That's not right! It was still a ratings success even though it had lower ratings than usual this season. That means a significant part of the population still LOVES the show! I'm one of them… although I think tweeking the format a little is a good plan. I think they should keep Randy - he's the standout judge who always told the truth as he saw it even if it hurt. Both Tyler and JLo weren't able to do that, in my opinion. Too often they said "that was beautiful" when we knew it wasn't! Overhaul necessary, but canceling the show is not a smart move AT ALL!!! I say hire Adam Lambert… or why not Perez?!?! :) But I think a musical pro is needed… no offense to Perez - I think he has lots of potential to pick out good talent. But there has to be a musical pro there as well, including Randy.

  30. 30

    Is this pathetic karaoke show still on???

  31. lukebandit says – reply to this


    Re: pie107 – Hey Pie107 how are you?

  32. zepcat says – reply to this


    This show has jumped the Shark and hopefully the pimps at FOX will put it out of its misery and it can't happen soon enough. Why they kept the no talent Randy Jackson this long is a mistery to me. Sick of Hey Dog from a no talent jerk judging others who are out of his league.

  33. 33

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  34. 34

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  35. Carole H says – reply to this


    I think I only watched once since J Lo and Steven Tyler were on and I was not impressed.
    I haven't watched the show much since Season 2. I think Clay Aiken would make an excellent judge and has some judging experience.He has done a lot of things since Idol, many tours, Broadway, TV appearances, written a book, started his own foundation for inclusion of kids with disabilities, and most recently was on Celebrity Apprentice. Clay will say what he thinks, somewhat like Simon, but in a nicer and less hurtful way. Adam hasn't been away from Idol long enough so I don't think he would be good as a judge and I don't think Carry Underwood would be interested. Kelly Clarkson might be another good prospect. I didn't watch the year Taylor Hicks is on so I really can't make any comments on him. I don't think they can go wrong with Clay Aiken though.