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Turkey Sandwiches Of Death!! Dutch Terrorists Hid Needles In Delta Snacks

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Turkey Sandwich of Dutch Death Delta Airlines Sewing Needle Murder terrorist Plot

Buckle your seat belts and latch those tray-tables, because this ride is ’bout to get bumpy!!

Six Delta passengers found sewing needles in their in-flight meals! Four bit into them!!


An airline catering company from Amsterdam is responsible, having already hid at least six needles inside food bound for the U.S. business class passengers!

One man stabbed in the mouth while eating and has been put on Anti-HIV medication as a precautionary measure!!

Turkey sandwiches of death!!!

What the heck???

This is the worst Dutch plot we can remember since… the 1991 film with Ed O'Neil??

JK, we loved Dutch!

Seriously, though, why would anyone do this? And why target Americans??

Do the Dutch hate turkey? Are they jealous of our freedom?

Maybe they're jealous of our impressionist artists who don't need to slice of their own ears just to sell a painting!

We don't understand!!

But we're definitely not rooting for Holland in the next World Cup!

[Image via ABC News.]

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35 comments to “Turkey Sandwiches Of Death!! Dutch Terrorists Hid Needles In Delta Snacks”

  1. ellen says – reply to this


    Really?! jealous of your freedom? We have just as much freedom as you, idiot.

  2. Inês says – reply to this


    The "jokes" you made were not even funny because 1) the painter who cut off his ear was Salvador Dalí, and he's Spanish, not Dutch and 2) they have more freedom there than most countries and especially the USA have, yet you guys love to say you're "the land of the free". Also, it has yet to be proved that it was Dutch terrorists who put the needles there. Maybe it was an angry employee? Who know, just don't jump to early conclusions.

  3. 3

    Ines - The painter who cut off his ear was Van Gogh and yes he was Dutch.

  4. 4

    Re: Inês – Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and he WAS Dutch. What are they teaching you??

  5. edgar hernandez says – reply to this


    the reason of why a lot of countries don't have a great view about americans,it's because you always make ignorant statements about how other countries are jealous your "status". Europe is so much bigger that America in so many levels. You need to get out of your bubble of fantasy and most important, YOU CAN'T COMPARE SUCH AN AMAZING PAINTER AS VAN GOGH WITH TRASHY AND IRRELEVANT "ARTIST" LIKE KATY PERRY, BRTINEY SPEARS, LINDSAY LOHAN OR PARIS HILTON.

  6. Caoimhe says – reply to this


    You are so delusional.. the USA is a prison state and The Netherlands is a lot more free than your retarded country fool.

  7. Caoimhe says – reply to this


    And no I am not Dutch, neither am I American. I am Irish but have family in both The Netherlands and the USA and have visited both various times on several occasions so YES I can compare.

  8. 8

    The level oof unintelligence of this report is outrageous. No we are going to blame " Holand " asa country because of some losers that did a stupid thing. Let 's spread hateful comments and make a war out of this… You are dangerous with your ignorance.

  9. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Perez , your reporting is so awful, just awful. It's like reading something a 15 y.o. would write. Not rooting for Holland in the next world cup, that is just such a STUPID comment. Making a joke too, man o man.

  10. 10
  11. kim says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but this story and your comments and so-called jokes are truly ridiculous! How about the next time an American citizen commits a crime or an act of terrorism, we in Europe say that all Americans are criminals or terrorists? Or how about we just say that you perez, being an American citizen, are responsible for the world economic crises. These statements would be just as ridiculous and false as the statements you just made.

  12. alexia lima says – reply to this


    its funny how peopletalk about freedom in this country! what a joke!!!

  13. cherelle says – reply to this


    just because one person did this doesn't mean all dutch people are like this. should we go and judge americans by the actions of casey anthony, o.j. simpson, george zimmerman and many more. No, because you can't judge a hole country by the actions of a few people. so why do you do that? very dissapointed in the way you wrote about this.

