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Chris Brown's Fortune: A Critique

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Do you think this review of Chris Brown's Fortune is fair?

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Do you think this review of Chris Brown's Fortune is fair?

  • No (29%)
  • Yes (71%)

Total Votes: 30,716

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[Image via NME.]

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44 comments to “Chris Brown's Fortune: A Critique”

  1. 1


  2. Alice says – reply to this


    Yep. Honestly, there is no forgiveness for men who hit women. None.

  3. Woman against violence says – reply to this


    If we wrote the truth about every single artist, chris brown would be the least of our worries.

  4. Laurie says – reply to this


    What hypocrites you are, Charlie Sheen darn near killed his wife and he is forgiven. I am so tired of the Chris is evil bandwagon, if he was white he would have been forgiven already.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Only a matter of time before kills another human; he is a scary dude!

  7. chan says – reply to this


    NO !! Like get over it it Now !! Yh he fucked up but if rihannas grown to forgive him and move on y can't everybody else like to say he hit them as well… GET OVER IT

  8. ihatechrisbrownbut... says – reply to this


    i agree that chris brown has issues, but the review is still unfair. I mean, the review was supposed to be about his music, not his personal life.

  9. rob says – reply to this


    this is hilarious. i dont understand how his albums go to #1. no one i knows buys it. Plus when he "performs" on these award shows he is always lipsinqing. whats up with that?

  10. Pei-Pei Chu says – reply to this


    I'd never pay anything to see or hear a man who hits women. You'd have to pay me to listen to him. Currently, when he comes on the radio, i turn it off or change the channel.

  11. 11

    I dont think its an accurate review of his work in music. But it's still pretty funny.

  12. 12

    Normally, I'd so say, no, it isn't fair to critique his personality vs. his art BUT the dude doesn't give a shit. Has anyone ever seen him in ANY of his interviews since the incident? He's a total douche. He seemingly has no remorse and acts like such a spoiled brat, an infant. Talented? Yes, absolutely, but I hate supporting him for the shear fact that he's such a dick.

  13. 13

    Re: Woman against violence – I agree. While violence against women is reprehensible, so a multitude of crimes other artists have committed yet been forgiven for. We bash him for hitting Rihanna (and so we should), yet other artists who produce extremely misogynistic videos are praised. Isn't that kinda like cursing someone for being fat, and then encouraging everyone to go eat at McDonalds.

  14. 14

    Odd who we decide to forgive and forget and who we decide to chastise forever. I do appreciate a man taking a stand even though it slaps of self promotion.

  15. 15

    I'm all for calling out ALL artists that are abusive assholes. Just because other pathetic humans get away with it, doesn't mean Brown should too.

  16. Ehren says – reply to this


    Iowa folks. Not Idaho. We make corn. They make potatoes.

  17. 17

    Re: Laurie – you're an idiot. This kid CONSTANTLY does HARMFUL shit to others. Throwing tantrums, fighting at clubs, cursing bouncers out etc.. Charlie wasn't as bad. He was a moron, but other than Brooke, he didn't harm anyone and just did whatever he wanted to do

  18. 18

    there is no forgiveness for men who hit women….Honestly that is the biggest lie in the book. There are so many artist, actors / actresses etc. that have been in the same boat as chris. Everyone forgave them why is chris any different. people make mistakes and move on. rhianna and chris said they just want to move on. hints why they did two songs together!!!! its old news. there are worst shit out there like people being raped, murder etc. that either get blown over or just forgotten. im not saying chris was right im just saying rhiannas still breathing and seems to fine. so everyone else should be too.

  19. Laurie says – reply to this


    Re: chan – Same goes for Charlie.

  20. 20

    Damn right, I'd think better of him if he'd shown one ounce of remorse since the incident. He's an immature arsehole and I can't believe so many idiots buy his mediocre music.

  21. Isabel says – reply to this


    After he beat the crap outta Rihanna he got another hissyfit on a show, ripped of his shirt and threw a chair through a window. Because someone asked him about Rihanna. Looks like he still has huge anger issues. If he wants to be forgiven an halfassed apology isn't enough, he should be open about what happened instead of getting mad, playing the victim and saying we should just forget about it. In short: SHOW he really regrets it, by acting like a normal human being and not whine when people ask about Rihanna. If he keeps doing that people will see he has changed. Right now he hasn't changed and it clearly shows in his behavior and attitude. So yeah, this review is deserved imo.

  22. Sindy says – reply to this


    well Charlie sheen hit his wife but every1 forgave him, ow wait a minute his white how can i forget. We're blacks don't deserve a second chance ryt????

  23. jessica says – reply to this


    Everyone is saying a man shouldnt hit a women and yes thats true. But lets not forget that some chick like 3 months ago beat up her boyfriend(i believe she worked for mma) and nobody said anything about abuse. All i kept hearing was that his man card should be pulled. Abuse goes both ways. and yes before anyone says oh you never been abused i have i forgave him no point of dwelling on the past ive moved on from it and havent looked back.I really think people are missing the bottom line when people bring up the chris brown rihanna thing while your trying to put him down ur also making her relieve every moment in that car just a though

  24. Melissa says – reply to this


    i don't think it's fair because it should be a critique about his album and not about what he has done in the past …
    Of course there is no forgiveness for what chris did but this wasn't the topic of the article.
    this guy should just give a critique to the music, but he didn't - it isn't his job to bring up something that once happened
    everyone makes mistakes, what does this guy write about all the other artists that haven't done everyting right
    does he also write something from their personal life in the critique instead of doing his job and write about music

  25. 25

    You don't like him or his music, don't listen to it. But, judge the art, not the artist. If someone can't review objectively, get the fuck out of the business.

