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Hunger Games Breaking News: Sam Claflin Cast As Finnick Odair

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Sam Claflin Is Officially finnick odair

It's FINALLY happened!!

Lionsgate has chosen their District 4 Champ Finnick Odair!

The part of the seskiest killer in Panem goes too…. Sam Claflin!

Yup! The British hunk from Snow White and the Huntsman has reportedly been awarded the most sought after role of the Hunger Games sequel!

For a while we were rooting for 90210 sexpot Trevor Donovan. But when he took his name out of the running, we didn't have a clue as to who the studio would choose.

Sam is certainly an attractive boy, but does he have what it takes to seduce the world??

What do U think, Tributes? Is Sam a Finnick pick?

[Image via WENN.]

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64 comments to “Hunger Games Breaking News: Sam Claflin Cast As Finnick Odair”

  1. Emily Henderson says – reply to this


    Good choice, he is gorgeous

  2. 2

    Good choice, but they better bronze that skin, dye his hair and find a way to make him look taller than 5'11".

  3. really says – reply to this


    so much raucous for this role and he will probably be onscreen for 5 mins. like twilights, the cast gets so much media attention but most of the characters get like 5 mins of screen time.

  4. 4

    Sam is cute! I was kinda pulling for that cutie from Grey's anatomy, but Sam is by no means a dog. Re: misscheriamor – No one is shorter than Josh Hutcherson and he did fine. I'm sure it will be okay.

  5. Melanie says – reply to this


    awww i was kind of hoping it would be grant gustin but i guess he okay

  6. TresTresCray says – reply to this


    Would not be my choice, kind of disappointed. If it cant be Trevor Donovan it should have been someone hotter.

  7. tirpse says – reply to this


    Definitely not the Finnick I was picturing while reading the books. I hope I will change my mind while watching Catching Fire or else it will be a huge disappointment.

  8. 8

    He's cute. Hunter Parrish would be a much better choice, though.

  9. 9

    Re: KarrieBelle – Yeah but Finnick is described as being a bigger guy and he is going to look small next to Liam Hemsworth who is 6'3" (I think). I thought Finnick was supposed to be around his size and in the 3rd and 4th movie he'll look small. It isn't that big of deal, I just think they'll have to figure it out. I mean he throws two characters on his back and is able to move fine, a 5'11" guy wouldn't be able to do that unless they are really strong. They'll be able to use camera tricks.

  10. bb says – reply to this


    wow wasnt expecting sam but he was gorgeous in pirates of the caribbean! i think he definitely has what it takes to be finnick, they just need to change him up a bit just like what they did with jennifer, josh, and liam.

  11. Guru says – reply to this


    I was hoping for Grant Gustin =(

  12. 12

    this is a disaster. no where NEAR how i pictured finnick to look like. whyyyyyyyyy have they done this? i am extremely disappointed in the casting team.

  13. 13

    I still think a blonde would be better.. That dude better have abs or else!

  14. 14


  15. nicframey says – reply to this


    Re: sarahbella246 – I totally agree!

  16. anonymouspie says – reply to this


    Re: really – Uh… have you read the books? He's gonna get more than five minutes. He's a pretty major character.

  17. anonymouspie says – reply to this


    People… calm down. Remember all the people complaining about J-Hutch and Jennifer Lawrence? And they were perfect. Finnick will be too. Lionsgate seems to know what it's doing. And they must have chosen carefully, because they KNOW how many people will be disappointed if they don't. Chill, peeps.

  18. jessie says – reply to this


    I was hoping for Hunter Parrish. But this pick is better than casting Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, I'm still dissapointed with that

  19. Lana says – reply to this


    Re: FannieIsMyLife – What a stupid thing to rebel against?! Get your life together!

  20. 20

    Not a bad choice…..but I thought Chris Hemsworth would have been AMAZING! And Sam does seem a little more built than some of the actors being considered.

  21. 21

    Yuck. Not cute at all. Well, I mean, at least not to me.

  22. 22

    It's pretty pathetic that people are already judging this film based off of one casting choice. I don't even see why it's a bid deal, this is a story about the horrors of a totalitarian government. And people care more about how hot the actor is.

  23. 23

    Let's face it, Hunger Games dropped the ball when they cast that short guy to play Peeta. Peeta is supposed to be strong. Josh looks like a child. This guy, not attractive enough to be Finnick.

  24. Yeah, really says – reply to this


    Re: really – You've obviously have never read the book.

  25. harmony says – reply to this


    Re: elsie72377 – If you want to look at it that way, Jennifer is not like the way Katniss is described, either. Technically, Katniss is described as someone who is quite malnourished looking while Jennifer is quite meaty. But Jennifer still did a good job as Katniss and Josh Hutcherson did a good job as Peeta, give this Sam Claflin the benefit of the doubt. When they were casting a prince for Snow White there were many names tossed around, but then they pulled him out of nowhere. Just like there have been many names tossed around for Finnick and once again his name was pulled out of nowhere. Directors must have lots of confidence in his abilities.