  14. Troostmeisje says – reply to this


    Jealous of your freedom? Jealous of a country where the top percent pays for politicians campaigns and manipulates the elections? A country where politics can't even be free from religion, and be open about atheism. Come on now. Your freedom is an illusion. For that to come out of your mouth too about the Netherlands, as a gay man. I hope you realize you just insulted an entire country with those comments over the foolish actions of individuals.

  15. 15

    Sounds to me like Lady Gaga donated a dress to Gate Gourmet catering co. An acquaintance of the man and the guy's son, on a totally different flight, also bit into one. Balloon boy part 2.

  16. Amadeo says – reply to this


    Normally i dont leave comments but this is so ridiculous. Dutch people jealous of the freedom in America? You should have some respect for Holland, the first country in the world who legalized gay marriage.

    And America doesnt even have impressionists worth mentioning. Best art comes from Europe. Always did, always will.

  17. Not funny says – reply to this


    This iswhy everyone hates Americans.. Cuz you all think you're gods gift to earth.. Freedom? HA!! Dont make me laugh.. America is pretty much everything that is wrongin this world.. And for you to say this about Holland is realy stupid.. The drinking age is 16 in Holland.. Drugs like weed is legal.. It was also the FIRST country in the WORLD to legalize gay marriage..

    I talked to someone in the US and they tgought Amsterdam was a country and that 'the Dutch' were people in germany haha., americans are stupid and arrogant..

  18. 18

    The way this article was written really shocked me…I absolutely agree this is a horrible thing to do, but you might want to re-read next time before you post this.

    First of all you clearly specify this was done by a Dutch person. Just because the company is based in Amsterdam does not mean the person(s) who did this is Dutch. A lot of countries within Europe are part of the "Schengen Landen". Any citizen of these country can work freely in any of the other countries. You should know better and not make an assumption based on one fact. Before blaming a whole nation of the misdoings of 1 person you should be absolutely sure whomever did this is indeed of that nationality.

  19. 19

    Secondly. Remember what happens to any person with origins in a country when that country is accused of terrorism? Remember hate crimes? By writing the article the way it was written it is basically an advertisement for some of your readers to retalliate. A lot of of Americans are descendants of Dutch pioneers. Just look at some names in the US that are based on Dutch names…google it. Even the name Yankees is a bastardisation of the typical Dutch name Jan Kees.

    Do we hate Turkey? Not really…we just have more chickens than Turkeys

    I love how you mention that we are jealous of your countries freedom…aren't you still fighting for gay marriage in your country? Just a little fact…the first legal gay marriage in the world was on April 1st 2001 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They even arranged for city hall to be open during the night so as soon as the law was passed at midnight, couples could get married
    There are a lot more things I could list why we shouldn't be jealous of Americans but I think the above one makes a pretty good point…

  20. 20

    Just a little finetuning on the artist and the ear. He didnt slice of his whole ear, just the earlob. And there are 2 versions on why he cut it off. 1st tells it was an accident in a fight, the second is that it was a shaving accident as he couldn't control his hands due to the nervous system disorder he was suffering from.

    About that film with Ed O'Neill (yes, with ll), maybe you forgot about Rutger Hauer, Jan de Bont, Famke Janssen just to name a few? All Dutch.
    Don't you like "The Voice"? Check the credits…it is developed by a Dutch person…

    And yes, I am Dutch and proud of it!

  21. Laur says – reply to this


    Re: Not funny – Wow. Just. Wow.

  22. liloalva says – reply to this


    I am an American, and its reporting like this that makes Americans look stupid and arrogant. I agree with what someone has previously said, don't generalize anyone or anything based on the actions that one person makes. I am extremely disappointed in you Perez. So much for anti-bullying. Oh and by the way Perez, if America, the country i live in, was truly "free" then why on earth is Gay marriage no accepted anywhere? Why on earth can we not freely express our religion without being put down? Having our freedom means more than being able to express ourselves, it means to go out and about with your life without anyone being questioned about whether or not they have papers or being judged by race, color etc.. Let me know when America stops oppressing women, religion, sexuality, immigrants or religion, then that's when i will know that we truly have a "freedom" that EVERYONE seems to be jealous of right now -_- .

