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15 comments to “Witness Says George Zimmerman Is Not Only A Racist, But He Molested Her!”

  1. Rigby says – reply to this


    What are their thoughts on "white people" who act like "black people"? Or vice a versa?

  2. zjackiez says – reply to this


    SHe was 6 and he was 8…Seriously???

  3. Dee says – reply to this



  4. 4

    Sad, and I hope it's not true and suspect that it will not be proven. If it is, I'm willing to change my view on him, but for now, we'll see if this is true or not. Let's see some police reports or social service reports, not just "accounts" from people who can easily try to smear him. All the kooks come out of the woodwork in high profile cases like this. Let the justice system work and we'll see. For now I call BS on it.

  5. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Oh please. How 'convenient' for this to come up right now at this point in time.

  6. 6

    I am sure they won't call this witness, she sounds retarded.

  7. 7

    Maybe I'm just missing something but do they call her "Witness 9" to the Trayvon crime or witness 9 in general (including character witnesses, etc). I'd find it extremely suspicious if she's listed as a witness to the Trayvon incident and then suddenly came out with this story too. I read another article about this today & apparently she said there was another girl who is a "victim" but the other girl would never say anything. Regardless if he's innocent or guilty of the Trayvon incident, I find this one hard to believe.

  8. 8

    To me it just sounds like she's jumping on the Zimmerman bandwagon. If I'm wrong I apologize it just seems awfully convenient to me

  9. 9

    If he was a teenager (say, 13) and she was (say, 8) that would be bad. But I don't think anyone knows what ages they were. If it was the 6/8 thing…then I don't see what the huge deal is. Kids experiment and try things. It was bad, but KIDS are KIDS. Secondly, this is quite convenient….

  10. 10

    Firstly~ what's the difference in voting for someone bc they are black to not voting for them for the exact same reason. It goes both ways.
    So anyhow~ point being, i know we all want to make this a race issue, it's no such thing George Zimmerman, while an idiot and obviously not that bright, is a registered democrate and like his President, as a community organizer for the Obama campaign, why hasn't any media outlet tweeted that?
    The truth doesn't fit the mold for how they want George to be looked up.

  11. 11

    He was 8. Young kids are curious about their bodies, it's quite common. Unless he was forcing an act on her or forcing her to touch him, then it's not an issue. They're are plenty of people who have done this in their young childhood and it doesn't mean they have any desire to molest children now. Stop making this into pedophelia.

  12. Jaime Pretell says – reply to this


    7. Regarding the alleged molestation, according to her it began when she was 6 and he was 8. If so, George would have been a victim of molestation himself. And a child so, not a perp. At no moment does she say he forced himself on her. the second time she says was when she was 7 or 8, behind the curtains kissing and fondling her. Again, she claims she was scared but never mentions George using force or threats. And again, George is still a minor at 9 or 10. The last time she describes, she is 18 goes to his house, lays on his bed, all voluntarily and he gives her a massage, gets a woody, and she leaves. No forcible entry, nothing illegal. She claims she is scared, but again, never mentions use of force or any other method if intimidation.
    8. All these allegations are unverified, and furthermore, the allegations of improper touching, none of which were illegal (the first two being when he was a prepubescent child and the third was only a masssage)all have nothing to do with shooting someone he suspected of being a burglar. No evidence he was trying to molest Trayvon.
    Again, the incendiary nature of these irrelevant claims, which are hearsay and don't fall within the rules of evidence, unless she actually appears in court to be cross examined, and still don't show any pattern of violence. The fact that Judge Lester released them moments after he gets a motion to disqualify speaks volumes to his bias, and that the Motion is quite valid.

  13. MRSMOMOA says – reply to this


    You knowwhat? Zimmerman and his mother have the nerve to be racist (news flash) they are not WHITE they are minorities. Is mother is Peruvian…come on women look in the damn mirror. But, then again maybe she was never accepted as being white and this is a complex she has carried around for all her life, and this is how she is trying to fit in by denying her own heritage. But, look at Zimmerman who can't tell he isn't white? He looks Mexican. Damn wanna be…

  14. MRSMOMOA says – reply to this


    Not to mention other witness have come forward with the same racist claim on GZ and his family and his evil mother. This has been known by the atty's but they are now releasing this information to the public.

  15. 15

    ..there he is again with that "i just shit my pants look"……….