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Nick Cannon Says American Idol Can't Afford Mariah Carey

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American Idol mimi

American Idol can't catch this Butterfly!

Now that Steven Tyler and J.Lo have officially "walked away" from the judges table, FOX is desperately searching for a replacement(s) that can compete with Britney on X Factor.

We've heard whisperings that Mariah Carey is up for the job, buuuut her husband, Nick Cannon, says it's unlikely.

The America's Got Talent host told reporters:

"I don't know if they [Idol] can afford Mariah Carey. That's a lot of money. If they gave J.Lo $20 million, they might have to double that!"

Well, shiz!

He's right though! $20 mil would hardly cover the rent on the couple's summer home.

Plus, MiMi has a new album coming out soon. She doesn't have time for a TV show!

Lucky for FOX, we know the perrrrfect replacement!

…..US! LOLZ!

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26 comments to “Nick Cannon Says American Idol Can't Afford Mariah Carey”

  1. scott says – reply to this


    i dont think anyone would enjoy watching mariah anyway, shes mean, conceded, and rumor has it she smells. Id feel sorry for the judges next to her. ps, J. Lo is bigger than Mariah. The only way Mariah is bigger then j. lo is in her PANT SIZE. LMAO

  2. andrea says – reply to this


    why cant they put people that ACTUALLY SING? J.LO? Are you kidding me? She cant sing, what a joke… and Brit brit cant sing either, she is pretty and charismatic but cant sing. Why cant you put people like Aretha Franklin? WHo has expressed interest and is one of the biggest icons and one of teh top 10 voices that has EVER existed?
    Talentless bullshit… Also paying the winner 1 million and this selfish human beings as judges 20 million each? WHAT A JOKE! There you go! Thats TV for you!!
    And Perez, you have had glimpses at tv (as I heard, never had the curse of seeing you) and I hope those are the last… hopefully you can also stay on that side of the Atlantic! But obviously only ITV5 will get you on! STAY AWAY FROM TV!!!!!!!

  3. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Mariah Carrey would be a credible judge, but if she is 'so expensive', then they obviously probably can't afford her. Where does she get off commanding that kind of price? No one even likes her. It will be interesting as I doubt her album will sell well at all. She was relevant at one time, but not anymore. However, she would be a good, credible judge. But for Nick to use those words…"they can't afford her" just adds to the amount that people don't like her. Everyone thinks she is a conceited bitch. Not a good wrap if you are trying to sell albums. She should just stay home in her expensive summer home and raise her children.

  4. 4

    Re: scott – Mariah is the perfect judge, she actually has success in the business with the talent to back up her position, she is also funny, camp, quit witted and a diva a winning combination. she is mean? anyone who has worked with her or works for her have only ever had nice things to say about her. rumor has it she smells? what kind of bull**** are you spreading? Jlo is bigger than Mariah? what planet are you on? Mariah is a music legend and icon and one of the most successful and influential artist in music history, Jlo is an actress who has had a couple of hits. Mariah is a vocal powerhouse, writes and produces her monster hit records.

  5. 5

    Give it a fucking rest Perez. No one but YOU wants you as a judge. Your taste in music is deplorable, and you've backed some real stinkers. Your own history tells everyone that you don't know shit about the industry or about audiences. This is why you're a small-time nobody way out on the fringes of the industry. And that's where you'll always be. Your "collaboration" with Fuller on this IM5 losers isn't enough to get your foot in the door as an Idol judge. If there's any hope of saving that sinking ship, adding you to the mix is NOT it. Asshole.

  6. 6

    I really wish Nick would stop answering for her, he is her husband not her manager.

  7. 7

    Though I am NOT a fan of Mariah, she does know the business…credit. I watch Idol and I soooooooo don't want to see her or hear her ) ;

  8. 8

    AI jumped the shark when Cowell left. Tyler and Lopez were ok, but the show has lost its appeal. Mariah Carey too expensive? Um, what else has she been up to lately, other than buying crop tops and booty shorts and glittery accessories. Time to put Idol to rest.