    To honestly say that the Dutch as being jealous of out freedom? Really? Take your rose colored glasses off Perez or show me the America you speak of because i sure as hell don't live in the same one you do.

  23. 23

    This whole post was disturbing and horrible in so many ways.

  24. 24

    Re: Inês – Dumbfuck it was Van Gogh and he was Dutch

  25. 25

    I ALMOST ran of to holland with some cute dutchman ….
    then i remembered that they overcharge at garage sales…

    the dutch a hapless race who are good looking but yet dont have the aura and excitement in terms of say the swiss or swedish…thus stuc to trying to put needles in sandwiches

  26. 26

    The catering company should be given one warning if another incident occurs then cancel their contract, not getting into the whole Dutch vs USA debate although I did have a somewhat good time in Amsterdam a long time ago. Good breakfast (although it was cold cuts, etc.).

  27. Jordan says – reply to this


    Yeah. I am not a perez hater but this is a mistake, and old news.

  28. Lily says – reply to this


    You can't judge a country by a select few people.
    Not only is that the case, but holland is arguably "freer" than the US. Definitely disappointed in the way you've written this post; so much for being against anti-bullying. It has been said several times in the post, but I believe it's important to reiterate the freedoms holland has, that the US clearly lacks. First off, being gay, you'd think you would be a firm supporter of holland, especially being the first to legalize gay marriage. Always love reading Perez, but this has really left me disappointed, and confused by your ignorance. I'm definitely still in awe from the lack of 'world knowledge' displayed above. Please rethink your post, definitely offensive and ignorant.

  29. 29

    Wow Perez,

    Such a hateful message. I am honestly shocked and I hope that you are not responsible for this message but someone of your staff.

    I never imagined that something like this would be published on your website.

    We Dutch have a great phrase about this kind of 'journalism': iedereen over een kam scheren. It means that you basically generalizing all Dutch to terrosist. I did not expect this from you. Especially the claim that we our jealous of your freedom. Coming from you. You are campaigning for gay marriage, and we have had this in The Netherlands for a while now it seems that we are more free than you think and possible more free than the Americans.

    Please think again before publishing such awful 'journalism' on your website and do your homework.

    A not so big fan of perezhilton.com anymore

  30. Joëlla says – reply to this


    When I read this I was in total shock because as an 'Amsterdammer' i am really offended.
    I expected more from you perez, to post such an uneducated article is just sad.
    Fortunately, all the people whom just posted here agree with my opinion, not yours so you should repost that article and add to the article that the comments you made are not true and offending. You should apologize. I for one will not read any articles on perezhilton.com /cocoperez.com etc. anymore. And to think I read your articles from the beginning (2009). And one other thing, the world does not evolve around america, stop being self-centered.

  31. Sheryl D'ann Henry says – reply to this


    Its a brand new world over here

  32. Roxanne says – reply to this


    Okay Perez so you are the same person as the most horrible person living in the united states? Cause that is what you are saying in this article.

  33. Karen says – reply to this


    This makes me sick! Can't believe this article. Can't even find the words how shocked I am about your short-sighted view. Never expected to read something like this on here. Shame on you Perez!

  34. Fuck USA says – reply to this


    I love how American's automatically assume that if someone targets their stupid ass country that they're "jealous."
    Maybe they did that because USA is a piece of shit and USA is the reason for how fucked up the world is with their greed. Fuck usa.
    If anything Netherlands is more free, they can smoke weed legally, they can do shrooms legally because they're all NATURAL. I'd much rather live in Netherlands then the whack ass USA. It's such a materialistic country full of overweight fucks.

  35. KIKI says – reply to this


    What a f*king idiot u are! Ur Country free whahahahahaha
    Ignorent fool!! i always respected you but thats all gone away by this ignorent report.
    go get married in ur FREE country