  26. 26

    who care's i know there is no forgiveness to hiting a women but hitting a slut ? anyways the album is still doing goodd :) so fuck it!

  27. sants says – reply to this


    he hit a woman once…now white people won't let it go. veiled racism. white people love the black men they chose to put on a pedastal, until they deter from the cooned place they put them. Then they never forgive.

    whatever. he has the number one album in over 20 countries.

  28. 28

    Sorry I do not like his kind of music, period.

    And stop with the race card, some of you, most of us are really sick of hearing that same old song. Get the heck over it!

  29. chris says – reply to this


    No! People who really can't get over the past shouldn't judge him on what he did, but what he has been doing. He has apologized and been forgiven by Rihanna, and so should everybody. He lives with his mistakes, and still creates some of the best music ever! So if anything, judge him on his talents, not on an incident in which nobody completely knows what happened.

  30. chianne says – reply to this


    PEREZ -I can't believe you have so many CB haters on your site. Last tweets I saw u were kinda cool with each other - ??

  31. Why says – reply to this


    I don't understand why people always have to play the race card??? If you physically beat someone up for no reason you are an asshole period. Chris Brown is a douche bag and a child, if he continues to act like one nobody will ever get over. He needs to man up and accept responsibility for his actions regardless of whether he's white or black. Come the fuck on and stop hiding behind the race card.

  32. Alicia says – reply to this


    people need to grow the fuck up for real they hate but they can't stop him the album is great i been a big fan of chris since day one they so quick to judge chris but no other stars past is still healed agianst him if riahanna forgave him why cant yall damn enough is enough to hell with these hating as album reviews they dont even matter the album is #1 enough said…. keep up the good work chris #tambreezy for life fuck the media and anyone who has a problem or hates chris brown…..

  33. Eula says – reply to this


    What ever with all ya'll's sensitive asses..How many times have you gay ass people come off with OH NO HE DIDN'T going straight up cat claw crazy…And you know she had it coming snatching his phone from him while he was driving..He pull's over she jerks the key's out the key switch and throws them,,, I would whoop that azz too..

  34. laura says – reply to this


    What the reviewer is saying here is: "I won't review it because CB hits women".
    Fairer and more honest than reviewing "Fortune" and calling it pointless.

    Re racial bias: the difference between CB and all of the other cases is the leaked photo of his GF's battered and bruised face…truly, a photo says more than a thousand words.

    I love CB's music, I buy it, I think he's very talented and that he will get better and better. And BTW I have never been hit by a man nor I would enjoy it…

    Forgiveness has nothing to do with liking/buying his music…don't want to forgive the guy? Fine, don't invite him to your house for dinner; you can still enjoy his music though…LOL

  35. itzzjenni says – reply to this


    you can only keep on hating
    only god can judge his actions, he made a mistake ok i get it we all do .
    & dont bs me bc i know none of you are perfect…move on!
    hes a GREAT man, get to know him …better yet buy Fortune ;)
    thanks :*

  36. Gagamel says – reply to this


    Yes its because he is black! White artists do all sorts of reprehensible things and they get forgiven…Sean Connery is on record saying he thinks its ok to hit women…TWICE..and none of you racists say anything…you still say he was great. Chris Brown was in one fight with a woman years ago and you cant let it go…..

  37. Taken says – reply to this


    Ok thats not a review about his music its abour what happened in ”09. Also i dont believe a man should hit a women but a women shouldnt hit a man. I also dont think people should let it go it was a mistake. A fan is a fan befire they did something and after they did something.

  38. dripping says – reply to this


    Re: danyurie88 – so because you view rihanna as a slut she deserves to be beaten? and what evidence do u have that she is a slut? oh by the way, whats your definition of a slut anyway? rihanna is amazing. chris brown can dance and has a good voice. BUT his music /songs are a joke and his fan base is made up of uneducated dumbasses. nothing to be proud of. rihanna is an internationally successful artist. artist. everything about her is art and we just cant stop watching her. you need help. lots of it

  39. er says – reply to this


    I LOVE this. I agree with the person who said they might think it was unfair if he'd ever shown remorse, but he's continued to show agressive, violent and disrespectful behaviour since and obviously isn't either able to change or commited to changing. and he's a cocky little boy who lip syncs everything anyways, so what's the point of a review????
    And he beats women. I agree, enough said.

  40. er says – reply to this


    Re: sants

    Rihanna has said it happened more than once, and he's been violent in public several times since then (throwing a chair during a tv interview, the bar fight a month or so ago that 2 girls are suing for damages with Drake).

  41. Efkaye says – reply to this


    That's disgusting!!! His talent is a separate thing! How long does he have to pay for what he did….even his then gf allegedly parties n hooks up with him. No one knows what went down with them…..stop judging a man forever!

  42. israel journey says – reply to this



  43. Eli says – reply to this


    NO this is not fair.
    Yes he did hit Rihanna, but at the end of the day he is an EXTREAMLY talented rapper, singer, dancer and artist in general…THAT is what his album should be judged on..
    NOT his personal life

  44. Eli says – reply to this


    AND..how about the other millions of celebrities/artists that are praised but do shady things..
    why don't ppl hate on him??? ??????
    B/C at the end of the day he is a crazy talented basketball player.
    a person's personal life has shoul NOT even be considered when judging their career and/or work as an artist