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George Lopez Calls 80-Year-Old Man A 'F**king Puto' And 'Fat Motherf**ker'!

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George Lopes Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Can't we all just get along??

In the midst of an HBO stand-up special on Saturday, professional funny man George Lopez switched gears from joke-teller to irate political activist!

He went on a tirade about Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio — remember him?

Dubbed America's most vigilant cop, Joe is in favor of racial profiling AND he locked up DMX!!!

George started off with a few jokes at Joe's expense, but quickly devolved into a "get off my lawn!" type monologue… or soliloquy — we can never remember the difference.

George screamed:

"Sheriff Joe in Arizona, f**k you, you f**king puto. How about that? F**k you. You fat motherf**ker. F**k you."

Them there are fighting words!

Believe it or not, the 80-year-old law enforcement officer had a good response. He said:

"I was surprised at the language. It was pretty nasty… Get some guys, come down here and meet me face to face. Let's see how you act then."

Whoa! Sounds like somebody is up to the challenge!

Sheriff Joe continued:

"Now let's see if he has the guts to meet me and I'll be happy to take him to a Mexican lunch."


Both sides are pissed, both sides are taking cheap shots, Sheriff Joe is even being vaguely racist…

This feud has "celebrity boxing" written all over it!!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & AP Images.]

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28 comments to “George Lopez Calls 80-Year-Old Man A 'F**king Puto' And 'Fat Motherf**ker'!”

  1. 1

    Sheriff Joe s a piece of shit. I'm embarrassed to even have moved to Arizona.

  2. 2

    George use to be funny but not anymore. I am not sure how someone like him can comment on moral issues, didn't he take his wifes kidney and then leave her? I am an American of Mexican decent and I totally agree that illegal immigration is wrong, notice I said illegal. There is no county in the world that says come over here illegally cross our borders, have your kids here for free, and its all good. I understand the desire to better yourself and to achieve the American dream but it has to be done legally.

  3. 3

    Joe arpaio is one of the most corrupt, racist cops (and their are a lot of them) in the nation.

  4. 4

    Sheriff Joe is fighting to keep Arizona safe. He follows the law and enforces it. Saxyroro, you are welcome to move back to wherever you came from. We don't need liberals here.

  5. 5

    I find it interesting how suddenly there are these new posters with these extreme left opinions. Before we got into campaign season, 90% of Perez's followers hated Obama and his agenda….now suddenly there are all these new liberals. Pay to post out in full force.

  6. 6

    At least the good sheriff can show his birth certificate and his school records are all accounted for and none of his work resumes are sealed. He makes promises and keeps them. More than we can say for someone elllssse

  7. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Fully agree Momo2rs
    Most LEGAL Mexicans agree as well There's a silent majoirtythat don't take to the streets nad once AGAIN Perez is a hyprocrite …You sa Sheriff Joe is being vaguely racist YET you don't denounce George Lopez for using the word "puto"
    Do you EVER read what you write ??????????????

  8. 8

    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSick – Shut the fuck up already! If you want to be a mindless sheep, go right ahead, but don't spite the rest of us who are individual thinkers. If all the immigrants were to leave this country, than only Native Americans would be left.
    Re: Momof2rs – My paternal grandparents immigrated to the US from Italy and my mother came here from the Dominican Republic at age 14 and they all became citizens, so I agree that people should come to the US legally. I don't like how it's one group of people being singled out as the only perpetrators in this illegal immigration controversy. The US will pull a Cuban from the water, but everyone else gets the third degree. There are immigrants illegally coming over from East Europe and Asia all the time, but that isn't given as much attention as those coming from the south. Illegal immigrants speak languages other than Spanish!

  9. Wrenn says – reply to this


    I wish we had more sheriff's like Joe Arpaio. Maybe then we could take this country back from all the welfare sucking illegals that I'm helping to support just because they come into this country and start dropping babies like most of us drop turds.

  10. 10

    Re: KarrieBelle – The key word you are leaving out is ILLEGAL.
    A nation without borders is not a nation at all. It's a free for all. Kind of like a food fight. Messy. Very messy.

  11. 11

    george lopez doesn't have the balls to meet this guy PLEASE!!! george lopez isn't even funny..why is this guy even famous?

  12. 12

    "An 80 year old man", and "remember him" are totally unnecessary. Joe Arpaio is a pretty popular Sheriff, people would know who you were talking about if you used his name in the headline. Seriously, "remember him", what do you live under a rock?