  26. jojoma says – reply to this


    Idk who he is but he's HOT. LIke other commenters said, bronze his skin and let's hope he truly brings Finnick to life!!!

  27. Gabrielle says – reply to this


    What an adorable option! I love Sam, besides he's such a great actor, and for those who are complaining about his pale skin, you better watch "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", he looks tanned and sexy as Phillip ;) , I would suggest for all those who do not agree with the final choice to give him a chance, he is a prepared actor with solid drama studies, and even though he has not the whole characteristics from Finnick, I'm sure he will give us a surprise.

  28. 28

    He's cute….My pick was Jeremy Sumpter…but now I see why they picked Sam Claflin.

  29. 29

    i think it is a perfect choice!! in pirates of the caribbean he looked bronzed and they just have to dye his hair, and perfect..hell do finnick justice

  30. bonz says – reply to this


    Re: really – Have you read the books? Finnick Odair is a main character. He'll have a LOT of screen time, especially in Mockingjay.

  31. mmm whatcha say says – reply to this


    Re: elsie72377 – Are you serious? Do you know what lengths girls would go to in order to meet Josh Hutcherson? He's literally the perfect Peeta, looks wise and his acting. And DAMN that jaw of his like lord help.

  32. manda says – reply to this


    Re: really – UMMMMMMM if you have read the second book, you'd know he is a very important character, so he will be getting a lot of airtime. Yeah..

  33. christina says – reply to this


    just to point out he actually did NOT get the role, but the role was offered to him. while i know he would be stupid to turn it down, he is not a confirmed finnick. just like how jena malone was offered the role of johanna mason weeks ago but we still has not accepted(as we know of). just pointing that out. you can confirm this at this link here:

  34. 34

    He's short than 6 feet and British. I also wanted Trevor Donovan as Finnick Odair. This guy is a very uninspired choice

  35. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Blah! I read the books thinking of Trevor Donovan as Finnick and it's forever in my mind it's him. Whenever I think of Hunger Games I just picture him with a Trident

  36. Maya says – reply to this


    Re: FannieIsMyLife – I agree…. i don't like him, he is cute but i've seen Pirats 4 and he didn't make much impression, and aparently in Snow white he doesn't shine either.

  37. Sarah says – reply to this


    Grant Gustin should have gotten the role of Finnick!

  38. Cool! says – reply to this


    I never even thought of Sam as a contender! But Lionsgate proved they are masters of casting with the first movie, and I have no reason to believe that they have mis-cast Finnick at present moment. Sam's pretty cute, and now that I think about it I'm sure he'll do a great job.

  39. 39

    From a more reliable sorce, Sam IS IN THE RUNNING, not cast

  40. 40

    Re: FannieIsMyLife – It should of been Trevor Donovan

  41. 41

    Trevor Donovan introduced this series to me and I loved it and totally saw him as Finnick while reading. There is no way I can picture this little guy as Finnick

  42. Reese says – reply to this


    Noooooo! Sam is a fine actor, but he is not finnick for me. I was picturing Chris Hemsworth when I was reading the books. I wish they would have gotten someone who I could actually see as Finnick. Armie Hammer, Garrett Hedlund, Hunter Parrish or even Zac Efron would have been better choices. I am so disappointed with this choice. Kind of like when Kristen Stewart ruined all of the Twilight movies by her horrible acting.

  43. kendall says – reply to this


    im disappointed. finnick is supposed to make you drool when you look at him. sam is kind of cute with his dimples, but his teeth are ugly and facial features are crooked. definitely not finnick 'perfect'. they better do a lot of work on him, and he better hit the gym HARD

  44. JC says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – That's not why everyone is upset. Being a big fan of something, in this case, the Hunger Games, fans want the film to follow the book as close as possible.

  45. jdubs says – reply to this


    I definitely saw Garett Hedlund or Hunter Parish as Finnick. But we'll see what happens.

  46. Katie says – reply to this


    What the heck guys, nobody's perfect. Honestly I don't think your oh-so-perfect vision of a Finnick even exists, and if he does he can't act worth a darn. The studio making these movies has proven itself casting-savvy and I trust them on this one. And I think he's plenty cute. Besides, I think the movie makers are probably much more concerned with driving the thematic message of the movie home than making sure Finnick is up to teen-girl standards.

  47. Reese says – reply to this


    Seriously??? Finnick is a 6'3", Gorgeous, Sun-kissed, bronze hair, sea green eyes, muscular Greek God in the book.
    They cast an actor who is 5'11", pasty white, skinny, with dark hair & dark eyes.
    I don't see any resemblance at all. How the heck is he going to pick up Josh Hutcherson
    and put him on his back??? Not to mention he is only 2 inches taller than Jen Lawrence.
    I am sure Sam Claflin is a good actor, but do not see him pulling off this role.
    Finnick is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous. Guess they couldn't get Armie Hammer
    bc of his busy work schedule so they had to settle.