  9. 9

    Despite the fact that he's her husband, Nick Cannon has a point. If Idol really wants Mariah, they should come in offering her more than JLo because Mariah can actually sing and has been in the music business a lot longer than JLo. Be that as it may, American Idol does need to throw in the towel.

  10. 10

    whatever Ms Diva!! No one wants to hear your opinions anyway!! what a biatch!!

  11. 11

    I dont think kids wanna see an over rated tired old diva. Nick should stick to whatever he does…what does he do?

  12. 12

    How completely utterly disgusting. 40 million dollars? Some of these people in this business are horrendously greedy, it's not even funny. Plus, Mariah's music career has stagnated more times then anyone can keep track of, her Emancipation album was really the last album that anyone ever cared about that, and before that she had gone through several album cycles nobody paid attention to, and since then has been the same. She's boring, flat out boring.

  13. 13

    40 million for a has been? LOL

  14. irishone says – reply to this


    I think they should bring back Jimmy Little Steven as judges. Those two were funnier than any judge they have ever had on the show, plus they both know their shit!

  15. marcella says – reply to this


    LOLOL……So according to Nick, American Idol can't afford his nutjob wife but Jenny Craig can??? Please, she won't be a good judge because she's has the personality of a brick…plus she's famous for not finishing anything she commits to…Has anyone seen her Jenny commercials lately? Or her "judge" stunt on X-Factor…And let's not forget that Mariah had to cancell 3 tours because nobody showed up and the sponsors backed out!!!

  16. Charlie says – reply to this


    I would tune in if you would be a judge! You would be awesome ^_^

  17. 17

    What an ignorant fool. She's not worth $20,000. an episode. And well he's just worthless.

  18. 18

    you just know that nick is a brother without a dick!! he even has that *dickless* expression permanently pasted on his nerd face. and, of course, mariah, just loves to strap one on and make him feel like the woman he is!! lmfaooooooooooooooo!! #OddCouple :-)

  19. verve says – reply to this


    being on idol is a great exposure for celebrities. just what happened to j. lo, she was lost, she joined AI and a year later she was number 1 on forbes most powerful celebrities. this could've been a great opportunity for mariah to regain the spotlight and make her next album a success, nick cannon is just spoiling things for mariah.

  20. 20

    40 million for a has been…I´ll pass she´s irrelevant now..maybe they can get lady gaga to do it or even better Adele but she´s pregnant so maybe not an option or I know who can do def do it Beyonce!! But def not you perez…

    PS fire Randy Jackson too he sucks big time!

  21. MCisthediva23 says – reply to this


    Mariah should be speaking for herself, not nick always answering for her. that's one thing that annoys me about her. But NO ONE can deny the fact she is one of the most sucessful singer of all time, a voice that no one has and is a great songer writer. i love mariah as a person sometimes. MC hates JLO, so of course she'd want more money than what she made. MC dont do idol, it isnt the best move for you.

  22. 22

    Re: BAEEAB – She's still the highest selling female vocalist in history. She still sells out world tours. I wouldn't necessarily call her a "has been".

  23. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Valentina – She's the biggest selling female recording artist in history. She has more #1 singles then any other artist in history except for the beatles. People do care and btw, your facts are all wrong, the only album flop she ever had was glitter all her albums still sell well. Her last one did as well.

    what has she been up too? She just had twins remember? And she has a new album due out very soon.

    If your gonna hate, then hate on someone who is actually hate worth. Mariah has proved time and time again that people care about her, but nice try honey.

  24. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: marcella – You read the tabloids too much friend. None of that has happened at all.

    BTW every company in the world clamour to sponsor Mariah, so just stop your embarrassing yourself.

    The Xfactor thing was legit, if you don't remember we had a hurricane in the US right at that time. And Simon Cowell has confirmed NUMEROUS times that was the real reason.

    Your just embarrassing yourself now. Your jelous, Mariah has had more success then you can even dream of.

  25. DSTAR says – reply to this


    Mariah would have done a great job coz she sings extra-ordinarily and knows what it takes to be a great singer/artist/performer…(stop hating on her….)
    Perhaps Dolly Parton, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson will do.
    Anyways, I think your focus should be on a person who has time, passion and who makes a good judge. It should not be all about money.


  26. 26