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4 comments to “Will Smith And Jaden Smith Are NOT In The After Earth Pre-Teaser”

  1. david says – reply to this


    more scientoloTARDS. UGH!

    too bad these kids have been bamboozled into this cult. and thetan dad and his beard wifey have some 'education centre' (wink wink na nu na nu). another scientoloTARD factory.

    check out all the stories and pics online of will holidaying with men, without the beard…errrr…wife.


    this guy has done a ton of self promotion, namely promoting himself as a A-list actor. what a joke. he is a two bit actor, at best, with his something-something stuck in a cuLt.

  2. 2


    In other words, waaay back when, when the United States, (oh YES, it's ALWAYS THE AMERICANS, isn't it?) "found" that spaceship, (did they, really? who knows, it's all an elaborate plot) they figured they had found something with which they could control the world.
    I suppose you could say they figured they had found "Jesus" again, or were close.
    Financial transactions, secret agreements, voting deals… The US thought they had it made.
    (The Saviour of The World! We've got Him! We've Got Proof! Right here in this Alien Spacecraft! And He's Come To Save Only The Christian American people!)

    Until those who would like to see "Jesus" dead – or rather, would prefer that the AMERICANS not have control of “Him,” (hence the Jewish symbolism inserted in this trailer) – intervened with Hitler's parade of Nazis and the terrible mass murder of Jews in the 30’s and 40’s.
    It was a devastating time for the Jewish people, but for some elite Americans (and a few others elsewhere) hell-bent on controlling the world, it seriously screwed up their BRAINWASHING and WORLD DOMINATION PLOTS! They had to re-group!

  3. 3

    So, what we've been viewing over the past several decades - including the introduction of Scientology and its attempt to go global - are these hidden groups and organizations attempting to REGAIN control of a world which has been "Waiting For Jesus" since the turn of the century.
    It has been, and might still be assumed that – with mind control, movies, music, and the action of “getting clear” on the e-meter – eventually this Alien/Saviour will emerge, either by choice or discovery, as a spirit in a human being who will be “completely clear,” and all-knowing.
    (And He’ll be an American, of course. Why else would Scientology become such a public entity after the year 2000? Why else would they need Tom Cruise as spokesperson? They wanted to get the American People hooked up to those e-meters!)

    But it’s 2012 now, and ALL BETS ARE OFF.
    Those financial agreements… the promises of pay, or of murder… they're all defunct, because:
    There Ain't No Fucking Jesus. (Or is there is, he’s smart enough to stay hidden!)
    And these “groups” or “organizations,” are NOW scrambling to convince the world that they – and only they – are what will bring Americans to Heaven.
    (Or across That Fucking Rainbow Bridge.)
    Folks, this CRAP is bigger and more involved than any of you can assume to know. Don’t even give this movie the time of day.

  4. 4

    Not that I have any proof of this, of course…
    But there are PLENTY of oddly connecting dots, for those who choose to look for them.