  48. 48

    i just lost all hope in this movie franchise..

  49. 49

    hunter parrish IS finnick
    very disappointed about this
    sam clafin has NO acting skills tbh

  50. Marina D says – reply to this


    I'm so dissapointed. I was hoping Grant Gustin would get it, he totally looks like Finnick. Grant has the mysterious, confident, sex appeal, and desired guy look to him. Grant knows how to play that angle very well, I'm just not sure about this Sam guy. I'm not impressed with the casting team for this one. major fail. ughhhhh

  51. whatever says – reply to this


    I was hoping for Grant Gustin… but I guess he`s okay… sorta…

  52. Natai says – reply to this


    I'm excited. He was really good in the pillars of earth. Though he's not what Finnick looks like but I think Sam is cute and is acting is just amazing, so I forgive it. I am excited and i know he'll do a good job…Period.

  53. Ryan says – reply to this


    not happy.

  54. heyy says – reply to this


    I look forward to still seeing finnicks stunning eyes. If they do not …. It is not finnick.

  55. katniss.everdeen. says – reply to this


    Guys, Finnick is supposed to be young [one of the youngest minus katniss and peeta], according to the books. Chris Hemsworth and older guys wouldn't be a good fit at all.

    And does it really matter if Sam Clafin is "not hot enough" to be Finnick? Honestly? Acting SKILLS matter more than appearance. You will never have the perfect guy/girl for any role that includes perfect appearance and acting skills, and please everyone. You can change appearance like hair color, height, and skin tone through makeup and camera tricks.

    Lionsgate knows what their doing, honestly. Jennifer Lawrence, Laim Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have been perfect [so far] and I am sure Sam Claflin will be amazing as well. They wouldn't hire someone who sucked.

  56. Gucci says – reply to this


    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sooooo not Finnick! This is a disaster, seriously he is my fav character and this is going to ruin it for me! He looked like Russell Brandt in the snow white movie UGH!!!!!!!!!!! REBEL!

  57. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: bb – They won't bother about him throwing anyone over his back. I've learnt from Harry potter and twilight they just leave buts out. I

  58. julia says – reply to this


    i think he will do great. i mean, just watch pirates of the caribbean and you'll totally see it. ii picture him and astrid berges-frisbey as the ideal finnick and annie.

  59. Missodair says – reply to this


    I don't hate this choice. Not enthusiastic about it though but I still hate who plays Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch and yet enjoyed the first movie. I just pictured Kaya Scodelario as Katniss, Hunter parish as Peeta and Robert Downey as Haymitch and I was o.k. Thjs time I will have to imagine Armie Hammer or Taylor Kitch got the role and I will be fine.

  60. Missodair says – reply to this


    Re: misscheriamor – Not likely. They didn't give a tan to match olive skin to Jennifer nor blue contacts , wavy hair or men heels to Josh. If they don't want to use contacts, wigs or make the actors drop/gain weight for the roles they should cast actors closer to the book descriptions.

  61. Miss odair says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – The studio have proven themselves casting lazy not savy. They only consider hollywood actors they never go beyond that.Offering the roles instead of having a real casting call. First movie they only considered white girls with a history of similar roles for Katniss. For Peeta and Gale they only invited the "Disney club" and ended up choosing the ones who would bring more potential buzz and box office what with Jen about to have X men opening and her oscar nom, what with Josh and his fanbase from other YA movies and no history of controversial roles (like HUnter parish)what with Liam dating Miley. So unkwown/ ethnic looking actors who matched better the book descriptions didn't get a chance. Not that Josh or Jen sucked at acting but they didn't give performances that other actors couldn't have achieved. I undestand why for the first movies they got the cheapest safest choices but this time they could have devoted more time to look for someone who is both a good actor and who look the character. This is the reason why Hunger games will always make good money but will never achieve Harry Potter brilliancy.

  62. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: misscheriamor – When are Gale and Finnick even in the same thought, let alone in the same scene? It doesn't matter if Liam Hemsworth is taller than Sam Claflin, the bigger thing is that Sam is way taller than Josh Hutcherson.

  63. Jermzzzy says – reply to this


    He's absolutely stunning, I am beyond impressed! After the stunt they pulled with Cinna I was half expecting them to cram in a POC for political correctness (think Jesse Williams). Sam's green eyes are amazing and his smile could melt steel- definitely what I pictured in the books.

  64. kayla says – reply to this


    I was hoping for someone more like Armie Hammer - very tall, good looking, can easily seduce someone, yet can just as easily be serious and completely in love :)