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Katy Perry & Russell Brand Officially DIVORCED!!

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The 14-month fantasy marriage is officially over for our favorite bundle of glittering light and her funny-man faux-fairytale prince…

Katy Perry & Russell Brand's divorce was (finally) finalized this weekend!

Now our dearest Kaypers can breathe a intense sigh of relief!

She's awoken from her Teenage Dream, brushed the starry sleep-dust from her wide, bambi eyes and now she's free to go forth and discover a whole new chapter in the Katy Perry saga.

And from what we hear, sh*t's about to get pretttty dark for our candy-coated Popsicle…

Get ready for some heartbreaking heavy metal anti-love ballads! Perhaps Perry will go Punk for her third album? Shaved head? Pierced tongue?


[Image via Retna LTD.]

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16 comments to “Katy Perry & Russell Brand Officially DIVORCED!!”

  1. demode says – reply to this


    Katy Perry made the biggest mistake of her life leaving Russell. Just watch… she will have lots of boyfriends over the years. She will marry, and then divorce again. Don't expect her to ever be happy in love, because she will never love anyone as much as she loves herself.

  2. Stop blaming the woman says – reply to this


    That's sad for some reason. Perhaps because he had that addictive selfish personality and she couldn't be there all the time, he had a hissy fit..

  3. Wendy says – reply to this


    Katy showed her true colors when she was kissing that guy (with the huge chin) in front of the cameras at Coachella, ONLY 3 months after the divorce. AT LEAST Russell was NEVER seen kissing or hugging any girl. He respected his past. That's why I'm team Russell. I'm sure he loved her. But she doesn't want his kids because she still feels a baby. Russell made the best decision.

  4. Kate! says – reply to this


    Who would have thought that Katy would be the first one in this relationship who would move on SO quickly…and even worst…pack on a PDA with a new boyfriend just after her divorce. She's just like all the other celebs…move on from a bed to another with no feelings. AND don't tell me that Russell moved on too because that's a poor excuse to defend Katy's actions. Did u see Russell kissing anyone IN PUBLIC?

  5. El K says – reply to this


    Russell handled it with class. If Perez ERRRR I mean Mario stood behind equal rights for all, he would say that Russell should have taken her to the bank and taken his fair $hare. But noooo, Mario only does that for women

  6. Mary says – reply to this


    Katy is the FAKEST pesron in showbizness but with the best PR. She was making out in public with a new man just 3 months after her divorce, but noone said anything. Her movie flopped but noone said anything. She got divorced with Russell because she didn't want to start a family with Russell, but again noone said anything.

  7. yup says – reply to this


    Re: demode – "biggest mistake of her life"? Please! That man is a drug addict and sex addict with no career…failing movies the whole bit. She has major success…how is that a dumb move? She is a smart woman, kick that nasty, ugly, used up peen of a man to the curb and get on with her life…If she does not marry again, so what? Marriage is a prison for many…women are just fine dating and being free….

  8. my my says – reply to this


    Many of you do not know the personality of an addict…Russell was/is a sex and drug addict….they are selfish self-destructive people…I bet he is a monster…she is a smart girl, get the hell away from that stuff, a man like that will ruin your life…You people have no idea how an addict acts privately, so stop passing judgement on HER!! Thank you.

  9. geli says – reply to this


    Katy is another Hollywood wh***e. Her Coachella pics speak for themselves. I have nothing other to add. Team Russell for keeping the PDA with his gfs at home. Katy is an attention seeker.

  10. 10

    Katy's boyfriend has the biggest chin and the smallest mouth in the world!! LMAO! Is that her rebound?? lolololololol….

  11. Wow says – reply to this


    Perez, why don't you ever mention that Russell took nothing from Katy? Not the house, money or even the cat they got together. He's not the only one in this marriage, just because she put out a movie explaining her side. He has not even defended himself against ALL of her accusations. Yes, he's been seen with women, but not like her kissing a man shortly after the divorce. Yes, he's an addict, and always will be, but he got the help he needed and is trying to stay clean and sober and her hard partying lifestyle did not mesh with his. No one knows what happened, but I really get sick of people always blaming him. Critics of him need to read his books and see what having it rough is really like. Her movie acts like she had such a struggle, but his was much bigger. It takes 2 to make a marriage and 2 to break one, and he's not all to blame. Besides, she needs to grow up. Who would want to be with her now when we all know as soon as she breaks up with them out come the nasty songs about him and maybe even a movie! She acts like a 12 yr old mean girl!

  12. Monique says – reply to this


    Re: Wow

    well said , wow. Katy blabs continuously…Rusty says NOTHING…which kinda says it all…if you know what I mean!

  13. Isabel says – reply to this


    -Katy bragged about being drunk constantly while standing next to Russell (a recovering addict)
    -She whined about wanting kids on the Ellen-show, 2 minutes later she changes her mind and suddenly is too young for kids.
    - She is partying all night, with bff Rihanna, also a famewhore dumbass.
    -She changed the lyrics to Part of Me before a performance so they fit the divorce situation (demo is different, doesnt mention diamond rings etc)
    Of course it is Russell's fault! *sarcasm*

  14. Isabel says – reply to this


    Oh, and Katy made a movie in which she milked the divorce. No one talked about the movie being a concert-movie, no it was all about her personal life. Russell said he would never let camera's follow him into his personal life. The movie only shows her side. Russell keeps his mouth shut, I applaud him for that, shows he is mature.
    Lets not forget Russ looks intelligent and wellspoken in interviews,Katy talks about wanting to screw Rihanna and Cheryl whatshername. If Russ would have done the same he would be a dirtbag. PUHLEASE.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    im so glad that katy left him, she obviously was the only one holding the relationship together while she was at the peak of her career she was the one that jumped around to be where he was.