  13. 13

    Re: nationalenquirer – So what if George called him a puto- that's the equivalent to Bit*h in English- nothing racist about that.

  14. LUSHH says – reply to this


    I too am from AZ and I'm PRO Arpaio. Perez, I'm about done with your stupid fucking site. You post some of the DUMBEST shit, not to mention you're always a day late. The only reason why I keep reading is to see what other dumb shit comes out of your mouth. If you don't live here, THEN MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. P.S This state isn't only battling ILLEGAL MEXICANS. Border patrol has actually been finding more asians lately than Mexicans but you don't see that shit on the news or on these dumb fucking sites do you. Everyone thinks everybody owes them something bc of their skin color. It's 2012 get the fuck outta here!

  15. 15

    If Joe is a racist, then yes, I reserve the right to call him a MFing puto as well! It's 2012 people, there's no room for racism in the U.S. any longer and you WILL get called out for it!

  16. Noah Doubt says – reply to this


    Sorry, post went through before I could complete the thought. But what it boils down to is this - If you had bungeled into a drug deal and you had juice enough in your cell phone for one call would you call Barry or would you call Joe? Just to be fair if it was Barry and the drug of choice they were dealing was weed maybe Barry could offer to buy it all and "dispose"of it for them. OR Joe could come and enforce the laws already on the books.

  17. Noah Doubt says – reply to this


    Oh to hell with it, I just should have said "consider the source". And by source I mean George Lopez.

  18. 18

    Re: Mustlovedogs – No, I believe I said "illegal". I said it a couple of times. I don't know what post you read.

  19. 19

    Perez…. are you fkn serious defending this motherfucker??…. Yo se que te te da pena mostrar tus raices cubanas y que haces como que se te olvido el espanol, el idioma de tu propia madre, but Perez, no la chingues! Yo que tanto te defendia …. no lo puedo creer de ti, a ti te valemos madre los hispanos y los que pisotean nuestros derechos. No soy una pinche hater, no te odio pero si estoy muy desepcionada de este post. …

  20. 20

    George Lopez is so washed up that now he has to attack old men! What a jackass. Arpaio is doing something to make America better. Lopez is a no talent C-Lister who never seemed to make it big.

  21. 21

    George Lopez is an idiot. I don't agree with Sheriff Joe….but Lopez destroys the argument with the way he spoke, he came across very badly…..Acting like a mean idiot isn't going to advance the cause….

  22. LOVEYOUPEREZBUTREALLY? says – reply to this


    I love you perez. but this is not a man, he is a monster. You are making george seem like the bad one. You can't just be for LGBT rights without being for Undocumented peoples rights.

  23. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Re: Dmarie910 – Google"puto" you'll see what I mean :)

  24. 24

    Minorities are the first to cry about discrimination and hatred but are the worst offenders themselves. Seems it's acceptable when they do the same, Fuck 'em.

  25. 25

    I hope this good for nothing washed up has been rots in hell.

  26. 26

    We need more people like Joe Arpiao. He's keeping citizens safe from illegals who bring crime everywhere they go.

  27. 27

    Arpaio is a racist monster. You should check the facts before saying "vaguely racist"
    He is a full blown bigot, and I admire Lopez's courage for being the only celebrity who has the guts to finally confront him. I have a new grreat respect for Lopez. His personal life is his business. Arpaio reacted like the coward bully that he is. He is clearly afraid of Lopez and of somebody brave abd famous who is exposing the beastly being that he is.

  28. CCesena says – reply to this


    George is not funny anymore and his show suffers when he becomes political. Illegal immigration isn't just perpetrated by Hispanic people and racism isn't just white people. George's ignorance and personal racism won't let him see that Hispanics are hurt as much by illegal immigration as anybody. George is either too concerned about what might happen to people that are legal or he's anti-law enforcement and wants to paint Law Enforcement as racist. He's wrong!

    He's a raving idiot when he takes on politicians with incessant f bombs and calling them puto. Irrational, uninformed, ill informed, angry, vile and classless are all I have to say and I've just read the quotes.

    George is wrong. The law is the law. Enforce it. Everybody's watching. Profiling isn't racial. If you drive an old car, you're profiled. If you shave your head, you're profiled. If you have dumb assed bumper stickers on your car, you're profiled. Remember this because it's the most important one of all; if you're breaking the law, you're not being profiled, you're being arrested and we don't want you here if you broke the law to get here and you don't want to stop breaking it!